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North Fort Myers, FL: What would the effect be if I mixed my Tangy Tangerine, minerals and Osteo fx with lemonade instead of plain water? Would It help, hurt or not affect absorption. Also, I don't seem to be absorbing Copper the way that I think that I should and I am aware that Copper needs Ceruloplasmin to be absorbable which is produced by the liver. I am Insulin resistant and I almost assuredly have a fatty liver. Will a fatty liver decrease the amount of Ceruloplasmin produced?
I am signing my question because the new system has been placing me all over the place. I'm still in North Fort Myers. Thank you. 

BERMUDA: 5:40 - My 15month old niece keeps getting a red patch appear then disappear on same spot of her tongue. Seems to be after consuming fresh citrus fruits like lemons, or tangerine but it doesn’t consistently occur. We googled red patch on tongue and “geographic tongue” came up. The image looks very similar to what she presents. Have you encountered this before? Also we have her taking one Projoba Omega 3 since most of us in the home are taking it. Should we have her on the EFA Plus instead to get all omegas or is Projoba ok for her? 
- In a four year old with G6PD def, does he need a capsule of selenium/50 lbs BW or does the plant minerals and kids toddy provide the selenium he needs for DNA support?

BARBADOS: 7:45 - Good night G. I got a burn from the oven yesterday. I put aloe vera plant gel on it immediately but it is now swollen with liquid in it. I also put ice on it. I then bought collodial silver and sprayed on it. Should i pierce the burn to let the water out and bring down the swelling and then spray it with collodial silver? I really do not want it to leave a scar. What is the best treatment? Your advice is welcomed.

 AUSTRALIA: 11:15 - Roslyn from Australia: 1) slight fatigue crept into daily life, after an operation on her right toe to remove arthritis and insert plate and scres, low recovery ( left foot big toe done 2 years before no problem )
2) Never really recovered from 2nd op, has not driven since, fatigue getting worse.
3) when walking to maitain movement all seemed to be ok, then during an early morning walk she locked up and was unable to move, slowly returned home.
4) has been on Paxim for 14 years to help with REM sleep disorder.
5) Roslyn suffers from Fatigue, hot flushes, loss of strength legs and arms although she is very strong, not very happy, face shows fatigue has to have several rest a day
5) does suffer from restless legs from time to time.
6) Neurologist specialist prescribed Sifrol and then parkinsons meds, over the top
7) 2nd opinion Neurologist shocked at levell of parkinson medication took her off all of it he was not convinced she had Parkisons, but did not consider other options.
8) Naturopath did hair sample this report is attached, very high copper, the supplements prescribed have caused severe blotting, lower abdoman severe pain, constipation,
9) Have stopped all meds ( except Paxim ) added probiotics.
10) have been on the mighty 90 for several months, none of the 12 bad foods.
Roslyn is about 150 lbs about 5'6", 71 years. 
Both myself and my sons have had a boost in overall health and energy, the
M90 made no
difference to Roslyn.

 ANTHONY MOSORA:19:10 - Hello Dr. G! I just listened to one of your more recent Tactical Health Podcast recordings while on my jog...very good stuff! A very nice 55 year-young lady reached out to me earlier today with some various health concerns. She is 5’4” and weighs 140 pounds. She has been dealing with MS now for over 15 years. Although she is not currently taking any prescriptions for MS, she did take some medicine a few years ago. Specifically, she was taking a cancer drug used for treating MS and apparently ended up developing peripheral neuropathy (which she reports as a known side effect of this drug). Although she stopped taking this drug several years ago, she continues to suffer with peripheral neuropathy of the feet which is also ascending to her lower legs and even up towards her knees. It is noteworthy to mention that she did sustain a trauma which effected her lumbar/sacral spine back in 1989 but she reports that the peripheral neuropathy didn’t start until after taking the MS medication. In addition, she also had contracted the herpes virus from her husband at the time in 2002 and based on what she has learned believes the herpes virus is linked to the MS. Furthermore, she has dealt off and on with herpetic outbreaks in the genital region which she communicates has been made worse by the drug had been taking for MS (but is now off of). She is looking to support herself (especially her immune system/digestion with more natural health recommendations. I realize this is a long post, and I do greatly appreciate your time. Have a great week Dr. G!

 IRENE – LA: 30:20- Hi this Irene from los angeles .i bought the argentyn 23 spray to treat warts. How long do you think it will have results ?. I want to know if the warts are going to fall or dry because some of them are red or black. I'm also taking the killerbiotic like 6 a day.

i was looking on youtube that the argentyn 23 spray people can turn blue ? i want to know if this true?

 Tommy: 20:10 - Hey Doc, hope Im not late...Hey Doc, just want to let you I started seeing a chiropractor for left side problem which did move away from the stomach area before he worked on me, I did come out of his office with less pain and actually walk better than I currently do. I am scheduled to get xrays and follow up visit

I'm about to get gross here....Also I took an herbal laxitive that I got from a local health fooddtore called Swiss Kriss which I use once in awhile I had a stool come out of me and I would like to text you a pic of it because I never seen anything like it before, I showed it to my girlfriend and she thinks its worms or hair, I'm thinking parasites. 

If there is soemthing better than this as a natural laxative or instestinal cleanising please advise.
Thanks again doc.

 ELAINE: 38:55 - Is there a way to overcome an allergy to the Tangy Tangerine?

 Celri Bandi: 44:20 - I was diagnosed about 1 1/2 years ago with the beginning of cataracts. I just ordered the Good Herbs Circulatory Support... how should I take it to help the cataracts? Thank you!

MINNEAPOLIS: 46:36 - Hi Doc - You will be happy to know that my client that has AFIB, is doing amazing on the 90 essentials... she hasn't had an eposide of AFIB since she has been on them, it's been 5 months. She goes to her medical Doctor and her BP is low and they want to put in a pacemaker... versus cut back on her BP medication. I told her I think she does not need as much BP medication... aaargh... but her Doctor is trying to scare her and is not very supportive of my advice on lowering her meds first before they add a pacemaker. Can I get your thoughts and advice.... ?

 LA: 51:40 - Hi Dr. Glidden. My challenge is high blood pressure. I'm on Enalapril. My blood pressure spikes late at night every couple of weeks. Last Thursday night at 1:30 AM - it was 175/92/97, I felt like my heart as beating like I was running up the stairs but I was lying down. I was frightened. Help please. I am 66 years old, and I weight 168 lbs.

PATTY LOVELL: 57:20 - Today, my doctor gave me a script for blood pressure medication. I have never taken drugs and don't want to. He also said the medication would help calcification in the heart arteries. What do you recommend? Thank you.


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