May 15, 2019 Live Chat Q&A


Jan Lakeland FL. I don't eat red meat, but I eat cold water fish 4 days a week, and several eggs every day. What can I take to counteract the mercury in the fish?



In regard to the 12 Bad Foods. Is it ok to eat gluten free breads, flour, pastas etc...or avoid them?



I didn't get to see my last question Monday so I'm just going to ask it again. My mom went to an MD and was told she has premature heartbeat. What is your advice for her? Otherwise she is very healthy and feels great overall. What does gluco-gel actually do to the body? Is it an essential nutrient or just an add on?  What is the best probiotic on the market in your opinion?  I've also looked into immortalium by youngevity and I think this one is a winner. Is this a good option no matter the health issue?  Also pain on right side of my chest. Very recent. no injury. breathing causes it to pop and crack.



Hey Dr, G Lincoln Duncan's younger brother here. Finished up 3 Colon Hydrotherapy treatments. The results have been awesome. My digestion and elimination are on point. I Go twice a day now, and the absorption of my supplements are a lot better. This will now become part of my yearly maintenance routine. P.S. even shared your video with Dr. Brannick with the Therapist. Everyone needs to do this!!!



Hi Dr. G. Your suggestions have been helping my husband (165 pounds) with his high blood pressure over the last couple of weeks.. However, the last two days his blood pressure has spiked again (170/110, 190/119), because he is sick with a cold/flu. Even though we know the reason, I am kind of freaked out, because he had a heart attack two years ago. Is there anything else I can do to help him, in addition to your protocol (Minerals 4x day, Good herbs 4 times a day, Btt 2X a day, Omegas 6 caps a day, calcium, 6 selenium caps per day)? Perhaps you can recap your suggestions to make sure I am not missing anything. He is on several blood pressure drugs. Thank you!

One other question: I was listening to Dr. Ted Broer on Hagmann report, and Dr. Broer said that he recommends drinking distilled water rather than carbon-filtered water. Do you recommend drinking distilled water? I have had a carbon filter for many years. But I am considering buying a distiller because water is extremely hard here in Calgary. Your thoughts? I can always add plant-derived minerals to drinking water to make up the minerals.


Monday's Q&A was not recorded, and you answered a question of mine about ADHD. I tried to take notes, but not sure if I got everything and there's no recording to review. This is what I wrote down, is it correct?1. Youngevity ADHD protocol for 115-pound young man. BTT 2.0 2 scoops per day (1 scoop at breakfast & supper) Omegas or EFA Plus 4 per day (2 each at breakfast & supper) Beyond OsteoFX 2 capfuls per day (1 capful at breakfast and supper) Aloe product by YGY 1 capful before bed - use for two months Root Beer Belly or Probiotic use daily for three months  2. Stop eating the 12 Bad Foods look at the work of the late Dr. Doris Rapp MD on food allergies and ADHD:



Hi Dr G~ I have a couple of questions from two ladies- 90 for life, gluten free, avoids the 12 bad foods- The first is 55 y/o with history of Epstein Bar Virus and breast cancer. She did fractionated nutrition through a mastectomy, saline implant and 6 months of chemo in 1997. In 2008 she started gaining weight and an ND gave her a detox protocol. She experienced what she thinks was her body releasing the chemo back into her system. She lost her hair for the first time, many organs suffered, her entire body peeled, and she was diagnosed with a couple of bacterial infections that are supposed to be indicators of Lupus. She has been MD "clean" for 4 months, 90 for life plus Nightly Essence, enzymes, Ocutiv- for the first couple of months she lost weight, muscle spasms gone, no pain.... but she has started experiencing problems with digestion again- she added I26 and it caused a lot of distress. Muscle spasms coming back- she cannot tolerate Cal Toddy. She is wondering if you would advise having the Breast Implant removed. She has read about symptomology from implants and she has had this 22 yrs- two years over recommended time. Also, she has not had the bacteria checked since a high powered antibiotic program. The test was very expensive. Can you recommend a test she can get that would check for bacteria or does she need to go to a lab specifically? In addition, she has this sore on her tongue that came up. She has applied Tea Tree oil and Argentyn 23. It is not going away and seems more inflamed when her immune system is down.



Next person: Sarah is 25 and had a miracle mineral baby 3 months ago. woohoo! Prior to 90 for life, she had a couple of suspicious skin lesions removed. After her baby was born, she felt a quarter size knot near her neck. Those have grown and we know now are 3 cancerous lymph nodes. She has melanoma in the nodes and one spot on her chest- the origin. Her PET scan showed no other cancer. She is taking your questions with her for 3 different opinions by oncologist. She is 90 for life plus Beta 500, Zradical, selenium, BTT Tablets and the muscadine extract. One of the nodes is getting painful. Would GH antioxidant applied topically help? Is that ok to use while breastfeeding? What about the proline Pumeric? If someone is cancer free after melanoma and need to prioritize budget- what do you consider most important between selenium, BTT tablets and Beta 500? If you have time.... do you sweeten your coffee? what about monk fruit? Are there any sweeteners you recommend?



Hey Doc. I was trying to listen to your answer to my question last Monday and I would like to ask my question again. I am very sad and overwhelmed because my husband died last January. Thank you for your advice and your hard work!



Hi Dr Glidden- I have scleroderma (CREST syndrome) and have been recently diagnosed with Pulmonary Artery Hypertension. I've been seeing a specialist at Vanderbilt Pulmonary Clinic . She has prescribed two medications, Letairis and Tadalafil to dilate pulmonary arteries and assist my heart in pushing the blood to the lungs. I have started taking the Healthy Body Start Pack



Can we get hydrastis from local health store or smallflower? I ask about GH bc the tincture you suggested for my dad over liver and kidney helped relieve pain



Hi Doc. What causes vertical lines and splits in nails? Also, I stopped consuming Ultimate Classic and the gurgling stomach and loose stools went away almost immediately. Yikes. I am expecting an order of BTT 2.0 and liquid calcium today so that should be better.



Tatiana a young girl age 23, weight 130 LB, 5' 2'' thyroid issues diagnosed, low energy / tiredness, starting gaining weight. She had bacterial infection in her stomach a year ago for almost 2 years till it calmed down. Hopefully you could help ... Thank you for the great work!



Is C-Reactive Protein the test that gives us our bodies inflammation levels? I'm from Canada so the US numbers will be different but mine is 4.0 and they say the normal range is less than 5. My question is, is 4.0 good or should it be even less? Thanks for all you do. Oh, Canada.