May 29, 2019 Live Chat Q&A


57 years old
Decent shape
Only "known" MD diagnosed "genetic" affliction is high iron - hemochromatosis. Treatment is giving blood once a month, which I do. Thoughts?
Finally woke up and got on the bus, starting in January with 90 Essentials (2 on the go packs per month - 190 lbs) and cut out 12 death foods! Couple months in, developed silver-dollar size eczema like rash on upper left arm and smaller one on middle left shin. Never had any such rash before starting the 90, so likely my body has been suppressing something. Applying Argentyn 23 topically. Became subscriber and watched a few webinars here and took suggestion of adding extra bottle of essential fatty acids at start of this month. Maybe rash is getting better, but very slowly. Anything extra to add in or just stay the course and be patient?
PS - Heard you on Dave Janda's program. Respect him very much and his endorsement was all that was needed to become subscriber!



Robert from CA. 40yrs old 180lbs. Pinched nerve in neck. Diagnosed with high BP, 139/89. Ultrasound showed enlarged left kidney, normal function. Echo showed mild mitral valve regurgitation. Has acid reflux. Very concerned about kidney and heart condition.



Any extra advice for Bone and Joint support? I know that's a pretty vague question. Also what is your best protocol for after surgery care?



Are those HGH stimulant powders sold in Health Food Stores effective?



The plum branch I procurred doesn't burn into ash, it makes a sticky resin and with hardly any sun for any length of time over the last few weeks (here in Texas) I have not had any success so to speak! So I have been using just the bentonite clay, calendula and argentyn 23 for the last two days.. Don't know if it's going to heal the hole into sinus but it is certainly better - not draining nearly as much as it was! So I know that the clay & calendula are healing but what was/is the role of the plum ash?! What does it contribute and why does it have to be burnt by the sun?