June 17, 2019 Live Chat Q&A

Hello Dr Glidden, we have a couple of people needing help please…
Olivera – has Pyrrole disorder
Ian – diagnosed with Liver Sarcoidosis

What can you apply topically and internally to get rid of a yeast infection? I've been told that it appears on the armpits and genital areas especially in females. Thanks very much for your usual good advice.

I broke a crown a couple of days ago and I was told by the dentist office that I should try to put the crown back onto the tooth with either temporary glue or even petroleum jelly. This would be an attempt to stop my teeth from shifting; I'm concerned that I might swallow it. My appointment is on Thursday. I'm thinking that the only way my teeth will shift in that short amount of time is if I have osteoporosis of the jaw. I've been on the program for about years and I'm pretty confident that my bone structure is solid. I'm just looking for a knowledgeable opinion, what do you think?
p.s. Farming can be dangerous and I've taken a few falls around the farm onto different types of surfaces both hard and soft and I've not broken anything so that is why I'm confident of my bone structure. I also drink Bone Broth daily.

Debbie (a co-worker), female, age 50, fit and normally healthy. Experiencing this, as of early April:
developed extreme fatigue, stomach ulcer and extreme dry mouth....all develop almost overnight. The fatigue is in upper arms and upper legs. Doctors can't find the cause yet.. have been doing a lot of different test and seeing different doctors. The only thing thus far is one of the auto immune cell in blood is positive. And at the last MRI they found inflammation in neck area (none in the brain or spine) Getting a spinal tap Friday. What should I recommend to her “in order to support and promote the structure and function of the human body” and get her on the other side of this.

Hi Dr. Glidden, this is Kathy from Calgary. Our blood pressure issues are continuing to stay in the normal range, and we are very thankful for your recommendations. My question is: How long do we take the Good Herbs products? We have been on them about 5 weeks. Can we stop taking them if our blood pressure normal? Or shall we continue for a certain length of time? On the bottle, it says "Not for prolonged use". I have been off blood pressure medications for two weeks now, and have stayed normal. My husband is still on his meds. He had a heart attack two years ago, and was given a drug-eluding stent. Should he continue on the Good Herbs until his blood pressure gets below 100? Then maybe he can start weaning off the blood pressure drugs one by one? What's the maximum length of time he can be on the Good Herbs? Also, I wanted to ask you, now that I'm off the blood pressure drug, I would like to get off my hormone replacement therapy. Whenever I've tried to get off the HRT, I've had horrible hot flashes etc, like I'm going through menopause all over again. Just awful. Can you recommend a Youngevity procedure/product, where I can get off the HRT without feeling horrible? Thanks so much! I've been taking PD minerals 3 to 4 times a day since you recommended this with the high blood pressure protocol (5 weeks). Is that too much of the minerals long term? Or should I start cutting that back? I am a subscriber - did I access this correctly?

Hi Dr Glidden! I have so many issues, but no Naturopaths here in TX, so one at a time... I'm trying to figure out the difference between Ultimate EFA and Projoba Omega

Hi Doc - I would love some clarification on one of your food items in the 12 bad foods list... i understand no oil in a bottle... but what about olive oil that is in products like hummus or organic baked items (solid foods). Also, hard coconut oil is ok, correct? There is so much discrepancy with oils. amongst nutritionists... I am a diabetes coach and you and Dr. Neal Barnard say NO OILS but Dr. Fung is all about oils.. and a lot of them. It is just really challenging to know how to coach my clients when there is so much conflicting information. Thank you so much,

My wife did a youngevity protocol with her grandmother including the healthy blood sugar pak plus selenium. She also read a lot about the health benefits of cinnamon and turmeric. A while ago, she added those two spices for about 3 months, cinnamon at 3 grams a day and turmeric at about 6 grams a day. She now knows that was probably too much of those spices (and stopped) but she is wondering if there would be any negative effects from her adding those spices at those doses. Thanks!

Dr. G. Is there anyway to get over an allergy. Seems almonds are giving me a rash

Is diverticulitis caused by the same thing as hernias? Tissue damage of the walls of the colon. Would copper and Selenium help heal the diverticuli. And I''m assuming I should be eating lots of vegetable and fruit fibers.

My doctor said I have hardening of the arteries. Someone told me to take Natto Kinase. What do you recommend? Many thanks, Dr. Glidden.

How come most MD's don't believe that cartilage can be regrown?

I found out my daughter is allergic to dairy, what can I use to replace butter for her. I made homeade butter and the recipe called forcoconut oil, so I used refined solid coconut oil, is that ok? I remember you saying "no oil in a bottle. Thanks

To clarify, about getting off HRT and reducing hot flashes, should I take the Xerafem and if so, how much? Or is there another YGY product I should take to reduce symptoms? Thank you.

My AIC Average blood sugar test about 3 weeks ago was 5.4%, the actual blood sugar was 5.0. Whenever i get tested my blood sugar is usually good but yet I get symptoms. This is puzzling to me. Can you explain?

My wife would appreciate your help with two issues:
1. A diagnosis of premature ventricular contractions (PVC). These are periodic episodes over the last year.
2. Occasional issue of familiar-word recall.
No other health issues
69 years old
160 pounds
5’ 7” height
We are in Fort Collins (5,000 ft. elevation)
No prescription medications
Is on 90 for Life per weight

For the familiar-word recall, she has tried:
1. Synaptive: Caused hormonal issues (irritability)
2. 4 D-Stress per day: No noticeable results
3. 6 EFA Plus per day (vs. 4 per day): No noticeable results
Leads an active lifestyle: Runs small business; walks daily 1-2 miles; walks stairs in 2-story house.