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I know that oil in a bottle is a big NO NO but what about coconut milk separated into the oil and the cream? The can has no air in it so if the oil is separated and used immediately would that be acceptable for making bullet proof coffee?



Another question for you. I've been experiencing a lot of tics and twitches for a while now. I'm taking the supplements and some extra as well. Do you think this will just go away in time while supplementing? How long does it usually take for those to fade away? I've been supplementing for about two weeks now. Also is drinking my supplements over a longer period of time more beneficial for absorption? Good herbs taste like crap by the way. HAHA!!!!!!!!



Hi Dr. G. Hi from Kathy in Calgary. Do you know how much magnesium is in the Plant Derived Minerals? Also, is there a maximum dosage for Plant Derived Minerals? Does anything happen if you take too much (other then diarrhea)? Also, what is the Oxybody Cherry Berry good for? Are there any contra-indications for using it, other than what's on the bottle (pregnant, nursing, taking MAO inhibitors, allergic to bee pollen)? Is this for stomach ulcers and immune support? Thank you for all you do. Appreciating you.

Also why do you recommend Projoba Omegas rather than the YGY EFAs? What is the difference (other than price)? For the Ultimate Daily capsules, how much do you recommend for a person who weighs 168? Is it 6 per day?



Good morning! On Monday you suggested that I use Cineraria Maritima eye drops for cataracts. i found a product from Natural Ophthalmics which has 5 other homeopathic remedies in it alone with citrates (buffers) and polysorbate 80 (lubricant).

do you think this product is safe for long term use?

Thank you!



Hi doc. The chiropractor I took my son to said that if your jaw is out of alignment it can cause problems for the entire body. My son has this problem with his jaw. I have noticed that he has a slight curvature of the back and he is flat footed. Is this all related? What other problems can result? Thanks. Yes I love coconut water. We love it here in Barbados! It is a staple here



Good Morning, What do you think about consuming soy products?


It’s Teri from Minnesota!!! Thanks so much for all you do.. you are truly amazing. I have a client who I have been working with for about 2.5 months. She was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes…is on numerous medications including Januvia, metformin and telmisartan HCT and amlodine. Month two we had her off metformin completely and decreased her amiodipine to 5mg… and she was feeling great and her neuropathy was gone. She is losing weight and she wasn’t having any neuropathy. Her a1c is currently at 6.2  She just started the 90 essential, just two weeks ago, but she now informed me that her tingling in her feet came back…. I don’t think it has anything to do with the 90 essentials. She said she went back on 500mg of metformin a day and the tingling went away. This doesn’t make sense to me. I am at a loss as to why it came back. I’d like to get your thoughts. I’ve never had this happen to a client of mine before while I was titrating them off meds etc… Do you think it is a side effect from something else? THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING!!!  Is there any other supplement or suggestion for the neuropathy that you can think of?  Any other thoughts?



What is your opinion of taking btt 2.0 powder with the btt 2.0 tablets? My weight is 155. 5'5. 6 tablespoons of beyond osteo fx liquid, same with plant derived minerals, and three scoops of btt 2.0 powder. is this good or am I under/overdosing. Also 3 teaspoons of good herbs a day.

I have a friend who is a vegetarian and she had an intercostal muscle strain. What would be a good option for gluco-gel for a vegetarian to assist in the rebuilding of the connective tissues?
Thanks again!  Tamara



Dr G~ Sorry if this is a repeat! I'm having screen issues and closed my question before you answered it. I need help sorting out omegas, fats, and keto diet relating to seizures. I am working with Logan and his grandmother. Logan had a subdural hematoma from trauma at age 2. He began having seizures at age 4. The three medications caused him to be very lethargic. He is tube fed. He was placed on a strict keto diet in the ratio of 1:4. Carbs/fat. The seizures stopped and he became much more responsive and interactive at school, etc. after getting off of two of the medications. The seizures came back, and he was placed on CBD oil. The external seizing stopped but his last EEG caused the mds to diagnose him with Lennox Gastaut Syndrome. He receives fractionated nutrition through his feedings but his grandma would like him to be 90 for life. She is concerned about throwing off the ketosis- as she has been told the ketones are preventing the seizures. For instance, Ultimate Classic liquid has 9 carbs per ounce. Will you explain how/if ketones, omegas, fats, etc. effect seizures? Where would you recommend we start for Logan?



Also the chiropractor who died recommended a splint to put in my son's mouth to fix the jaw which I thought was working. What do you think about that? Also would my son need to go to an orthodontist after or during chiropractic treatment? Thanks so much