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taking gluco-gel and sta-restored together? Acne on face, and red dots around chest and collar bone. How do I treat this? Also, any tips on price management on youngevity products? It's a bit pricey for a 20-year-old. Haha!!!


Just checking in with you Dr G about finding a cineraria maritima eyedrops (single remedy.. not a formula). Any ideas on where to find this?


Several months ago, I told you about an incident when I was trying to shoo a number of ducks from my porch by throwing a frisbee in their direction. When I did this I felt something snap in my right bicep. I followed your advice, but I am still having pain. I am trying to maintain a resistance training program, but I really have to warm and stretch to even function with my right arm. Are there any remedies that can help now?


Once a person starts the dementia protocol, when is it safe to take them off Lipitor?


GOOOOOD MORNIN What can a nursing mom take for allergies? She has had variety of allergies all her life. She has recently given up most dairy and gluten. 30 years old and about 105 lbs.


I’m 77 & 135 pounds. Off the bad foods & have been taking some YGY for 5 years. Right now on: RYL BETA 500, IMORTALIUM, BTT 2.0, SELENIUM, OCEANN’S GOLD, C-FX , ULTIMATE EFA & ULTIMATE EFA PLUS. I can’t handle the Osteo for some reason? I’ll make this as short as possible. Can’t begin to tell you all the horror stories of the MD’s I’ve been dealing with! I’ve had a goiter for 35 years and noticed it got smaller last May, then became deaf in right ear in June. ENT Specialist gave me Prednisone thinking it was a virus, but it didn’t help. Said my ear was a little dry and should put oil in them?!? Finally got Ultrasound in Oct. and it showed many lumps in my neck. I’ve refused CT scan so far. Biopsy on Thyroid in Dec. which showed no cancer, but overactive. Just got my results back from my MRI and My blood tests came back normal, but there is generalized symmetric cervical Lymphadenopathy Identified in all cervical stations & are too numerous with some enlarged as well. Cyst on right lobe of enlarged Thyroid and disc degeneration and mild spondylosis are noted. They recommend to biopsy the nodules in my neck, next month so they can get started on Chemo even though that hasn’t even been proven yet that I do have cancer?!? Shouldn’t there be some proof first and should I do Chemo if there is? Don’t want to. Going to try and also raise my PH levels to 7.5 myself while waiting. Thank you, Dr. Glidden!


Hey Dr. G, quick question about taking Tangy and Plant Minerals in Protein shake. Some of my athletic friends (including myself) make two protein shakes a day to get in Tangy, Beyond Osteo and the Plant derived minerals. We have been using the Fit Shake and Supergreens. I came across some of your archives that mentions the phytate interruption of absorption of minerals. So we should definitely be omitting the Supergreens, correct? Also, for us athletes that are involved with high intensity cardio training X3/wk (involving pushing, pulling, jumping) and heavy compound weight lifting (with barbell), how much more tangy, beyond osteo, and Plant minerals should we be taking on top of what's calculated per 100lbs of Body weight/ month?


Hi Dr. Glidden, this is from Kathy in Calgary. My daughter has had 3 babies in 3 years and is having trouble sleeping at night. The babies do not keep her awake, they sleep well. She has trouble getting to sleep, tossing and turning, and going to the bathroom often.Undoubtedly she is needing calcium. She has a small amount of psoriasis and knows that she should not have gluten. What are the proper amounts of supplements she can take while breastfeeding? My daughter is 5'9" and weighs 150 pounds. Also, her middle daughter who is 19 months old is not walking very much. She seems plenty bright, but we wonder if maybe her bones hurt or something. Would the child need calcium? What are safe amounts of supplements that the 19-month-old can take? I had another scary episode of high blood pressure last night. The left side of my head was aching for several hours and my left eye got bloodshot. I know that my issue is kidney related. I listened to your seminar on high blood pressure and am doing everything you said, except that the other Good Herbs products have not arrived yet. I take the minerals 4X a day and take the Ultimate Daily Caps. I have to chew the Ultimate Daily caps because I almost choked on them. Can I take the Ultimate Daily liquid instead of the capsules?  I only have the GH Circulatory Formula on hand and am using it 4X day at 4ml. I can't figure out why my blood pressure jumps at night once or twice a week. Maybe I ate too much salt at dinner and that caused the blood pressure to raise at night. I know that Dr. Wallach says we can and should have salt, even with high blood pressure. Can you please explain how much salt we should have if we have high blood pressure? My blood pressure has been about 130 over 70 since I started on your YGY protocol last week, so pretty good. I thought it was getting better. When it spiked last night, it was 167 over 104 and I could hardly teach a music lesson, could hardly think, pain in the head! All I could do was lie down and listen to music. Do you know of any good naturopaths in Calgary? I am having trouble finding a good one here. I feel pretty desperate right now and am very grateful that you take the time to answer questions. Thank you!


Doc—it’s Shep from Mississippi!! I’m back. Haven’t been able to get on a live chat in quite a while but listen to the replays. I need your opinion as I’m considering a minor procedure. I’ve struggled with chronic sinus issues for almost nine years. I used to have a terrible cough which YGY helped eliminate about four years ago, but the chronic sinus issues remain. I’ve been to the ER five times in the past five years including this past Saturday because I had shortness of breath and also had a little pneumonia. I’ve done everything I know to do. I followed your suggestions last summer with great success for a while but then the symptoms gradually came back like they always do. According to every doctor and specialist I’ve seen, I don’t have traditional asthma but whatever this is acts like asthma and responds to drugs like asthma, but it comes and goes. I believe I have some nasty fungus or bacteria living behind a wicked biofilm in my sinuses that really can’t be touched with nasal irrigation, colloidal silver, essential oils, and everything else I’ve tried running through them. Allergic fungal sinusitis can present like asthma, and supposedly some sinus infections can trigger those symptoms. I believe God designed the body to heal itself if we give it what its needs, however, in this world of chemical, GMO-mutations and who-knows-what-else sometimes we need extra help. My family is worried and frustrated because my brother is an MD and I’ve resisted going the traditional route to handle this challenge. However, my ER trips are becoming more frequent and scary and everything is pointing to sinus surgery as a last resort. I have avoided it like the plague. I just discovered another technique called balloon sinuplasty which is minimally invasive, uses cone CAT scan technology which is 90% less radiation than traditional CAT scans, and there are no incisions and no removal of bone and mucus membrane—Holy Nasal Nastiness, Bat Man! It’s done in the doctor’s office under local anesthesia, takes about an hour and most people return to work in two days. Any thoughts?


Also currently I'm only eating meat and triple treat chocolate. All kinds of meat. Is this good or should I consume more vegetables. I find it strange that I have acne even though I consume literally no sugar.

I feel great in my digestive system. also difference between efa plus and projoba omega?


Hi Doc, ... Deyan a male from Bulgaria 63 years old, 185 lbs, 5' 10'' diagnosed in July 2018 with colon cancer and went through surgery, one courses of chemotherapy so far ... Deyan has arterial hypertension, gout, removed gall bladder (cholecystectomy), appendectomy. What could be done through mineral supplementation ?!? Thank you, ... Your help is highly appreciated in this part of the world !?!


What are your thoughts on Milk? Good or bad?


Hello again, I don't see Good Herbs Lymphatic Health on the Youngevity website?