June 24, 2019 Live Chat Q&A

Last week I had an ear infection and my ear has been muffled because of inner ear fluid for about 7 days now. The pain has subsided for the most part, and I'm using the Nasopure nasal wash, taking antimicrobial herbs and sovereign silver. Do you have any tips to help fluid drain from the inner left ear to regain normal hearing? Thanks
If you mix the liquid calcium with fresh squeezed Valencia oranges, it tastes great!

Hey Dr. G. What’s your recommendation for shortness of breath? My former MD diagnosed it as silent reflux but I’m not sure. It started a couple months ago while I was on prescribed beta blockers. I’d love to know your thoughts on what could be causing this and anything I can do to relieve this constant feeling of not being able to get a full breath. Thanks Also I watched your adrenal health webinar today and think I have adrenal issues. Could the breathing be related to adrenal fatigue?

hey Doc, what is your take on KT tape, injured athletes use this tape to relive pain and perform physical activities?

Hi Dr Glidden, wondering what you would recommend for a pregnant woman who has a ringworm rash on her forearm. Is argentyn 23 something that is safe to spray on her skin while pregnant? What are you thoughts on using apple cider vinegar? Also wondering if the homeopathic remedies for anxiety in your "Attempt a Cure" book are safe for pregnancy as well.

My friends mother was diagnosed Cerebral Edema. Is their anything they can do for her? What are your suggestions? Thanks, Is organic popcorn cooked with butter okay to consume? What do you think would be causing extreme tingling/crawling sensations over screen . Also occasional unexplained soreness in certain areas as well. Chiro adjustments don't help. It actually increases the sensations. I'm really excited for the square 1 therapy as well!!!!two weeks till then Have you posted the isometric exercises yet? homeopathic medicine for depression/anxiety? Can't find anyone trained in total body modification? Shame. What are they helpful in? Also is crispy skin on salmon okay to consume?

Oil in a bottle is bad but what are your thoughts about oil pulling? You swish the oil about in your mouth and then spit it out. Also, would plant derived minerals be water soluble, fat soluble or both? How would I find out which minerals are soluble in what? Copper is colloidal so is it possible that minerals are not soluble?

What is colostrom and what does it do for the body? I have heard it is found in a supplement called 4life transfer factor. Have you heard about this product and is colostrom found in any Youngevity products? Your valued opinion is very welcomed. Good night

Hi Dr Glidden! I'm Kimberly in Keller. I have numbness in my heels, thumbs, big toes, and left shoulder and I've read both of your books but can't figure out how to fix this? Also - in your "Attempt" book you mention in several places to "Follow the Acute dosage for (so long), then the Maintenance dosage for (so long) - as outlined in Part 2, Chapter 6, but I just don't see those dosages in Part 2, Chapter 6 - am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks!

Has been diagnosed with Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura and has had this for 30 years. After listening to Pharmacist Ben Fuchs speaking about how Lectins in foods can contribute to auto-immune disorders by causing Leaky Gut she eliminated all lectins from her diet. She had a good outcome with her platelet count while doing this. Recently, she read that she could eliminate lectins by pressure cooking these kinds of foods. Now her blood platelet count has dropped considerably.

I have a client, 7 year old that has been told she needs to have the tubes put in the ears and have the tonsils removed. any and all recommendations welcome.

Hi Doc! This is Mike GANSE in Santa Cruz. I have read Jordan Rubins book "THE MAKERS DIET" four times now and I am about ready to to do the 10 day cleanse. My question is what you think about his BEYOUND ORGANIC products including the E A pulse. If you are familiar do you recommend his program or is it hype? When doing any cleanse do I still take the 90? Thanks again for your help. Do miss you on KSCO radio.

Another Question: I've been out of the loop for a while but Good Herbs Female Hormonal Support. What happened? Is Youngevity going retail...charging 20% more? Sorry if this has been asked and answered. Thanks.

Hi Doc, a friend of mine who is with his son on the way to the ER, is a singer – Tenor – and has stressed his vocal cords; any suggestion what he could do and also for long term support? He is 47 and 265 lb. (and before you ask, yes I'm working on getting him off the several BP medications and all the other things. Thanks a lot for your great teachings as always highly appreciated Harold

I used to be a very active person. It's what mainly got me into this whole mess in the first place, but do you think it's okay to resume exercise once I'm feeling better? Best type of exercises?

Toured the mineral mine and brought home a nice chunk of minerals. Well worth the trip! FYI ... lunch was gluten free! Where does the calcium in Being Osteo come from? I doubt it is extracted from the mine.

Hi Doc, ... Niko Kapitano ... friends of mine ... Earl: 40 years of age / 330 lbs. / 5’8”
MEDICATIONS: Omeprazole 2 caps daily, Losartan 1 tab daily, Amlodipine 1 tab daily
Obesity (Cravings For Sweets and Carbohydrates , Trouble Losing Weigh)
Restless Legs, Achy joints, Back/Neck/Hip Pain, Body Stiffness, Numbness In Feet
Fatigue, tired after meals
High blood pressure take 2 meds
Acid reflux, Bloating, Gas Take Anti-Acids, Take Meds For Digestive Problems
Psoriasis on face (between the eyes), hands, knees and legs
Fungus Nails (Toes and finger nails), Brittle Nails
Dry cracked feet
Balding (loss of hair)EARL & MARY SYMPTOMS
Sweat Excessively, Night Sweats, Sleep apnea (I use a C-PAP machine)

Mary: 40 years of age / 250 lbs. / 5’9”
Diabetes Type 2 (not using medication), Cravings For Sweets, Fatigue, Tired After Meals
Feet, back, knee and hip pain, Body Stiffness, Nerve damage in toes
GERD, Bloating,Gas,
High Cholesterol
High Triglycerides
Fungus Nails (Toes and finger nail)
Thank you for the great work ... !

Recommendations for chronic body stiffness in the AM or after sitting for a long time