July 1, 2019 Live Chat Q&A

What can be done for a person who's been diagnosed with Huntington Disease?

Hey Doc, can you tell me what the differences are between the 3 versions of the Muscadine Grape seeds? The tablets, the grape juice, and the extract. which one is the best?

My 6 yr old son has eczema- presents as tiny bumps on cheeks and arms & 2 circular white-ish patches, both treated with a steroid cream. Two weeks ago, I noticed several circular white spots on his wrist and neck (loss of pigment, not same as eczema patches), in addition to a few eyelashes on his right eye that are white. I have learned thru my crusader subscription he likely suffers from vitiligo too. For 3-weeks we have avoided the 12 bad foods (so no gluten). Now my son is getting hives all over his legs, going up his torso, some on his arms. They come and go. We guessed walnuts and cashews as triggers, even though both have been eaten sparingly in the past w/no incident. I’m not certain this is correct though. The hives popped up again this morning after he drank water with a tiny amount of cranberry juice, his 1-scoop of BTT 2.0, and some selenium, and a small amount of gluten free organic, nonGMO corn puff cereal! This is exasperating! What am I missing? I know he needs extra EFA’s, extra selenium, and HGH Youth Complex, but how do I give that to my 6-yr old when they are not in liquid or powder form? And how much of each do I give? He weighs 48 lbs and is 4’ tall. My name is Celeste, from Glendora, CA. Thank you!

Hey Doc, Randy was doing pretty good for a while but has been going downhill for the past couple of weeks, so drained he is having a difficult time just getting up and moving around. Heart is pounding after simple tasks and the tingling in his hands has periodically returned. No motivation or drive and all he want’s to do is sleep and is unable to work. Is there anything he should tweek or add to his program? He tried the Nux V. again, no luck. Has continued with the Adrenal, Hypothalamus, Minerals, Calcium, D-stress and Omegas.

Jan from Lakeland FL. How come pork is not included on the bad foods list. I read an article on Factory Farming and it said to stay away from pork. That pigs retain high levels of toxins in their bodies.

Hi Doc, just 2 things, a friend should be online tonight, Tim who should place his question. Another one who is in vacation I have a question for him. He had several very heavy ear infections in his college years swimming in competitions. Now he suffers from vertigo and a scan showed several large scares in the channels where the liquid is. This is said to be the reason for his difficulties to keep balance when he suddenly changes position.

Good evening Dr G, is Argentyn 23 safe to take every day for preventive measures? Hello Dr, this is Raul from Jersey City, is there any harm in having beets everyday, just for funnies?

hi peter...colin here from ireland.. i have a reverse osmosis system at home to eliminate all fluoride from my water...what would you use for a good tooth paste and not just have a paste without flouride...what toothpaste would you use yourself? kind regards colin

Good night doc. What is Metabolic Syndrome? Is it caused by Leaky gut? Thanks very much. This is Chris from Barbados

Hi Doc. On the gallstones webinar you recommended digestive enzymes as part of the treatment. If a person is not eating food by mouth, but only liquids by feeding tube, is it safe to give them the enzymes?

Hi Dr. Glidden – it’s Kimberly in Keller again – with the weird numbness in my heels, big toes, thumbs, and left shoulder. I got the A1C with eAG results: 5.4, 108, and 6.0 – so it all came within the normal ranges. I’ve been doing 15 Projoba per day since you suggested that last week besides lots of other stuff. I’m confused/struggling about how to get more cholesterol though. I’ve watched lots of your webinars and not sure if I should be eating eggs at all – besides nuts. After your book I’m fascinated with how my symptoms/issues have progressed over the years (I’m now 61) and now it’s becoming clear that it’s all been related – which just blows my mind!

I remember you talking about a theory that the body can't have two illnesses at the same time in the body, can you explain this a little bit more? For example, why if you have a skin problem and you get a bigger problem, does the smaller problem go away temporarily? Is there a problem with eating many servings of fruit every day?

If you are allergic to eggs, how else should I get my cholesterol from, especially if I need high amounts? Also are pork grinds okay to eat. Just plain with nothing except salt added? You say the main and most common reason for muscle tics and twitches is calcium and magnesium. What else can cause them? " When you think about hooves you think about horses before you think about zebras". Love that saying
Also I found out that I am O- Also they've been out of the beyond osteo fx liquid for awhile now. Is it okay to just consume the powder?
I suppose the same goes with acne as well. Blood sugar issue. What else can cause acne? I also found a chiro trained in AK and Bio physics. He also has over 1000 hours in nutritional education as well. Seems like a very intelligent guy. I think I'll stick with this guy. I love chiros who take x-rays on the first day as well?

a 190 pound, 68 inch tall, 55 year old male with a rash in his intergluteal cleft. Has had the rash for 14 years. It appeared while deployed to Iraq. Tried various treatments including hydrochrotizone, and apple cider vinegar. Nothing seems to work on it.

Good evening Dr. Glidden, a co-workers mom, 79 diagnosed with H Pylory, I recommended Colloidal Silver and Killer Biotic, then 1 HSP 2.0 liquid and i 26. He is listening. Advice will be greatly appreciated. She has stomach ulcers

if I drink everyday approx 2 glasses of wine, but do the 90 and the beets and no 12 bad foods, am I okay?

Hi Dr Glidden, I asked you a question last Monday about treating ring worm while pregnant. You suggested I follow the ring worm protocol outlined on your website. However, you mentioned on a Q & A a couple weeks ago that the good herbs antimicrobial support is the one good herbs product not to take while pregnant/breast feeding. Wanted to check back with you about this. Should I just do the sweet eze and argenyn 23 spray?

hi doc...I have a client that is taking 2 bottles/month of plant minerals and she tells me that her stomach hurts. She's had colitis for many years. What should be take to improve her digestion (besides avoiding the 12 bad foods)?