May 20, 2019 Live Chat Q&A


Hello Dr Glidden, I have a few people needing your help please…


Prolia injection for osteoporosis Bone spurs - why she has pain and others don’t Heart condition - irregular heartbeat


Nerve died in knee Spasm pain Can’t walk long distance

Dolly – age 8

Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral palsy Needs to lose weight (in wheelchair) Avascular necrosis Bilateral hip reconstructive Surgery Sept 2018


suffered with constipation and its effects most of my life, and it has worsened since I became menopausal. I've been told, after undergoing tests, I have a redundant bowel, meaning my bowel is longer than the average. I eat well, a plant based diet mostly, no meat, gluten, dairy, packaged or processed foods and keep away from the twelve harming foods. I also drink about 2 litres plus of water a day. I feel like I must have tried everything to overcome this, including enzymes, acidophilus, magnesium, acupuncture, yoga and exercise to name a few. I began the ninety for life about six weeks ago (tangy, EFA, Osteo FX) and while I feel the incredible effects of the nutrients, I am still having issues with constipation. I was hoping you could shed some light on my situation and/or advise me of a solution


Went to chiro and had lateral x-ray of neck and spine. I have an old whiplash injury and a bad curve in my neck. He said only adjustments will help with the curve, but aren't there exercises and stretches I can do to speed it up? Also is only beef when it comes to cooking it well done? Muscadine grape extract capsules good for you in overall health? I say your webinar about it. Is organic apple with some raw honey a healthy snack in your opinion? Dairy does not agree with me. I had some yogurt for the first time in a long time and broke out in cyst acne overnight. also how come some holistic doctors are against calcium supplementation? This is probably the most important question today!!! for someone with chronic muscleskeletol issues like myself, what exercises would you advice?


Dr. there any peach, plum, pear, apricot or cherry in the Cal Mag from BioMetics?


an Lakeland FL. Is Diatomaceous Earth good or digestive problems?


What are the best Youngevity topical products for the face and neck (in addition to the "90 for Life" oral supplements) ? If I can stand the taste of the Ultimate Classic, can I use that to replace the Ultimate Daily capsules? If so, do I need to also take BTT with Ultimate Classic? I just found out that the husband of a friend has type 1 diabetes and Lupus. He also had a hip injury. He just lays in bed all day being miserable. What can you suggest for him? If they are on a budget, what are the most important products? Good report: Your suggested protocol for high blood pressure is working well for me (extra minerals and calcium plus Good Herbs). Still on blood pressure med though. Would love to get off of the medication. What's the longest I can take the Good Herbs? I know you said three months. Can I take it until my blood pressure gets low enough to get off the medication? Where can I find out more about Youngevity's Hemp products? Do you have an archived webinar on that?


Dr g. Thanks for all your help. You mention for me to take my calcium one hour before I take psyllium husk powder. Why is that. Also does this apply to all supplements before bed? Thanks for all your help. You mention for me to take my calcium one hour before I take psyllium husk powder. Why is that. Also does this apply to all supplementsf before bed?


My husband was put on a statin and blood thinner in September 2016 after a massive heart attack. Is there anything in the 90 essential nutrients that he can't have with the meds, ie- grapefruit or licorice and does the blood thinners reduce the body's ability to absorb the nutrients?


doctor I am thinking about doing hydrocolontherapy I live in the Angeles . can you recommend me how can I look for years of experience or how? I want to be sure where I'm going to do it. Can you recommend a webside page in los angeles? Why did you consider hydrocolontheraphy is good? What is the benefits to do it?


There is a product named Theraworks for muscle cramps. I presume that it's a Mg spray. Are you familiar with this product at all? For some reason I don't seem to be absorbing enough Magnesium from my Osteo fx. Also, my cramps are usually the same muscles in some sort of random rotation. Why would that be?


Benign occasional premature heartbeat is what my mother has been diagnosed with. I asked you this question last week regarding my mother's heart beat issue. you said get a second opinion but she hasn't done so yet. He told her to get on some medication for it. HAHA!!! What is your advice? also who would provide square 1 services around me? Or is it something I can just learn? I will admit my energy since following your advice has greatly improved as well. I used to constantly fall asleep during classes and also while driving my car, just about every day. My muscle tics and twitches have improved by 60 percent as well. I'll keep you updated as time goes on. Also my knees and hips have gone done drastically as well. Thanks!!! Honestly right now it's just my wrist, neck, depression and degenerative disc in my back. But it will get better.


Hey Doc: Is there some shoes you would recommend to wear to prevent worsening of bunions? Thanks a lot for all you do!


Hey Doc: Is there some shoes you would recommend to wear to prevent worsening of bunions? Thanks a lot for all you do!


Good night doc. Sometimes when I get a cold or bad sinus infection one of my eyes is irritated and swollen slightly. A substance accumulates in the eye and causes it to be stuck down. What causes this? I was told it may be an allergy. Many thanks.