July 15, 2019 Live Chat Q&A

Parkinsons question

Good night. My daughter's lower wisdom teeth are hurting. They are not yet fully exposed. Recently she had severe jaw and neck pain and she couldnt eat properly. Could this be related to her wisdom teeth? Also she's been to the dentist and he said that she needs to get a panoramic x-ray. Is this necessary? Thanks alot She couldn't swallow food properly She also went to a medical doctor and she said the lymph nodes were swollen and causing the difficulty in swallowing

Hello Dr G, this is Raul. No question tonight, just want to say: I practice Ayurveda religiously; I am a Buddhist; I use Reiki on clients and myself: and I eat organic 100% at home. I incorporate your advice deeply into my daily routine. Before I drink my morning coffee, I drink water that has been left over night with turmeric covered to settle the energy to drink in the morning to regenerate my kidneys before my coffee. Everything that was ailing me has been resolved with Youngevity and your advice. You are a SUPER STAIR!! Plain and simple!!! I use your advice with my clients [I am a holistic Health Coach], and it worked 99% of the time. Keep up the good work. The Universes has sent you to heal humanity in this world. I do the 90 for life every day.

Good evening Dr. G. Last Wednesday I had an accident where I passed out and my head hit the concrete. I have a skull fracture and a concussion. Do you have any advice on how to speed up the healing process? Thanks, Jeremiah Schumacher

I just got the results of my blood panel and :Lymphs (absolute) are high 3.8 normal ranges are 0.7 – 3.1 AST (SGOT) show as high at 41 normal range 0 -40 ALT (SGPT) are high at 67 normal range 0 - 44 I know exactly why I have liver damage and I have stopped eating lunch provided to us at work. Doc why are the lymphs high? What do the lymphs do and how is this related to ASL and ALT numbers?

I have a client who is suffering from Mal Debarquement Syndrome after been in a cruise on Mar.2018. Her MD prescribed Clonazepam .25g in morning and afternoon and .5g at bed the rocking and bobbing sensation and Citolpran for anxiety. She has been receiving energy work treatment (Body Talk - on going) some chiropractic treatments and has shown improvement although is still has the rocking and bobbing sensation but not as intense as before. Can you make any recommendations?

Dr. G. I have been told by my eye doctor that the eye pressure is up in both eyes (31) What can I do for this and what causes the eye pressure to go up..160lbs , male, 65 years old.

My friend has a large mass in her chest and another mass on the wall of her lungs....Shes 65...very vibrant....maybe 140lbs....Had stage 1 cancer of the uterus a couple of years ago...and underwent radiation but no chemo....Is retired from nursing with her retired husband...
Oh I forgot....Cilla from Milwaukee had the question about friend who has the large mass in chest and wall of lungs Cilla Baker again......I have a scratchy sound in my voice...the vocal chords don't vibrate well....in normal tone of voice.. but I have a good powerful voice in a higher tone...I teach fitness for a living so use my voice all the time......do I have nodules causing hat?...sounding like an old person...throat tight enough to have trouble swallowing,...especially at nite and get food stuck in throat a lot...

What are your thoughts about taking vitex for pms symptoms and to increase fertility? I've heard daily vitex capsules recommended for these issues. Also, would vitex be compatible with the ultimate selenium, sweet eze, and the 90? Thanks!

Can you please talk about quantum water and how is it benefecial to us/

I there a correlation between cell phones and cancer? should I keep my phone in my pockets close to my skin or in my backpack?

best whey protein supplement? I've noticed a dramatic change in appetite as well. I eat so little now. My stomach tends to gurgle a lot as well when I take the supplements, especially the calcium. I found out that I have a problem with lactose as well.

Dr. G I am allergic to fruits. Bad GI tract. Would it be possible to get "spray for live" magnesium and or vitamins on my skin to get around the allergic reaction?

Hi Doc, ... Shirae, 30 years, 189 lbs, 5'5'', Diabetes 1, High Blood Pressure, on Dialysis . What could be done with mineral supplementation. Thank you for the great work !

doc...ADHD and kids 5 years old on medication. I heard liver tabs for kids with projoba line and gut health with probacilius for kids...how does the projoba line help with adhd

Hi Dr. G - Just wondering why you sometimes recommend Pojoba EFA's and sometimes not? You once said Youngevity EFA
oops - for kids, and Projoba for adults? Another question I have- for someone with "tech neck" or straight neck - probably need a good chiropractor, the 90 and gluco-gel? I've been told that the torque release technique is the only chiropractic method approved by the FDA - if that means anything to you....

I think that I have found an easier way to mix new bottles of Osteo fx. Get a large pan of water and heat it to 100-110 degrees, I have a sous vide machine but then I'm a nerd, let the Osteo fx warm up and it's much less viscous. Or since I live in North Fort Myers I could just leave it outside. Rod Are you going to do any webinars in the near future? I didn't see any on the calendar.

Dr G, this is Ian "Lancaster", lol. Back by popular demand. I have been told I have periodontal disease (Genetic) and they are probably going to want to pull an infected tooth. Any thoughts on this? Also, should we consider firing out dentist just like our M.D? Is absrobic acid bad (i.e. bleeding gums)?

Hi Dr. G. Is it safe to get facial fillers, if I have been diagnosed with Graves Disease?