May 22, 2019 Live Chat Q&A


Hi Doc, this is Evelina, 47 years old; 5’5’; 147 pounds  I recently found out by MRI that I have a LABRAL TEAR of the superior and anterosuperior labrum of the right hip. And that was the explanation of my pain in the right hip and down my right leg. The doctor solution is surgery . I refused and decided to try anything else. I got steroid injection in my right hip that seems to help temporary with the pain. I am looking for alternative solutions of my issue. Second question is : what should you recommend for occasional hemorrhoids inflammation?  I would appreciate any help from you!



Hey Dr. G! I’m brand new to the program. Started the Healthy Start Pak two weeks ago and I’m off the bad foods. Recently dealing with silent reflux, high blood pressure, anxiety, and migraines. Do you have any recommendations for these? I’m thinking some of these may be related. 27yo, 6ft, 180lbs. I’m only taking 1 scoop/day of the btt 2.0 as any more makes me jittery, anxious. Also I’ve noticed I have more acne since starting the program. Blood sugar issue? I also just told my sister about Youngevity. She’s had severe fatigue for several years and low iron. Any recommendations? Thanks so much for your help!



Dr...if the 90 for life contain the 90 essential nutrients (60 vitamins, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids and 2 EFA's) why do you mention to also consume the Plant dervived minerals?  Question 2: A client of mine has tears in ligaments and due to severe arthritis there are many deformities which provoke tears. She also sleeps on her shoulders. She is taking 1 Healthy start pak/month. What do you suggest for her. (She's on a budget)



Hi Dr G! Good to see your face today! First some fantastic news! I was able to visit the lady in the nursing home that we are helping last night. Refresher- shes 59, been there 6 years with no ability to move anything from the neck down. mds told her its NOT related to bone structure but her symptoms are ALL in the hard tissue category of defiency. With your suggestions we have seen her spasms reduce so that she does not have to wear slings on her arms anymore and her hands are opening up. She cannot feel them but she can see them. Last night she told me her voice is back strong where it was starting to go in and out. Woo hoo! That is bc of a cranial nerve being suppressed right? Her feet no longer turn dark purple when she is put in her chair for a few hours. I make her no promises but I see hope in her eyes. If she could she would express her incredible gratitude for your knowledge and care. Now my follow up question: You said that any and all massage or gentle movement would be good. I talked to her about that. She said that two years ago her spasms caused her to break a hip. The md said her bones were too mushy to even do surgery. I am concerned that as she begins to rebuild bone structure- what about that hip socket? Would you recommend an xray to check alignment? Next question: 42 yo massage therapist- high jumper in high school and college, came to my seminar last night. excruciating pain. Has had L5-S1 fusion and then posterior hardware removed. Has done many processes for pain management and relief. Has a pristine diet and her inflammation markers are good. She is being xrayed today to see if the L4-L5 disc has collapsed. The previous scans show multiple annular tears and the dye will not stay in the center of the disc. She is asking if there is a way to repair or regenerate nerve damage, what she can do for pain, and what raw nutrients rebuild the inside of the disc- knowing that calcium complex is the beginning along with the 90. Thanks for making me believe that I am my community's LAST BEST HOPE! Shannon



Since I have a blood sugar issue, are apples okay to consume? acne is still constantly popping up on my face. Must be the honey.  I've also noticed that you are a big cheerleader for chiropractors as well. How do I know if a chiro is poor at his job? I know this is a hard question. Also how come I need to take selenium between meals? are all types of meat okay to consume, as long as you follow the guidlines?

Since you went to college, what is your advice for keeping good grades? Thanks.



Are products made with avocado oil ok? I finally have plum branches to carry out the protocol you recommended for the hole to my sinus but haven't figured out how to chop them up yet. Also, have to wait for the sun to come out to be able to turn them to ash. Will this possibly help the bone to grow back together?



Are you able to make a recommendation to help a dog with Cushings Disease?



are all colon hydrotherapies equal? who should I seek out? How many should I do?



Dr Gliden could you recomend a product from Youngevity line for hair loss. Thank you.