July 22, 2019 Live Chat Q&A

Hi Doc, a down line is on as guest tonight LeRoy and here is his issue in case he has difficulties: Having problem with both knees, warn medial meniscus, arthritis, right leg saphenous nerve TakingThis is what I am taking every day 1. Btt- 4 tablets 2. Projoint FX – 3 3. EFA – 3 4. Beyond Osteo-fx – 2 fl oz 5. Plant Derived Minerals – 1 fl oz 6. Ultimate Gluco-Gel – 18 pills LeRoy LaMontagne BTW, this is Harald

Hi Doc. Has your friend who cured himself of a serious disease by lucid dreaming written a book about his experience?

Dr G Is it possible to eat a food so frequently that over time you develop an allergy to it? P.S I’ve heard adding a little bit of salt to a bottle of water can help the water hydrate you better, is this true? Also I wanted to thank you and Bob for the continued support!
This is Vinny by the way

Jan from Lakeland, I bought some tofu that says non-GM0 and Organic on the label, is it safe to eat?

Hey Dr. G. My sister has been on YG for about 5 months and showing great improvement, but she is not losing any weight. She has made radical changes to her diet. She says she has cut out gluten. She has high blood pressure (I just watched most of your webinar on hypertension & will finish it after Q&A). Her MD has her on 3 different blood pressure meds, lipitor and an antidepressant. She is in a mindset that she will never be able to come off her blood pressure meds. Other than increasing calcium and magnesium intake and trying to quit smoking, do you think she could benefit from a colonic in order to lose some weight? She says she finally has regular bowel movements since she has been taking YG, but that her stools are a gray color (probably due to rotten food that has been there for quite awhile that is finally moving through her). Any advice on what else she can do to lose weight. Also a quick praise. I am amazed at how you make difficult subjects easy for us to understand. Thanking you from the bottom of my heart! WE LOVE YOU DR. G!!!

Hi Doc. I just met a lady. She is in her 60's and weighs about 140. She told me she gets migrane's, But what is very strange is, she gets slurred speech and is unable to get her words out. This happens , every time, before she gets the migrane headache.Have you ever heard of this, and would it be something serious (ie stroke)?I 'll send her this archived Q and A. to let her hear your answer. She is unable to attend as she's flying home now from a vacation . Thanks for all you do for all of us. You give awesome answers indeed.By the way, her name is Wendy and I'd love it if you could say Hi to her.

Ben has a Superficial Lipoma on his back. What would have caused this, and what would you recommend to clear it?

Hi Dr Glidden! Our visit to Osteopath was not very successful, he told me to get Xray done and then come back over to him only it is not a hip dysplasia because he can not do anything for that and can not diagnose it either.. so I went and done Xray and as you said it was Xray lying down position and when is asked if we can do it standing up – they of course told me no. I am waiting for results of an X ray now. I never mention before that my son was born with 3 little marks on his body what they called juvenile xanthogranuloma and in last couple of days I knottiest he developed a little blood shot eye and I remember them telling me in the hospital if it goes in near his eye to come back over. I don’t know if it is that or just blood shot eye… Do you know anything about this condition?

Craig, Doc Hi. I'm 69 yo Been taking the 90 for five years. Doing quite well with it, but i've not been able to get my blood presure down. noticed lately when I cut myself that my blood was so thick that it just boiled up into the cut like tar. Is this a problem associated with the blood presure?

6 years gluten free, HBSP 2.0. Last 6mos: persistent fatigue and brain fog. 48 yr old female not in menopause 130lbs, 5'5". workout 4-8 hrs/week Aly Ruzica

Good evening Dr. Glidden, Santos Lugo here! A friend and co-worker 6'1" about 200 lbs, late 50s gray hair and toe nail fungus, he is prescriptions free, what do you suggest?

Having problem with both knees, warn medial meniscus, arthritis, right leg saphenous nerve TakingThis is what I am taking every day 1. Btt- 4 tablets 2. Projoint FX – 3 3. EFA – 3 4. Beyond Osteo-fx – 2 fl oz 5. Plant Derived Minerals – 1 fl oz 6. Ultimate Gluco-Gel – 18 pills

Hi Dr. G, first off thank you for all you do. This is my first time in the live chat and I'm so excited to be here. I was discharged from the
Marine Corps due to arthitis, degenerative disc and multiple other ailments and with youngevity all was resolved in 4 months.
In my efforts to help others I have scoured your website for almost 2 years now, and am finally ready to get some clarity on
things that I can't seem to find in your recordings.

1. Thoughts on allergie shots(safety and effectiveness) for my nephew who is a guest in chatroom right now.
2. MSG: what in the world is it exactly and is it actually bad for us.
3. MCT oil: A friend uses it for keto purposes and claims it is not actually an oil! Its in the name so...?
4. Can the silver be used as eye drops or with the eye in any way.
5. Outside of the Clemson University study is there any other clinical data/trials regarding youngevity supplements.

Hi Dr. Glidden! Thanks for answering my questions earlier this evening when you met my husband. Can you elaborate on why you think olive oil isn't a good cooking oil. Or what would be your exact treatment recommendation for migraines?

butterfly rash and a constant nose skin peeling ... what can I do?

The Tangy Tangerine 2.0 states it has Folate (as folic acid) 500 mcg. My doctor said I should not be taking it as it is not natural. I take it faithfully every day with extra minerals as you recommended. What do you say about this? Many thanks!

Hi Dr G - Kimberly in Keller again. I'm desperate - can't figure out why my feet are swelling like crazy every day. It will go mostly down overnight, but then they re-swell during the day. I know about protein and I'm eating a lot more now, but nothing is changing! Thanks, as always!

Hello Doctor, I have autoimmune disorder and Allergic to many foods, All anti-inflammatory drugs, Steroids, sulphur drugs, dealing with many pains/swelling and now waiting for TMJ replacement surgery as jaw joints are 50 to 70% damaged but I really don't want to on this TMJ surgery route. Looking for help to avoid this surgery. Please help Also have kidney infection many times And I am not taking any allopathic medicine. getting glutton free diet