June 10, 2019 Live Chat Q&A


Hey Doc, quick update on Randy, he tried the Nux Vomica for the 7 days but no noticeable change so he has been holding steady with the protocol you gave him and has not had any significant relapses. He has had some of the symptoms pop up periodically like the pounding heart and feeling really worn down certain days but he has at least been able to work 3-4 days every week of which we are so thankful. He did have a question about his sinus passages, he said he feels like their swollen, not like it’s congestion, but as though their about half the size they should be which causes him to periodically take deep breaths since he feels he’s not getting enough air. He tried the colloidal silver but no luck, any suggestions. Thanks again for all the help you’ve given him!!


Hey Doc: Thank you for making the world a better place. The knuckle of my right index is red and inflamed. No injury that I can recall. It happened a month ago after much gardening and weeding. I took 1 tbsp. of Argentyn 23 3 times a day for a week and it subsided. Now it is coming back. What do you suggest I do?


Hey Doc, I have what seems to be almost constant muscle aches. Whether I have worked them hard on the farm or whether I've taken the day off I seem to always be hurting. It goes away after I've been active for awhile and I've warmed up. I'm sure an MD would tell me it's just old age but I wouldn't buy that. I'm thinking that it's some sort of inflammatory response. I've been using Turmeric but to little avail, any suggestions? I've been off the twelve bad foods but is there anything not included in the twelve that could cause inflammation?



Has 6 screws in her spine which the doctor is saying should be removed. It appears that the original operation has resulted in pinched nerves and a worse state than prior to the op. She wants to know what will happen to the bone where the holes are left in her spine. Will it regrow? What can help it regrow?

Betty – Has Polyps in her thyroid

Rodney – At Christmas time he had a heart attack and was admitted to hospital where they told him he had ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction with respiratory arrest. He has been told by his doctor he has the gene that causes insulin resistance. Is this true? He has more belly fat than he should have. Doctor says he should be 75kgs, presently he is 85kgs. He is taking 2-3 Sweet-Eze before each meal. He also takes the 90 essential nutrients, 2 Niacin Plus/day, 2 Ultimate Daily Classic/day, 2 Selenium / day, 2 Imortalium/day, 1 FucoidZ/day, 1 Oceans Gold/day. He has Fit Shake as a meal replacement twice a day and has lost a couple of kilos since starting that. He is taking 1000mgs of Niacin /day – is that too much? He is taking 100mg Aspirin. He has eliminated all the 12 Bad Foods as well. Would you change his nutritional supplements in any way?

Hi Doc, I should have a guest on tonight, Tom. He just had a liver transplant approx. 2 weeks ago and he should place his question on here. I don't know his medication and have no idea what supplements would support his body and functions. That's your part. ??

Name correction it's Tim Cross


Hi Dr. G. Have a girlfreind who has very fowl smelling breath. She is very constipated and has Gerd. Could her severe constipation be causing her foul breath? I gave her your webinar on Gerd . Thanks for all you do.


Would the rebound fx be good for getting more energy, mainly in the morning? What other products are good for energy levels? also do egg allergies normally result in diarrhea? Not sure why I've been dealing with this for a couple days now. Also been doing much better in school. No more falling asleep during classes as well. I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!no more heartburn as well. Thanks doc I've also recently been watching your interviews with Dr Janda over at operation freedom health. Who is he by the way?


Hi Dr.G, Can you address Hearing Loss please.No total loss, but certian frequancies. Thanks in advance.


Dr. G, it's Mosh again. Helping a 25 yr old friend who weighs 300lbs to burn fat and lose weight. To prevent saggy skin, I have some products in mind, but also would like your input. At what point, would you add these products? From the very beginning or after some weight loss has occurred? Thanks!

Hi Dr. G. Melissa-massage therapist Las Vegas. Drove to Chicago to take Shawn Sherman Square1 course. What a fantastic AMAZING class. Only had time to get one private session with Corey and can't believe changes in my body (scoliosis). Hope to do a series to see how much change we can get. Would highly recommend anyone with mobility/pain to find a Square1 practitioner. Thank you Thank you once again for his interview and introducing to his awesome method.


Hey Dr. G, I’ve been on the program about a month. I know you’ve said exercise can do more harm than good if your tank isn’t full with the proper nutrition. Is it best to wait at least the 90 days before exercising? I’d love to get back to working out right now. Should I take additional doses when I do work out? Currently 27yo, 180lbs — 1 ultimate classic, 2 osteo, 3 pdm, 3 projoba Thanks for all your help!


Hi Doc, ... a question from Niko Kapitano … a male 31 years old, 148 lbs, 5’ 10’’ from February till now has severe digestive problems: Abdominal and sharp pain, Cramp-ing; Bloating, Diarrhea; Blood (blood clotting and fluid)in the stool ; Extreme tiredness (fatigue), wrinkling and gurgling of the stomach, going to the restroom 6, 7 to 8 times a day. Just has been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and will be hospitalized. Lately he has been getting hemorrhoids as well … What could have been done at this stage … ?!? Thank you for the outstanding work !

I'm a friend of Harald's. I'm a recent liver transplantee. What sort of nutritional supplements should I be taking? (transplant almost one month ago).


My husband was recently prescribed ashwagandha (by a naturopath) for a potential adrenal fatigue issue. His main symptom is simply fatigue. He has been off the bad foods and taking the 90 for over 2 years, additionally he takes selenium, zradical, and btt 2.0. What do you think of using the herb ashwagandha? Ayush Herbs brand withania somnifera 500 mg, withanoloides 25 mg That was btt 2.0 tablets.

Wondering what your thoughts are about using ashwagandha for fatigue?


Hi Doc. You said the liquid beyond osteo goes thru a special process which makes it preferred to the cal toddy. Does the powder beyond osteo go thru the same process? Also can you recommend a good book on transcendental meditation?


Good evening Dr. Glidden, I have been following your teachings for many years and I have learned so much from you that I have no words to express my gratitude for all the help you have provided me and my family and I will follow you to the moon and back but I have experienced that when I share your videos with my customers and they hear their questions answered by you directly they follow your advice, but if I answer their questions it doesn't have as much weight because I'm not a doctor yet! ?? What is your opinion of Herbal Rainforest?