June 5, 2019 Live Chat Q&A


The first ever time I asked you a question was a little over 2 months ago. My main complaint was the slipping rib syndrome I told you about. I mentioned I might need surgery to resolve the issue, but instead took your advice and waited awhile for the nutrition to kick in. with many chiropractors and nutrition I have seen absolutely no improvement with my ribs. I have seen plenty of positives with the rest of my body though. i'll be getting surgery August 28 in Arizona children's hospital. I'm not looking forward to it but like you've said many times before sometimes surgery is a legit option. Thanks for all of the great advice when concerning my health, and I will continue to take the nutrition for the rest of my life. My main question is how should I prepare for surgery? should I stop taking certain things, or increase others? And also how should I plan my recovery after surgery. They are going to take out some cartilage from my rib cage. You should educate yourself on this certain condition. for most people it takes many years for them to get a proper diagnoses. Just a little heads up.



Hi Dr. G, Kathy Lapp here from Calgary Alberta. Did I hear you say that BTT 2.0 needs to be taken away from foods? That is quite inconvenient for me. Is it OK if I take it with meals? Will I lose some effectiveness if I take it with meals? Also, I have a question about a 3 year old boy (32 pounds) with eczema pretty bad. He takes 1/2 scoop BTT 2.0 and 1 Omega daily. Dr. Wallach says that for eczema, it's important to give up gluten completely. His mom has a bit of psoriasis, which has been helped quite a bit with Projoba Omegas. The husband likes his gluten, so I don't know if he is willing to give up gluten. They are concerned about how much more gluten free products cost, and they think that GF products (esp. bread) taste awful. What YGY products should the little guy take and how much? How important is it that the family go gluten free? Thanks very much! My daughter-in-law is a nutritional consultant and says that if you take too much selenium, it causes blindness. I know that the co-factors make the selenium safe in higher doses. What is the safe upper limit for the Ultimate Selenium product?



Hi Doc! I do an IR-Sauna session 3 times a week (15 minute hot, 5 minute cool off, 15 minute hot) and was concerned about need to further nutrify. Q&A from July 2017 you referenced Rebound, an ounce or two during session. About to order some and just wanted to confirm this is still the way to go. Thanks!



Hi Dr. Glidden – I am 59 years old and I have a very weak immune system. Over the past 20+ years, I have been hospitalized and treated for numerous infections related to lymphedema in both of my legs. I have had sepsis five times, four of those critically, and some resulting in intubation and multiple organ failure. I’d been on prophylactic antibiotics daily for over 14 years, which my infectious disease specialist finally dc’d after my most recent (and least serious) bout of sepsis last month. So now I am rebuilding my immune system. I saw your webinar on immunity (thank you) and am wondering how long should I be on a liver healing protocol before starting colonics? I think a couple of my infections may have been caused by improper detoxification – stirring the pot without having a fortified liver. Thanks so much! (P.S. I may not be able to do colonics, anyway, because I have mild CHF.)



Hey Dr. G. Been hearing a lot about collagen supplements lately. Do we get collagen with the YG 90? How does YG compare to other collagen supplements?



Hey Dr. G, Thanks for your suggestions for me and my sister. I’ve watched lots of your webinars and past q/a’s, and I’m quickly gaining confidence that this program is the answer. I’ve told the rest of my family about it. Could you give me your recommendation for my mom and my other sister?

Mom(58yo): High bp, Hypothyroid, possible arthritis, and wants to lose weight

Sister(31yo): Heart palpitations, dizziness, random bruises, anxiety, food intolerances

Both are on a budget. Any info is appreciated. Thanks!


Hey Dr. G, about to pull out what little hair i have left! Because of lack of sunshine since i got my plum branch a few weeks ago, i have not been able to do the protocol you last gave me. I saw an oral surgeon yesterday who said there is considerable bone missing going into my sinus so obviously the dentist didn't just poke a hole but also removed a lot of bone. There is massive infection on that side of sinus and so he has prescribed antiobiotic to clear that up before doing a procedure to close off hole going into sinus, no bone grafting if this works. He said i would constantly have infection if hole isn't closed. i am so not wanting anymore surgery.. anyway just keeping you updated.



