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Good evening Dr G, what do your think about nightshade vegetables? I've been hearing a lot about them containing solanine; a toxic alkaloid merged with sugar.


Hey Doc!!!! It's Douglas again. Can you answer with either before, during or after a meal please when taking these certain supplements? gluco gel caps, efa plus, ultimate cal caps, sta-restored, selenium caps and also the bone and tissue good herbs? What is your opinion on the rebound fx powder.Also meanwhile during my recovery while on this program, what can I do for pain management, especially with my wrist which are absolutely killing me. Mainly on the sides of my wrist. Loads of popping and snapping snounds. Did not injure them. I pretty much know why I have most of my issues as well. I was extremely active in high school and did not eat well and absolutely no vitamins and minerals as well. One day I hurt myself weightlifting and over the next couple of months my entire body started to ache. Especially my bone and joints. I'm extremely angry with the medical system about this crap. Got me addicted to pain killers such as hydrocodone, and other narcotics as well. Horrible side-effects. They did nothing for me. Also taking 4-6 triple treat chocolate a day. Is that too much?

Last week my wife woke up to find she could not read or make out any detail out of her left eye. Vague shapes, light or dark that was all. We got in to see an intern at University of Wisconsin hospital that night. His diagnosis was Retinal Vein Occlusion. He said the vein was oozing blood and serum at the branch and some collateral veins were forming so we had to start treatment right away. He recommended injections of chemo drug Avastin. He said he gives 10 or 15 shots a week and rarely does anything go wrong. He was general about success rate, when pressed for a number he said 70% of people get 70% of their vision back. We are scheduled to see a Retinal Specialist tomorrow.

After researching your Q&A’s along with other research we will do not want to get the shots, one every 4 to 6 weeks possibly for years.

So where do we go from here. Have you had or know of any success with treating RVO and restoring vision with diet and supplements?

Thanks for taking my question.


What is in Beet Juice that degrades if it is made ahead of time? Would vacuum sealed frozen glass jars preserve it any better?


Hey Doc: Can anything be done for uterine prolapse besides hysterectomy? Thank you; you're the best!


Dr.G, why does adding fresh squeezed orange juice to the beyond osteo fx calcium make it more absorbable? P.S I have always thought it is best to cook hamburger well done because I thought if I cooked it any other way, it could become unsafe because of potential foodborne illnesses. Is this a myth?


I'm Irene. I had a colonoscopy in 2017. They told me I had hemorrhoids . They told me I had to do another colonoscopy because they told me that they could hardly see anything they only got to see hemorrhoids I ,do not want to have another colonoscopy. The treatments to prepare are very uncomfortable, I was given a liquid to take it all night and almost vomited . tell me what I can take for hemorrhoids and also fo itching. Or did you recommend colonoscopy? doctor give me this cream for itching (name prostocol-hc 2.5%(hydrocortisone cream usp,2.5%) twice a day sorry hemorrhoids are from inside not outside did you recommend the peppermint pills for digestion


Good night doc. What is the difference between chromium picolinate and chromium Glucose Tolerance Factor. Which is the best one for blood sugar issues. Many thanks.


Night Doc, not sure if my question went through originally, it disappeared from my screen.... in dosing Kids Toddy, Cal Toddy and Plant minerals in toddlers, per lbs body weight, is it ok to mix in as little juice as possible to ensure she takes it? Eg. 1.5mls of each in 15-20mls mango juice...


Hi, … Doc! A woman from Bulgaria, who is 38, 5’ 8’’ 200 lbs has bipolar disorder. She has been taking 900 mg. Lithium and 400 mg. Quetiapin She has passed through Anorexia and Bulimia years ago, which are now controlled. For the last 15 years she has been taking medications. She has accepted the fact that she is sick. As result of the extra pounds now are arrhythmia, high blood pressure, rapid fatigue, and difficulty in breathing, for which she is taking sometimes medications. Thank you for the great work !


Thanks for all your help I am 160lbs and 65 yrs old. I drink about 1.5 gallons of distilled water with 4 caps of calcium and four caps of plant minerals over the course of the day mixed in the water. However, I have notice that if I missing drinking about every 45-60 minutes I become dehydrated. My heart rate increases and I feel weak. After sitting down and drink water I recover in about 1 hour. Any idea why I get dehydrated?


You said Ultimate cal caps are worthless. What should I take for extra calcium intake. You told me to double-down on calcium last week.

Do you also have any personal health experiences throughout your life to share?


Hey Dr. Glidden, I hope you are well. I overheard a question related to pain and opiate use. With that being said, I was invited (last minute) to an local event regarding the opiate epidemic as I am one of the chairs for my hospital's research conference. I am aware of a growing number of evidence behind various wholistic strategies to help get to the root of various pain conditions. With that being said, do you have any personal recommendations on where I can access a source of testimonials/other evidence regarding wholistic strategies for people getting help wholistically with pain? Thanks for your time.


My doctor says I have hardening of the arteries and that everyone gets them as they get older. I heard that YGY has Ultimate Niacin Plus with Nattokinase. Do you recommend? I also have some spider veins and varicose veins. Would Ultimate Niacin Plus help with that? You mentioned taking 3 bottles of minerals a month. I add two tablespoons of minerals in Tangy Tangerine every day. How should I take more a day? Thanks so much!


Hey DR. G No question, just wanted to say I'm doing my third Colon Hydrotherapy treatment tomorrow. Really feeling better and the Therapist was open to some of the Youngevity Products. She's awesome!!


I wanted to know you opinion on Aronia berries. I found a product called Superberries here in Omaha. They have a concentrate of organic Aronia berry and each tablespoon has an ORAC score of 52,000. I’ve been adding it to my Tangy Tangerine 2.0 drink and it also seems to help with the flavor – lol.


How do you cure Helicobacter pyloris