May 6, 2019 Live Chat Q&A


I have a customer seeking advice after her family chiropractor diagnosed scoliosis. Competitive body-builder When she was working out, she kept feeling like she was lopsided and had trouble keeping her head up. Female Age 22 5'4" 135 Ibs. Vegan 3+ years Takes only a morning protein powder supplement Head tilts forward X-rays show upper spine curves right, lower spine curves left


My wife was diagnosed with Pancreatitis. Should she have a Colonic treatment?


Last week I asked about Sole water, the best way to explain the water is thinking of it as fully saturated 26% Himalayan salt water. You drink 1 tsp in the morning and it is supposed to help with many different issues due to the mineral composition. Do you think there is any benefit to this?

P.S I will check out the Green Book this week over a bowl of gluten free pasta!


My grandson has Autism and from my reading a ketogenic diet is supposed to be helpful. Also, a diet high in Medium Chain Fatty Acids is being used to mimic the effects of the diet creating ketones. Coconut oil is the thing most recommended but since that is oil in a bottle are you aware of any other sources of the Medium Chain Fatty Acids?

Also, are you aware of a website where I might find testimonials about ketones and Autism?


Snapping scapula syndrome. what is your advice for this? What is your opinion on showers, hot/cold? would shell-shield RTQ be a good option regardless of your medical condition? How come I have to take sweet ezzes at the same time? Difference between beyond osteo fx liquid vs ultimate osteo fx liquid. gluco gel plus liquid acute dose? Best way to use pure works foam and soap? What is your opinion on the Pigpak? When should I take root beer belly for gut health. Is this good for gut health recovery? How many per day? I also plan on becoming a naturopathic doctor. I'm currently in university doing generals. hopefully I can get on top of my issues and help people.


Hi Dr. G. I have tiny white looks like small pimples on my right eye lid right where my eyelashes are, Can you tell me what may be causing them. I use mascara but only several times a week. Thanks for all you do. You are the best!


I have 2 people needing help please…

Nemer: Was diagnosed with Myelodisplasia. He has low platelet count Creatinine level – 162 umol/L H Calcium Level corrected 2.43 mmol/L

Magnesium Level 0.93 mmol/L Haemoglobin 76g/L L Platelets 31 Absolute Neutrophils Infectious Diseases Serology – CMV IgG Detected

He went onto the following supplements: 1 x Healthy Brain and Heart pack, 1 x Oceans Gold, 1 x RYL Beta 500, 1 x Cell Shield RTQ, 1 x FucoidZ the first month, 2nd month he went onto the Bone and Joint pack, extra Plant derived minerals, Good Herbs Bone and Tissue Support as recommended for low blood platelets in a previous Q&A. Still las low platelets as you can see in his results above.

Peter has MSA - Multiple System Atrophy – what could you recommend please?


A few months ago, she did work hard for about a month in her basement dealing with a significant mold issue. She took precautions by wearing a respirator, body suit, etc. and cleaned extensively. Based on her air filter readings their doesn’t seem to be any problems upstairs when it comes to mold contamination. She hasn’t had any dental procedures in the last couple of years. I did discuss with her the importance of the 90 essential nutrients and other important, foundational considerations, phytate interactions, black strap molasses and the use of a cast iron skillet (she is a lacto-ovo vegetarian), colloidal silver, etc. However, your help would be appreciated when it comes to optimizing her iron levels based on her specific situation as well as this unexplained fever. Thanks for your time Dr. G!

By the way...when it comes to "Lilyhammer"...I can see why you like it. I believe I watched all of the episodes last year rather could definitely be hard to turn off


Good evening Dr.G, how to recover from pelvic damaged tissue from Radiation Treatment for Cancer?


Dr. G thanks for your information. I am on a 90% protein diet not be choice. I am allergy and have a bug in my gut that I react to fruits and so I cannot get fiber from them. I have be using Cal Toddy to help with my bowel movement. However, it has sugar in it (Stevia) So I have been using magnesium capsules (12 mg) at one time per day. To stop my constipation. Is this a good idea or is there something better?


