April 8, 2019 Live Chat Q&A


Hello Dr G, Raul here. what do you think about CLA: Conjugated Linoleic Acid for weight loss? I know it’s an Omega 6 fatty Acid and a [Natural type] Trans-fat. it’s supposed to be very different from the industrial trans fats that harm your health. Is there such a Natural Type of Trans-fat?



Hello Dr Glidden, Anthony Moxey from Australia:

With regard to Autism, I would like to know your thinking on the effect of parasites in the body and how it should be treated?

In my research I have seen Chlorine Dioxide used in recovering over 400 people of autism and other illnesses. Much of this recovery it is claimed to be due to the killing off of parasites residing in the bio film of the gut, and also reversing the effects of Glyphosate in the body. Once the parasites are killed off, no more toxins released into the body by parasites, and the brain can then function normally. 

Is it true that we could also be feeding the parasites with the nutrients that we ingest, therefore empowering the parasites to further toxify the body due to an unknown parasite burden?? For example, this protocol says that these parasites thrive on B vitamins.

Considering the recoveries in these families, I would be interested in your view of that hypothesis?



Hey Doc, the Good Herbs Adrenal Health is back ordered and Randy won’t be able to take any for the next week and a half. He was noticing a difference with the adrenal program you recommended but has since noticed a regression by the day since he went off it. Is there anything else he can do or take in the mean time while waiting? Also this makes several Good Herbs products that are now temporarily unavailable for one reason or another, do you know if there’s anything going on with the company? Thanks again for everything.



Some people get a cottage cheese like substance at the back of their throat. And it dislodges sometimes if you cough hard enough. What is this and what causes it? Good night doc. Thanks as usual



Hey Doc: Can drinking hot coco at breakfast prevent the absorption of calcium and other minerals for the rest of the day? (Moca drinking hot coco lol) Thank you!



Hi Dr. G. My friend Maria is undergoing surgery in 10 days to have vertebrae in her neck cleaned up and fused. Her MD has told her to stop taking supplements 10 days prior to surgery. Is there some valid reason for this? Thanks!



Hi Doc 63 year old male. taking Levothyroxine 112 MCG tablet for burned up thyroid. I want to use a natural thyroid instead of the prescription to get my t4 and t3 within range. any suggestions. Appreciate any comments. Thanks



I am diabetic and insulin resistant. I am currently losing weight and my waist has gone from 48 inches to 42 inches. I have read somewhere that there is a relationship between waist size and Insulin resistance. Are you aware of this relationship and at what diameter should I expect a lessening of my resistance? I'm hoping for 40; my normal waist size should be 36-38 inches. Thanks for all you do.



Hey Dr. Glidden!!!! I just recently introduced lard into my diet. It's hydrogenated BHT, bha to help protect flavor. Is this okay to consume? Also I've been having on and off diarrhea for the past couple weeks since I've been using the program. I've since lowered my dose of osteo fx liquid and it has seemed to gotten much better. I drink plenty of water, and have been off of the 12 bad foods for awhile now. If I am having diarrhea, does that mean I am not absorbing the nutrients I am consuming? What should be the ultimate way to improve maximum absorption?



If stool analysis from dr. data shows no parasites, yeast etc. Does that mean just in digestive track or throughout body?



my name is irene from los angeles california i'm going to the liver health essential nutrients, im 160 pounds i'm 5'5. i need to know how much pills should i take a day for the selenium for the tangy pills and h.g.h youth complex and projoba pills. .and how many times should i drink the liquids like the mineral plant and osteo stead of powder im doing pills on the tangy and osteo.also i need to know on good herbs gallbladder bottle how many times a day .on Beet juice can be taken on an empty stomach? or is recommended when finished the liver essential nutrients?. i took the beet juice for a day in the morning its delicious but i notice next three days I got a little irritation in the stomach is that normal? ...and did you recommend cardio beets from youngevity ?......( ............ I also suffer from allergies do you think I have to finish a treatment first? Because my sinusitis is very strong I want to know if I can do 2 treatments at the same time. my liver treatment is also important as my sinusitis because I can not sleep I try the nasal care navage to wash my nose how many times do you recommend washing my noses? can you tell me a treatment for warts i have red warts in my chest too



Hi doctor...for the past few years I noticed my throat becomes soar when i speak for 30 seconds at a time (not in a noisy place and I'm not shouting)...i'm on the 90 for life with the EFA's and 1 bottle of selenium with 1 plant mineral. do you know what might be the cause of this?