April 29, 2019 Live Chat Q&A


I have 2 people needing help please Dr Glidden - Fibi has a frozen shoulder, has been taking GlucoGel at body weight dosage plus the Healthy Start pack, and is off all 12 Bad Foods. Could you help her please? 2nd person is a 3 year old child - I’m writing in regards to our three and a half year old son, Oliver. We believe he has obstructive sleep apnea as a result of one abnormally very large tonsil. Ever since his first tests as a baby, the doctors have all noted the large tonsil. It has affected his breathing severely. He is also a mouth breather.

When he sleeps, he stops breathing hundreds of times a night – and you can imagine how frightening that is as parents. We often sleep with him to try and help him breathe – even though it probably doesn’t do anything.

Oliver was breastfed for 18 months. At around 20 months we took him to the doctor and specialist, who recommended we remove his adenoids.

He had them removed at around 20 months and his breathing improved. However of late his breathing has started to deteriorate and we’re back to where we started. We went back to the doctors and the specialist recommended we remove his tonsils. We weren’t able to do this during the removal of the adenoids because of his age/weight.

We don’t want to operate, but are extremely concerned with the long term ramifications. He might be sleeping but he is not resting. His heart is constantly pumping and I imagine there’s a lack of oxygen getting through the body.

We have tried a number of things in regards to his diet. He drinks rice milk and very rarely has dairy (it’s hard to completely stop a 3 year old from all dairy). But at home he doesn’t have dairy and it hasn’t seemed to help him.

We believe he was born with one large tonsil but are hoping there might be something you could recommend to help. We are starting to think operating may be the best option given how severe his breathing difficulties are.


Good evening Dr. Glidden, one of my wife's co-worker son was diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE) He is 16 y/o, 5'6" tall, 124lbs. he has acne on hi face and upper back, asthmatic, his hands and legs sometimes look like the blood is getting stuck in place. They have done oxigen tests but they come back normal. At the moment he is complaining of painful sore throat, lots of flem in throat, he used to have a dry cough but it's going away! Any suggestions for this young fellow will be greatly appreciated.


Good evening dr glidden

My son has had multiple chemical sensitive for past 5 years, reacts by touch and inhalation. He is 26 , 6ft 3 , 270 lbs. How can I help him to a road of recovery. I know number one has to be 12 bad foods.what else can be done?

We believe that have this available is a great privilege. Joe from Houston Alaska


From Gary: My question is about MSM since I don’t hear you talk of it. Dr Wallach recommended MSM Ultimate for both of us - I presently have trigger finger on right index finger (inflammation) & ringing in the ears & my wife has bone spurs also has chronic problem w/ her ankle not healing from a fall she had years ago which stays somewhat swollen & gives her problems after walking. I think MSM was recommended because it says on the bottle "It also provides nutritional support for healthy skin, hair, & nails & helps the body's natural joint & cartilage repair processes. It was this helping of the body's natural joint & cartilage repair processes that it was recommended for both of us. According to Dr. Wallach's theory of ringing in the ears caused by osteoporosis of the skull where the auditory nerves travel through the sub-cranial openings, msm would help the bone & cartilage. However, I believe taking the recommended dosage of six pills a day (6000 mg) for me caused considerable gas. Since I stopped taking it the gas problem is gone. My wife never had this problem taking 3000 mg.

Now I’m taking 1,500 mg of msm with my supplements & my wife 750 mg. Regarding me should I just continue taking that amount & see what happens after 90 days. If my finger joint doesn't fully heal then would you recommend taking maybe this time 3000 mg of the msm ultra. My wife since she has a more serious problem in her ankle would you recommend continuing taking the 3000 mg of msm ultra. Thank you Dr G!


Dr. G, I have three quick questions for you tonight:

1)How do you know when you need an antibiotic or when you can use herbs/colloidal silver for viruses and infections?

2)What do you think about drinking Sole salt?

3)I've heard you speak about how the less food you eat, the longer you live and I was wondering why this is so?

Thank you!


My friend Steven has been on the 90 for several years and avoids bad foods. He also takes D-Stress for congestive heart failure and Ultimate Daily Classic. MD has him on beta-blockers to control adrenaline. He also takes diuretics once a week for edema, though recognizes that increased protein helps. He walks a mile every day with 4” hand weights. Two years ago his EF was 20% and has improved to 30-35% and he wonders if he is overdoing it on the walking. He also takes creatine and after his walk, takes a dose of BCAA + Glutamine. He wants off the drugs…is there more supplementation that would help?