From Kathy Lapp: I have to go teach a music lesson right now. But would you please pass on to Dr. G that his suggestions for high blood pressure are REALLY working for both me and my husband. My blood pressure is already down to 130 normally and my husband's has dropped 40 points in several days, following your plan. I just wanted to say thank you!


My husband and I have a question for you. We have a question about cooking at high temperatures. If meat is cooked at high temperatures does the fat that comes off the meat turn into something similar to the oils like olive oil that becomes oxidized and generates free radicals similar to the oils in a bottle? If not, can you please explain this? Thanks!!


Hi Doc - so I wanted to ask a follow up question about the 90 essential and blood sugar. For my diabetic clients, could the tangy tangerine cause blood sugar spikes? There is no sugar in the tangy tangerine, (says 0g on label). If you just talk about this, I would appreciate it. I have some clients whose blood sugar is not affected and some that appear to be affected - wondering if you've had patients that this has happened to. lol - i love it when you get politcal.. cracks me up... Also - i cannot get your cholesterol webinar for the life of me. it is not showing up in the subscription.. says vimeo video is not available... any ideas?


Dear Dr. Glidden – My 95 year old mother is in okay health but has failing vision in the one eye that she has . (The second eye is a prosthetic). She takes several medications for: chest pain, constipation, pain/swelling in her legs, mild depression, insomnia, blood level of iron, blood pressure, and 3 meds for high eye fluid pressure (latanoprost+brimonidine+dorzolamide-timolol). In the remaining time she has on this earth, I would love for her to enjoy better vision (if not better overall health) since most of her life is now spent sitting, looking and listening. I’d like to see if selenium, Ocutive and blood circulatory formula would help. Is she too old for this? Would she really need to have the full nutritional foundation first? Should I discuss with her physician? Is that where I should begin?


would cell shield RTQ be good regardless of condition? Last question I promise!!! HAHA!!!! have you had any young patients who have recovered from health issues? is fiber supplementation okay?


Hey Doc, we received the Nux Vomica but Randy’s symptoms started improving around the time of the consult and have steadily improved since. Not sure if it was the increased dosage of the Adrenal Health you told him to take prior or the extra Omegas and De-stress you added to his regiment, maybe it was both, but we were wondering if he should hold off on taking the Nux V or start it anyway. He’s not 100% but his symptoms aren’t as severe as they have been. His improvements are despite having the calcium, since it has been backordered for weeks. Thanks for all your help!!


Hi Dr. G, A friend returned from Mexico and contracted Shiga Toxin producing E coli. She is female 40, 110 lb. Would I26 and or other things be appropriate? Thanks Also question on the Projoba Omega, it says 1000 mg Fish Oil, 180 EPA, 120 DHA, I was asked why it does not say what the other 700mg are? I thought all of it was EFA 3's, but it only says the 180+120. Didn't know how to answer the client. Thanks Dr. G


From Anne: I am new to Youngevity having been on Tangy Tangerine, Osteo fx and plant derived minerals for almost a month. At first I noticed more energy and some nervousness. I have a natural difficulty with my mind racing from one subject to another (ADD essentially) and that seemed to be a little worse. I Often have difficulty sleeping with neither my mind or body wanting to quiet down.

My weight is 170lbs but I have not gotten up to my full dose of Tangerine because of the nervousness and sleep difficulties.

Yesterday I had only one scoop. Last night I had a terrible night. I did not have a panic attack but frequently had to get up and give myself a good talking to because I was getting abnormally upset. My question is whether I may be going through a period where I may feel worse before I have my final results. Should I slow down on that product and give myself some time? Also I have a fair amount of life stress right now. My husband is sick and I am trying to work with brain fog that has been increasing lately. Again, thank you for looking into this for me


Hey Doc: Is it ok to take the good herb Circulatory Support for 6 months or so for a beginning of Macular Degeneration? Thank you very much!