June 3, 2019 Live Chat Q&A


Good night doctor G. I hurt my hip while exercising. How can I treat it? Also what is the treatment for yeast for a female?

Thanks for your usual good advice I hurt my hip while doing cardio exercises


Dr. G

I've heard that grilling with aluminum foil isn't good because particles of aluminum could flake off in the food during cooking, have you heard of this? P.S I know you are excited about cherry season! I'm already up to 3lbs of them a week!


Hi Dr G! I have two questions. I was wondering why you recommend the Beyond Osteo FX powder instead of the liquid specifically for Anxiety issues (this is in your wonderful Attempt a Cure book:) and the other question is just a superficial question literally...is there a way to lessen the look of cellulite by way of supplementation? Thank you so much!!!


Hi Doc, … Stanimir from Bulgaria, 31 years old, 148 lbs, 5’ 10’’.

2007 Herniated disc till 2009

2013 for 2 months - Aggressive stomach problems such as colitis, Blood in the stool, mucus, Abdominal pain and cramping, hemorrhoids

2017 – again Herniated disc

2018 August damage by chiropractor of the natural curvature of the spine in the area of ??thoracic and lumbar vertebrae.

2018 doctors applied to me ozone therapy twice in April and August in the area of ??the waist and the legs for the herniated disc and as a result, my stomach problems and the skin problem? disappeared, but but resumed after about 3 to 6 months.

2019 is further aggravated with a forward neck displacement, changing its natural curve caused by chiropractor. From February to May this year, I have severe digestive problems: Abdominal and sharp pain, Cramping; Bloating, Diarrhea; Blood (blood clotting and fluid)in the stool ; Extreme tiredness (fatigue), wrinkling and gurgling of the stomach, going to the restroom 6, 7 to 8 times a day. Lately I have been getting hemorrhoids as well … I also have inflammation of the skin in the area around ??the testicles, causing itching and scratching, skin thinning and may turning slightly red in rare cases. Maybe have to mention that when I was younger, while working out I used of anabolic steroids. I suppose they reflected to both my major diseases. Please Doc, … perform your magic ! I dream about pain-free life !!!


Hi Dr. G…I have 2 questions.

#1 My friend Holly is here with me…for her husband who was diagnosed with central serous chorioretinopathy. I watched the eye health webinar a while back but don’t see it on the site now. I think it suggested Cell Shield, selenium and Ultimate Daily Classic in addition to the HBSP, but wanted to check in since there are now some new eye support products.

#2 One of my distributors, Steven, is working tonight, so couldn’t ask for himself…he suffers from edema mostly in his stomach. He has a small hernia above his belly button and a lipoma on his hip and wonders if those contribute to the edema/inflammation. He is on the HBSP and avoids bad foods. Any other recommendations?


I've just been diagnosed with pin worms by the MD. I've been dealing with it for about two weeks. Couldn't sleep last night because itching was so bad. What is your advice on this, especially topical treatments? Also I've been taking Zradical since yesterday. Is this a good option. You should do a webinar on this product. Also every time I purchase something from youngevity, they send me Reverse product for free. It's called ReVERSE! It's a anti-aging product. I know nothing about this. Also chiro trained in CBP. Is this something to look more into. I also just recently got my first colon hydrotherapy. Felt somewhat sick during the treatment, but overall it went well. I'm going to get three more this next two weeks. Also what is your opinion on CRPS. Unexplained pain throughout the body. As well as central pain sensitization, with which I was diagnosed with many years ago for some stupid reason.


Hello Dr G. I have blood chemistry done every year. Total Iron went from 73 last year to 233 this year. I have been on the 90 for a few years, recently replaced EFA with Projoba Omega 3, and also occasionally take C-FX and Selenium. I also eat a lot more eggs than I used to, plus bacon. Would this have anything to do with the increase in iron?


