June 12, 2019 Live Chat Q&A


I have Graves: diagnosed Aug ’18. On Methimazole - varying results. After 4 wks on Health Pack 2 & Selenium & ‘12 bad foods’, my T3/T4 levels dropped (& TSH increased) dramatically. Then I got a virus, was not as good with diet, & levels rose again (& TSH dropped) dramatically. I have 7 months before they want to irradiate. I do NOT want this. I'm 52 and 137 lbs. What else can I do?



My husband and I would like to start a family and I'm wondering if my current supplement protocol is ideal for pregnancy. My current youngevity supplements help me with blood sugar crashes between meals, moodiness, dry skin, and knee pain/joint cracking. What do you think of continuing to take all of these while pregnant?
1 healthy brain and heart pack per month (of this I do extra EFAs - 4 efa plus and 5 ultimate efa per day)
1 bottle of sweet eze per month
8-12 gluco gels per day
Is there anything you would change for pregnancy or that may be harmful during that time? Would you add anything else like perhaps more plant derived minerals? Also, I recently visited a naturopath who wanted me to stop almost every supplement. She told me I was putting my future baby in danger of chromium and selenium toxicity, my blood sugar might get too low from sweet eze, and that too many efas would thin my blood too much. Since I wanted to continue my youngevity supplements, I could not work with her. Any idea how to find a naturopath to work with directly that understands/supports 90 for life/youngevity philosophy? Sorry if this question is too long, I understand if you only have time to answer the first part about pregnancy.



Hi Doc – Thanks so much for your advice last week. I am the 59-year-old diabetic female with a weak immune system, lymphedema, Afib, CHF and several other conditions including mild pulmonary hypertension, plus a history of sepsis. I’ve already started taking the BTT 2.0 and I am LOVING it! I have to say that I learned more about actual healing from you in one Q&A session than I have from all of my specialists combined, and for a little over half the cost of one copay! They can never offer me any advice on how to actually heal myself beyond “lose weight, exercise and avoid sweets.” One actually responded with “eat, pray, love” when he mistakenly told me I had myeloma – I kid you not. I’m on my way in an hour for an Afib follow up (so he can tell me “Yep…you still have Afib…$40, please.”). I want to get off of Coumadin, as many things that I would like to add to my health regimen that will help me heal and combat my MGUS – like turmeric, garlic, ginger, earthing, etc. – also interact with Coumadin. I know you can’t advise me to quit Coumadin without knowing my medical history. But do you know of any people who have managed their Afib with natural blood thinners? Thanks!


My 6 year old daughter got her eye test done yesterday and the results are not what I wanted to hear.. she is farsighted vision +4 on both eyes and also has slight turn in one eye that is not noticeable but could develop to be noticeable in future. And so they prescribed her glasses and said to hope that it will correct itself by age of 8 however they said that it may not get better but could get worse depending on how her eyes will react to glasses. Do you think that glasses is the right option as they insist she wears them at all times? they say that she was born like this and that it is genetic..



Hey doc: My recent lab results: Free T4 1.20 with ranges of 0.77 and 1.61 and Free T3 2.2 with ranges of 2.3 and 4.2.  I know you said in the past not to worry about Cholesterol; however, my total Cholesterol is 340 and both HDL and LDL are also high. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you so much!



Hey Dr. G. What do you think about this celery juice craze? Is there any benefit to drinking celery juice in the morning on an empty stomach or is this a bunch of hype?




What should people who can't get a good nights sleep do?



If you have time for another question, can you tell me if I should use the herbal rainforest as directed on the bottle or do you have a better protocol



Few months back my mom had meibomian cyst in her eye, she had a red eye for months and it took a while to cleared off. And at this moment in her other eye she has what looks like a spot inside her eye. We didn’t go to the doctors yet for diagnostics . What could you recommend for her?



Very high blood pressure. 180/110 most times. Got down to 130 on its own after a hot day at an air show. Chiro suggested it was because I was looking UP all day long. BP recently got up to 220 after a car accident couple months ago. Chiro adjustments got it back down to 180. Doing NUCCA adjustments. Continuing chiro. Once in a while goes down to 165. Bottom no doesn’t seem to budge.

On 90, off bad foods, tried Ultimate daily classic, even 4oz Osteo. Added your Good Herbs program. Got headaches. So backed down to just the GH Heart Support with no headache. Which of the other two formulas is most likely to have caused my headache?



What would be a good alternative to colon therapy if one does not have access to it?



Is all youngevity vitamins and good herbs products are safe to take while breastfeeding?



Is there a homeopathic medicine to keep sinuses unclogged?



Hi!!!! Glad to be back. Diabetes, and bunch of stuff. knee slipping in and out. Landing on floor often. Suggestion. Blood sugar has been down but going up again.