May 1, 2019 Live Chat Q&A


are pumpkin seeds okay to consume? Also, when I cook my meat, I almost always use a skillet pan to do so. Is this okay? Also isn't lard considered an oil when heated? Been having a hard time convincing my family about this nutrition health. Every time I take my nutrition, I get crap for it. My mother is the only one that supports it. Kind of a shitty thing


Hi Dr. Glidden. I have a couple of questions today:

1. If someone has high blood pressure and is doing all your recommendations as per your webinar etc, would CardioFX be necessary or recommended, in addition? It has some natural caffeine (I think 75 g) which concerns me, since I am dealing with high blood pressure. Another product with natural caffeine is pollen burst, but worried about raising my blood pressure with it. Do you think 75 g caffeine is too much for someone with high blood pressure?

2. My husband had a heart attack in 2017, survived, then did 72 days of oral chelation, lost 30 pounds and is now doing well. He is still on 5 meds for blood pressure. I want him on a full range of YGY products, but he is nervous about interactions with meds. I have talked with a pharmacist and he said that the biggest concern with interactions is in making his blood pressure too low (duplicating effects of meds). Is it safe for him to take all the YGY products while on his meds? Especially wondering if he can take the OsteoFX or Cal Toddy if he is on a calcium channel blocker?

3. What is the interaction of vitamin C with selenium? Are they antagonists? What about Linus Pauling's work on Vitamin C - should we take high doses of vitamin C? Is it safe over a period of time?

Also, do you recommend that we take a little iodine every day? If so, what form?

Thank you again for helping us. Blessings to you.



Good Morning Dr. G. What can you recommend for a 8 year old girl with stage 2 Muscular Atrophy? She is wheel chair bound. Also, will you be coming to Colorado for your Leadership Conference in Estes Park next month?



Hi Doc - Can you tell me if we can take the 90 essentials during a fast.... like the tangy tangerine or gluco gel. Thoughts on using the supps during a fasting period. Thanks much!!  Doc.. so the osteo fx we take OJ . and that will break a fast, correct?



Dr G~ Shannon A (used to be May) I have some GREAT NEWS! I asked you about 3 wks ago where to start for a lady 59 who has been in a nursing home for 6 years- cannot feel or move from the neck down. Her husband has been getting her every day and taking her home to feed her an evening meal. Her mind is completely healthy. She just cannot feel her body. You told me what to tell her.... which BTW- people listen to me because of you and I am so thankful.... which was 3 scoops BTT, PDM, 3 oz OsteoFX and 6 EFA per day but to start 1/3 dose for a week and then increase. After 2 DAYS- that is NOT a typo- 2 Days her arms stopped violently spasming. Her arms would spasm out really hard. At night her husband would put them in a sling bc once they were out, she could not get them back in. NO slings ever since. Now we are at about 3 wks in. Her hands that were tightening into fists, are now relaxing. She cannot feel them but she can see what they are doing. And she can feel her neck is loosening and relaxing. To remind you the mds told her this was not related to bone and joint but a "blocked nerve" and no help for her. She has 90% of the symptoms in the hard tissue category. A couple of questions.... it is very difficult for her to get down all the liquid bc she is trying to sip it during the day but the nutrients settle and she can't shake it up. Could we substitute the BTT tablets for part of her BTT dose since we have extra PDM and Calcium complex? She can swallow pills fine. I also have her taking ultimate enzymes. Next question: Since they have "given up" on mobility for her she get no PT. After 6 years, I am wondering about atrophy of muscles, ligament, joints.... should she start- even her husband could do something in the evening- like bending her knees and elbows gently or would massage help her? I know we are giving her the best chance. I hope someday she can walk up to and thank you herself. Next question: I need clarification on magnesium/calcium balance. When people get constipated OR when their bottom number for blood pressure stays high, I recommend extra magnesium through Cal Toddy or Osteo Mag capsules. But I have heard you say that magnesium can irritate the colon. I tell them first the apple a day and a little warm caffeine in the morning then move onto magnesium. Should I go with herbal rainforest instead for cleansing? I just need some guidelines. Thanks for everything!



From Jim: Good morning. I want to give you some feedback and ask your opinion on something. It generally seems that my morning blood sugar has risen dramatically since taking the product. Is there any sort of bio change that the product undertakes that would cause this? By dramatic I mean from high 200's to over 400 this morning. Now my body is probably used to operating at a level of between 250-275. Just curious if there is to be expected some sort of metabolism increase that would cause a thermogenic process that would spike blood sugar levels. I am taking a 200 pound dosage plus 8 sweet eze and 8 projoba total per day.



From Fritz. From Calgary. Doc wants to remove gallbladder, wants me to be on proton pump inhibitors, digestive issues at night when in bed - wakes me up, feels like my stomach is stretching, if I press on the belly button I feel pressure. High blood pressure occasionally. I weight 160. What would be your recommendations to start with?



Hi Doc, Ivan from Bulgaria - 54Y.Old, 132 lbs, 5' 5"
I've been having for 3 years:
-Right hand 4-th finger injury metacarpal-phalangeal joint
-Lower power in vision
-Constant Fatigue
-Morning cramps in the wrists and fingers
-Feel of Dizziness, Confusion, Depression
-Lack of energy
-Pain in neck, spinal, shoulder and lumbar areas
-Dizziness when small intensions, when getting up
I would really appreciate your advice
Greetings from Eastern Europe



I also just purchased the pure soap and cleanser from Youngevity for my acne. Will this be more effective than traditional lotions? Love the glasses man!!!!!!!  Also, when would you consider GH circulatory support as an option? Also is sipping on BTT 2.0 all day a good idea? What sort of sea salt would you consider best? Also, I just recently watched your interviews on Infowars on YouTube. How was that experience?

I also just recently upgraded to distributor on Youngevity. How should I begin effectively? I need to make some extra cash. Thanks



my name is Charles Lemons. I have high blood pressure. I can’t sleep.  Dr. Wallach and Dr. Berg's sleeping pills don't help so I am in a bad mood and lose my temper easy. The bottom of my right foot is very swollen what packet do I take to get started. thank you I all so have NO ENERGY. I am from Stockton Ca. I am also dizzy.



I tried to order GH antimicrobial support yesterday, was told it has been discontinued but given no reason and girl i talked to didn't know what if anything has replaced it. Do you have any info regarding this? Also, since my uterine cancer surgery in Feb my bp has pretty much stayed in the 190s. before that it was doing really good, bottom number was staying below 80 and top no was 140 to 170. now i am experiencing rushing/pounding in left ear which comes and goes, I have had ringing in that ear for years. I have been dealing with a sinus infection since the end of Jan when i had a tooth pulled and evidently the hole left went into sinuses, the tooth socket is still draining a little. I am using nasopure and argentyn 23. I took a bottle of killer antibiotic and sinus infection is much better but not completely gone. I have overcome so much since i discovered you and my bp was gradually straightening itself out but now it seems like I am back at square one with it. I have limited money to spend on my supplements so I have had to pick and choose what i am able to afford every month. I feel good and because my body was receiving the nutrients it needs i breezed through surgery, but I can't seem to get bp under control. Is bp causing the pounding in left ear? I am taking the tangy tablets so should i be taking HGH youth complex?



Hi Doc, … a friend of mine from Bulgaria, 53 years old, 5’ 6’’, 175 lbs has been suffering of enlarged prostate for the last year and a half, … PSA factor between 7 - 8, normal is 4. No need to go to restroom at night, but sometimes has difficulties urinating. Naturopaths are hard to find in Eastern Europe. God bless you for what you do!