Hi Dr G! Will you please tell us the URL for the cineraria maritima website again? It didn't come thru for me the last time you looked up:? Also, I live in the Pac NW and wondering about taking additional Vitamins D.Do you think its necessary to add extra for those taking the 90 for life? If so, would you recommend the Youngevity spray? Thank you so much!!


I'm doing 101 liver health treatment but I'm having constipation problems. can tell me it's good for constipation I'm also taking more water I want to know if you have a website that I can order the mesocopper and witch hamamelis 30 c or can you show me a picture of the bottles because i have used amazon but there are so many that they are many that look a like What is good for gray hair? just to let you know I'm getting along well with organic beets


I Dr. Glidden,

It is the third time on your q & a. thank you for all your advise. At 24 I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I am 31 and I weight 100 and I am 5 foot. I don’t take medication since 5 years. I am on youngevity products since almost 2 years. I have seen improvement but I never tried the killer biotic and the good herbs for bone and joints because I was breastfeeding and after I got pregnant. Know I have a 2 months and a half baby. Good pregnancy, very good delivery, fast and the pain was very supportable. The doc said that the umbilical cord was very long and it was a good thing. So thanks to youngevity. I don’t breastfeed anymore because my body is crashing. I know I have to take the tangy 2.0, the osteo fx (liquid because I don’t like the powder) and projoba. I heard that Dr. Wallach recommend taking the killer biotic fx but what is the posology and for how long and do I have to take also the good herbs for bone and joints (my joints hand are bad). Should I take a antibiotic. I am out of the 12 bad foods, no sugar and small amount of carbohydrates, right know I do intermittent fasting and coffee enema which help so much and I drink beef gelatin from vital protein. Thank you so much.


Hi Doc! A friend of mine had a gel manicure as she always does, but this time her nails became thick underneath. She thinks it's fungus? What should she do? Thank you! Hello again! Just a comment. My Dad, who is 87, has never had pneumonia before and never had the flu or pneumonia shots until this year. He has had a sinus infection for 3 months that initially developed a mass on the left side of his face which was surgically removed. The culture read that the infection was pneumonia? What the freak?


Also I've heard you say a couple of times that your body needs sugar. the gasoline of the body. Could you survive on a sugar-free diet, and be healthy for it? would this most likely get rid of my acne? I'm currently taking BTT tablets, osteo-fx liquid, plant derived minerals, ultimate EFA plus, ultimate selenium, sweet ezz, and bone and tissue good herbs. Is this a recipe for success in your opinion. I switched to tablets BTT because I was having bad reactions to powder.and gluco gel Also we make fresh beef jerky at home from scratch. We only salt it. Is this okay to consume? Also what is acute dose for BTT 2.0 tablets. 155 lbs.I went to the ER this afternoon for suicidal thoughts due to my depression. I know this is a tricky subject so I'm all ears. Thanks doc.Trouble sleeping as well. What recommended?

Also what is your opinion on zero-carb?


Hi Dr. Glidden,

Huge fan….God bless your work…You and Wallach have saved my life. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis with 2 fibroid tumors on the uterus and 1 ovarian cyst. I then went on your protocol which I have been on for over a year. Since then her chronic pain has ceased and today at her OBGYN the ultrasound found she was clear of all tumors and the cyst with healthy looking ovaries. The problem is I still have irregular periods, vaginal dryness and fluid retention in the abdomen which occurs 2 weeks before the period. Furthermore, I would like to maximize fertility and possibly conceive, and the irregular periods make this hard. I have recently been on Youngevity Female Hormone Support, ProJoba and the Plant Minerals thinking that it might be a hormone imbalance. I am 49.


Hi Doc. Does an enema or colonic wipe out good bacteria in the colon? If so how long to rebuild good bacteria?


Hey Doc, I also have a High School friend diagnosed with a damaged stomach nerve so she does not digests her food, she blends everything and what stays on her stomach causes pain so she has to induce vomiting in order to get rid of the pain! She is about 5'8, 100lbs wet, 50 y/o. The diagnose is called polyneuropathy in the stomach. There is no treatment in Puerto Rico for such disease so she is traveling to the States to get treated.


What causes red, blood looking warts and what to do for them?


Dr. G; Why is the Osteo FX powder so mucilaginous but the liquid is not?


If you do not have a doctor on the website, where can I order these products? witch witch hamamelis 30c and mesocopper?