April 3, 2019 Live Chat Q&A


Hey DOCTOR Glidden!!!!! I messaged you Monday but I still have some questions to add upon last time. Is natural honey okay to consume? Our neighbors harvest their own honey. They do not add anything else to it. And also what is the best way to get over tendonitis of the wrist? Besides the supplements. Would a chiropractor be a good choice for that?


Hi Doc- Two people that need your expertise. First, a 30 y/o female with RSD or CRPS- complex regional pain syndrome from an experimental foot surgery that failed. Other symptoms are restless leg, complex vascular migraines that cause blacking out- she only goes to the bathroom WITH artificial and natural stimulants about twice a month. In addition, she has had a spinal cord stimulator surgery. She is also diagnosed with colonic inertia.... she has symptoms in ALL of the four categories and weights 141. Where do we start beyond the 90 essentials and avoiding the 12 bad foods?

Second person: 59 y/o female who has been in a nursing home setting for 6 years now. About 15-20 years ago, her symptoms began with her stumbling. It has progressed from her leg to an entire side of her body and now both legs- she cannot move. She has feeling everywhere. She has such violent muscle spasm that prior to medication, they caused her to break bones. She does not have MS according to all testing. The MD’s say she has nerve blockage. How can this NOT be related to bone structure with her extreme calcium complex deficiency? They have no diagnosis for her. Her mental function is fine. Sometimes her voice and swallow have trouble- which is osteoporosis of the skull right? Bone and joint pack- would you suggest bone and joint from Good Herbs rubbed in CM cream on her spine?

One more: perineum rash- this lady is gluten free and 90 for life. Has been tested for bacteria, yeast, parasites, and fungus- all negative. Did a parasite cleanse from Dr Conaway just in case. Has a terrible itchy, flaky rash. Doc Wallach said gluten cross-contamination. Is there any homeopathy or suggestion to have topically? She has tried some over the counter. Oh! She also had testing done and it does not seem to be hormone related either- those are good as much as testing can tell. Thanks so much! Good to see your face!


I noticed in your webinar "incontinence' you recommended the healthy body start pak which has the efa plus but you were recommending ordering items separately so as to get projoba omega instead of the efa plus. Have I missed something in the last few months since I have been out of pocket and haven't heard all your Q&A's & webinars?


I know that we shouldn’t cook with oil and was wondering if it’s ok to cook with lard? Can I replace what I cook with oil with lard – e.g., for my gluten free pancakes? Why doesn’t the lard oxidize like the oil does? By the way, I have found some great pre-mixed gluten free flour at the grocery stores – the pancakes finally taste like pancakes again! Also, I’ve recently seen larger size air fryers for sale about the size of a small microwave. A great alternative to deep frying.


In case there is time, I have a follow up question about a call last week. The young man with erythromelalgia- we have the protocol you recommended bc of his TMHFR genes. He is good with that. Some testing came back recently- he had an SFN biopsy that showed significantly reduced sweat gland nerve fiber density. Do you treat small fiber neuropathy with anti-inflammatory? Site looks SO great! NO buffering at all today. I just watched your BTT 2.0 webinar that explains detailed ingredients- that is a phenomenal teaching. Thank you!


What is the cause of eyesight nearsighted changes which seem to occur after the age of 40 where people need to use readers to read or see up close? Is this possibly due to osteoporosis as you mentioned for other eye issues in your webinar or is this possibly due to another nutrient deficiency? Love all your info!! Thank you!!


From Connie: I’m really desperate for help. I have rosacea really bad. I’m doing everything I can do and it’s not getting better. The drs tell me rosacea is a skin infection. Does youngevity have anything that would help it. I hate bugging u but I’m desperate. The drs all they wanna do is put me on oral antibiotics and we know what those do I really appreciate ur help. God bless.


Ok Dr. G, I am going to ask this, you might not want to answer it on air: have you tried (or thought about trying) to talk to President Trump about clinically verified nutrition being added to a healthcare program and having it covered by insurance?


should i star with 2 months beyond tangy can i do pills instead the powder? and the liquid on beyond?


What am I to take or do for the digestion? You mentioned on Thursday that I must have a digestion issue since I've a lot of degeneration (L3-S1 disc degeneration and bulging). I ordered & received Meso Copper. How much & how long should I take it to see the diminishing of spider veins? Also, Thanks! got the BTT 2.0, Beyond Osteo Fx Liquid, Plant derived minerals, & gluco gel caps. Is there a threshold period for taking 1 gluco gel capsule per 10lbs or take for a lifetime considering my situation (L3-S1 disc degeneration & bulging). How long does it take for disc herniation to heal? Anything I can take or do to help it heal?