July 10, 2019 Live Chat Q&A


Hi Dr Glidden, Maria here.
On my baby boy last check up pediatrician said that he has one leg longer. She measured 1 cm difference and also his creases are asymmetrical. So she wants to have X ray done to see if my baby has hip joints are forming in the right place or had hip dysplasia . What are your thoughts? My baby is on 90 from 6 months and he is now 11 months and I am still breastfeeding him. Also should I be giving him selenium? I take selenium myself.



Hi Doc - I have a 56-year-old female friend who was diagnosed with Stage 4 kidney disease a few months ago. She's been given broad and sometimes conflicting advice by different specialists with regard to medication and nutrition. Can you provide any direction that I may share with her with regard to her kidney health and healing? Thanks in advance. You continue to rock!


Dr G. FYI, I called in about a month ago asking why my iron level went from 73 to 233 in 12 months. You suggested it was a bad test, and you were right. New test shows level within range. Thank you for suggesting that I do a new test!!



Hey Doc, I ordered the carbo vegitabilis for Randy in the 30 c strength but I think I ordered the wrong # size pills, they are extremely tiny. Since they are smaller then the normal size pills I’ve ordered in the past should he still take the dosage you recommended, 2 pellets 3 times a day, or take more to compensate for the size.



Hello Dr. G!
I know from yourself and Dr. Wallach that when we sweat, we sweat out some of our minerals. Do we also sweat out toxins? Why do we sweat out minerals? Is the mechanism of this action known? Are there certain minerals more than others that are removed when we sweat? Is the Rebound the best product you’ve found to help with dehydration or are there some other products you’d recommend preferably without caffeine? Thank you!!



My son is starting college in the fall and wants to be a ND like you. Would you recommend this profession? Any tips?



With no MD diagnosis I believe I have hypothyroidism. I’m in premenopausal, 46 yrs old, at least 60 pounds over weight with high blood pressure. What do you recommend and is too much protein not good for my thyroid?



I just received my order from Operation Freedom Health of Plant derived minerals on 7/5/2019.
After reading the label I'm concerned about taking it due to an allergy to Nickel. Also, after my Gastric bypass 14 years ago I had very high levels of Ferritin and was told not to take Iron. Three years ago Ferritin was normal and currently waiting for new results.I'm wondering if I should try to take this anyway or return the product. If I did take it I would start out with 1/2 teaspoon. Don't know what kind of allergic reaction to look for.



Would reaction to latex gloves be the same as the nickel?



Susie from Humboldt MN. I have chronic hives that have turned into lesions and itchy. On arms, chest, upper back and now up face and ears. taking the 90 and gluco gel and MSM  I believe I need to try homeopathic remedy. Can you advise on this. The MD has told me this is lu[pus. Also diagnosed with COPD. Thanks Susie



Hi Dr G, Kimberly in Keller. I shared your FB post about the leading cause of bankruptcy and immediately got a comment "I thought it was heart disease" - how do I answer that?! Is there another post or link or something?!



Hey Dr. G. I believe I have been pre -menopausal for more than 1 year now. I have had only 3 nights where I woke up with sweats. Each time it was after eating a food on the bad list. Specifically corn! I just thought I would share that. I think menopause can be a lot easier if we stop eating the bad foods. What do you think?