Hi Dr. I asked you a couple of sessions ago about a gum recession protocol., You mentioned swishing tablespoons of Plant Minerals and Osteo Liquid can you tell me the amounts again,,,,the live feed never got archived for that one due to technical problems. Thanks.


No question today. Just want to give you a further positive progress report for my husband and I with our blood pressure. It is always within range (on meds) lately, no spiking. Because my blood pressure is getting quite low sometimes, I only need the blood pressure med every second or third day. Thank you very much! Because of our positive testimonies, I have three new people interested in Youngevity this week.


5 years ago I had about 15 colon hydrotherapy sessions over a couple of months. The therapist said I had quite a block in the transverse colon and she increased the pressure during a few sessions to clear it. As a result I developed a constant pain in this area which has persisted for the last 5 years. I’ve tried taking slippery elm for a few weeks on the therapist’s advice but just wondering what you would recommend as it seems some damage might have occurred to the colon wall with the increased pressure. I had a colonoscopy done which found nothing. Would you have any recommendations please?


Has a disc bulge with acute pain appearing in her hip now. She also has arthritis. What could you recommend to help relieve her pain, and support return to a healthy structure?

Betty – age 84 and has been supplementing for many years (not with Youngevity)

Has Polyps in her thyroid




Doctors have diagnosed MS but she suspects she may mercury poisoning from amalgam removal as symptoms are similar.


Has 6 screws in her spine, and wants to know what will happen to the bone where the holes are left in her spine. Will it regrow? What can help it regrow? It appears that the original operation has resulted in pinched nerves and a worse state than prior to the op.


Why is there a Tangy Tangerine original and a Tangy Tangerine 2.0? When Ford introduced the Model T, after a little over 10,00 were sold he discontinued the models R and S. If I mistakenly buy the original, which I've done, should I add something else?


I know you say we should not have a colonoscopy and recommended we contact DirectLabs.com. I wanted to find out if there is anything we need to know about this. Many thanks Dr. Glidden! I forgot to ask if you prefer Projoba Omega over EFA Plus? (If you don't have time to answer I will wait until next time). Thanks!


Tangy 2.0 contain some sugars so will these sugars impact fasting blood sugar levels? She is pre-diabetic and she is not on any medication. She drinks the tangy (2 scoops) at once with a meal. I mentioned to her she should drink the tangy on an empty stomach to maximize mineral absorption but she is afraid this will break her fasting. What are your thoughts on this?


Hello Dr. Glidden! When you say "no soy" are Soy Isoflavones OK as a substitute for Estrogen?


Good evening Doctor Glidden, A friend of mine took a fall and twisted her ankle, she has been limping for a week in a great deal of pain, she also has Lupus. I persuaded her to take Plant Derived Minerals to help her with the lack of energy. She is 5'4" 220lbs in her mid 20's.


Does Colon Hydrotherapy remove all the good and bad microbiome. I am wondering if I need to do one a year. I usually do them at the end of my water only fasts but I don't want to do it if it effects my microbiome.


What do you think about a pessary device for uterine prolapse? Better than surgery right? My doctor wants me to use an antibacterial gel to prevent infection. I am not too keen on using an antibacterial gel. Any other suggestions? Thank you so much!


i have a eye issue from a foul baseball to the eye 4 years ago due to surface damage to the tissue is what the (MRI) of the EYE scan showed. i have a light blurry vision in the center of my eye. i can see colors and details, just not clearly. i am not able to read with the eye. Is there something that will help the rebuilding of the eye tissue to repair the surface damage ?

i have stopped eating the 12 bad foods for the last 3 months and been on the Youngevity for 2 months now.

i am 200 lb 5, 8" i've lost 12 lbs already

i take

2 Healthy Body Start Paks™ 2.0


1 selenium

2 plant minerals

2 extra osteo fx liq.

2 Gluco gel caps #240

2 Gluco gel plus Liq.

plus 4 oz a day of JUSURU which is a liquid collagen (form chichen) & resveratrol

Extra CoQ10 by andrew lessman