Hi Dr. G!
I wanted to let you know that I have been taking 2 oz of liquid GlucoGel twice a day (along with the healthy start pack with extra calcium) and it helps my neck pain tremendously. When I forgot to take it, I can tell within 2 days or so as my neck pain returns and when I start taking it again, I start to feel better within a couple of days! Just need to keep up my routine. I also wanted to ask if you have heard of using a UV light to filter your blood. During a work trip to Huntsville, AL my Uber driver was a retired engineer and he said that he and a doctor had developed a new medical device which was a UV filter for blood. He said that the UV technology has been around since the 1940s; however, his device could control the intensity of the UV light. He said that they went through the FDA for medical device approvals and that the FDA required them to perform their initial testing overseas only. He said they could cure any cold within 30 minutes and even cured a boy in Africa of AIDS. He then said they started getting threatening calls from pharma companies and the FDA said it would take at least $25 million dollars to perform the full testing for FDA approval. Between the two, they stopped their research and the device is sitting in his garage. I offered to buy it and he said no – lol. I learn a lot during my trips – I tell everyone who will listen about you, Dr. Wallach and the Youngevitiy vitamins. Thanks for all you do!



I know a woman who is 57 years old that has a cough most of her life, she went to get her throat scoped for a fish bone she swallowed but they found half of her thyroid missing, what is your take on that and the cough?



I am a 55 year old, 5'2", 105 Ib. woman. I have been suffering with extreme nausea, loss of appetite and pain in the abdomen on the right side. I went to the ER with these symptoms in mid May. The ER ran tests but could find nothing so they sent me home with prescriptions for an anti-nausea drug and Pepsid. I resisted taking the Pepsid but after another week of the nausea I broke down and tried it. Surprisingly the Pepsid did make the nausea go away. After about a week on the Pepsid my appetite returned. The only test that showed any abnormalities was a HIDA scan which showed my gallbladder had a EF of 96%. I watched your webinar on Liver and Gallbladder health but you didn't cover this aspect of GB malfunction. The only remedy the M.D.'s offer is removal of the gallbladder. What would you recommend?



Poughkeepsie here again to thank you so much for your advice regarding my immune system. I should've mentioned that I'm a 59 year old female with diabetes, HBP, Afib and a bunch of other conditions. My most recent A1C was 7.2. One quick question - Should I wait until after I've been on the supplements for a while before starting colonics or can I start them earlier? Thanks again! You rock!



Question from Niko Kapitano ... Hi Doc, … my brother Dinko, age 64, 155 lbs, 5’ 10” , … x-ray examination showed double sided Viral Pneumonia or bronchitis, he is going to get hospitalized, but what else could be done as mineral supplementation. He has been suffering for years of sciatica with no improvement by medication and injections. I admire your commitment to people! 2nd question for one of my associates Hi Doc, … Robert, 71 years old, 5’ 8’’, 130 lbs … I was sanding Redwood without a mask and I have got lungs infection, which led to sepsis in which case I ended up in the hospital for 5 days , it was 4 weeks ago. It did happen again last week and on Monday having nausea and I was not able to put anything in my stomach even water I will vomit. So I ended up dehydrated and I was hospitalized again for 5 days, where I was given I.V. electrolytes, vitamins and aseptic and antibiotics.
I was released on Friday … seems with antibiotics they controlled the infection, but I still have the sepsis and feel kind of sick and very week. I was over-medicated in the hospital Gabapentin.
What you would recommend to get on the safe side … ! Thank you for the outstanding work you do … !



Hi Dr. Glidden, my 83 yo mother who smoked most of her life has chronic redness inflammation & tightness & burning in her lower part of her legs which is now transmuted in visible ulcers around her ankles, She claims it started with a basil cell removed from the shin close to the bone which took several months to heal. Her dermatologist is suggesting it is either vascular or nephropathy and seeing a specialist  she quit smoking 5 years ago, and is very active, her diet is healthy too.