May 8, 2019 Live Chat Q&A


hey doc. Have you treated younger patients in your practice before? Around my age? just curious what younger people suffer from mostly? Also, what is the best brand of yogurt- low or zero sugar? When you are taking the 90, and avoiding the 12 bad foods, what is the absolute best diet in your opinion for that extra punch? I know you already said it doesn't really matter as long as you are taking 90 and avoiding 12 bad foods but just curious about this particular subject in your expert opinion. I've also been experiencing a lot of gurgling and burping. no bad foods currently in my diet. Also absolutely love your tactical health podcast with Mike Filip. Still doing that?



hi doctor i am irene i am taking the 90 essential plus the projoba omega and sweeet ezes. the sweeetwze I'm just taking them a month ago but I would like to know how long it takes to take effect. because my sugar is sometimes below 100 and sometimes 125 and sometimes 200 its open down i m not under medication yet but the doctor tell i'm pre diabetic. can we control sugar adding god herbs from youngevity ?  and also can you control by adding good herbs for joint bone pain ?



Good Morning Dr G~ Shannon here. Just curious... will you be at Convention? Hope so! Two questions that are follow ups for people that are currently 90 for life. One has had major digestive trouble. First was constipation- an emergency room trip. He is through that but was hospitalized for diverticulitis. I have researched the archives and you compare this to a paper cut in lemon juice once you start nutrition. So nutrients are not causing the problem but revealing it. So, add Nightly Essence and you gave as a source. What about any of the new aloe vera products in YGYI? Biometrics has an Aloe Plus for digestion. There is also Integris 7000 as whole leaf aloe vera concentrate and Saxi contains aloe vera and some other enzymes. Would he continue on HSP 2.0? Hopefully this will CONVINCE him that gluten must be eliminated completely. Next question: I am working with a lady who is actually hoping to listen in today. She has been 90 for life with some extras including a month of Killer Biotic. She tests positive for Mycoplasma pneumonia, Epstein Barr virus, Chlamydia pneumonia, and parvo virus B19. Her HS-CRP is so high they cannot measure it. To be honest, I am 30 seconds past my knowledge even typing this. Because of virus and bacteria- she did the killer biotic. I have started her now on I-26. Her inflammation is through the roof. She was diagnosed with Hashimotos after her last childbirth. She had a C-section and Tdap and has read the Tdap may have been the source of mycoplasma pneumonia in 2012. She is gluten free and does a strict paleo diet and cannot determine where the inflammation is coming from. Since being 90 for life the numbers are slowing improving. She is most concerned about getting rid of the bacteria and virus. YGYI no longer carries Good Herbs antimicrobial. What would you suggest? Thanks barely covers it.... but I am thankful for you everyday.



Hey, Doc! I cannot thank you enough for following up with me regarding NeuroCranial Restructuring. That research ended up with me finding a wholistic practitioner two hours from me who works in several different modalities, including craniosacral therapy and a Rife machine which seems interesting.
Are you familiar with the Rife technology and the newer versions of that technology with Photon Genius or BioCharger? I am wondering if those technologies would be worth a shot breaking up whatever has been in my sinuses wreaking havoc for almost nine years. Also, does the Ultimate Classic cause bloating and diarrhea? I ordered it due to budget constraints since it contains the calcium, however, as you say, it tastes like dinosaur spit, and I am going back to BTT 2.0, even though it's more expensive. I think the price is worth the extra things in the BTT 2.0. After your response about the powder osteo fx, I'm wondering if that could be contributing to my upset stomach since I was combining it with the awful nasty nasty awful Ultimate Classic?



Dr. G, i had a tooth extracted in Jan then went to Houston for cancer surgery in Feb. A week after extraction i got a sinus infection which has persisted and the socket where tooth was has never healed, about a month ago i started thinking that i might have a hole into sinus cavity so yesterday i saw the dentist who said i did and referred me to an oral surgeon. he said it was probably not going to heal by itself after so much time has passed. He mentioned a collagen plug or sinus lift but why can't it just be stitched shut, in fact i am now thinking that he should have put stitches in it at time of extraction. I am not a happy camper at this point!!! Is there anything i can do besides using argentyn 23 that might possibly help it to heal on its own? I am mad at myself for not doing research before having this done, the dentist didn't tell me there was a risk to my sinus



You said be a carnivore and I completely agree with you on that. I'm in love with meat!!! HAHA!!! I also just recently purchased liquid gluco gel plus and ultimate osteo-fx liquid. The capsules didn't seem to do anything for me. Was on them for about two months. I only thing I do not like about the carnivore diet is the lack of fiber. Very loose stools for the most part. Eat an apple a day as well. Also is chugging down the good herbs products okay like a shot?



Dr. G. I eat about 90% meat in my diet. I have a problem with apples and other fruit, a bug in my gut. So for the next 90 days what can I do to stop the constipation question 2. My wife suffers from low blood pressure 97-100/67-71 What can she do about it  Dr. G liquid D3 in the form of cholecalciferol is this ok?



Hi Dr. G!
Which parasite cleanse would you recommend? I know of Hulda Clark’s parasite cleanse program and know that Good Herbs has a parasite product as well. Have you had experience with either of these or is there another product or program you would recommend?



Just got here, you may have already answered this...
1. Is OsteoFX plus Plant Derived Minerals equal to Cal Toddy?

2. For treats for children, are dried fruit and dark chocolate ok? Can't afford the amazing Triple Treat chocolate.

3. If I have a membership with you, how do I "share" your Q&A's and webinars (technically)?



Greetings Doc; Do you have a recommendation (diet/nutrients) to increase the integrity of one's skin? I supplement with about 7-8 grams of Omega 3's extra over diet per day. Thanks. Paul fm Alexandria