June 4, 2019 YGY Live Chat Q&A


Hi Dr. Glidden, it's Mosh. Asking on behalf of a friend. Do you know any of the square1 practitioners in the Chicago area? If so, she's asking if you recommend one over the other. Thanks!



Tests have shown that there is glyphosate in our food that is marked organic in our stores. Does taking the 90 on a regular basis help our bodies fight off the negative effects of this poison? What else can we do to help our bodies deal with this?



My Alkaline Phosphatase has been elevated for the past 4 years - which coincides with the timeframe I have been taking Arimidex for Breast Cancer. My Bone Density Tests also show a decrease in BD each time I'm tested. Not sure if I should be concerned or if there is anything I can do. Yes, I'm on the 90 PLUS a ton of other supplements.