July 24, 2019 Live Chat Q&A


Hi Doctor Glidden. My husband has had Morning Hypertension Surge. Quite often, the systolic pressure reaches 190 or higher and diastolic around 120. 3 years ago he had a TURP surgery and his blood pressure was extremely high with partial kidney lungs and heart failure, after being admitted to the hospital with 220/120 bp and 1.8 liters of urine in the bladder/body - He gained 10 lbs in 3 days, because he couldn’t pee hardly anything. He bounced back after the surgery and treatment in the hospital and energy work I’ve been doing on him. After this event, when the bp rises too high, blood comes out in the urine, and can be quite a bit with blood clots. It stops when the surge subsides on its own.
He is taking the osteo-fx supplement but have not found any improvement so far.



Rita the meter maid here, I have had sinus infection since Jan when dentist pulled a tooth and left a hole into sinus. I have had 3 rounds of antibiotics plus doing nasopure at least 3 times a day and spraying Argentyn 23 numerous times and the infection, although its gotten some better, will not go away. Is there a homeopathic med for infections? Please give me any advice you have to help me get rid of this.

Also, I had an MRI on Mon and dr. tells me he is pretty sure there are two lymph nodes that are cancerous, wants to do biopsy PET scan then radiation. I made the decision in January that I wasn't going to do conventional treatment. Do you have any information on intraveinous vitamin c



Hi Dr G - Kimberly in Keller...with the crazy numbness and now congestive heart failure... I've been reading and watching your webinars, etc. I've got SprayForLife B Complex getting delivered today and I'm taking major doses of everything you recommend, but...you mentioned Good Earth Heart Support, but I'm allergic to garlic - should I just skip it? Also...you mentioned to take the Good Earth Female Hormone, but I don't find that on Youngevity - do you mean the Xera Fem? One more thing...I tried the Circulatory Support and it made me feel REALLY "anxious", sort of agitated even - any ideas?



From Sandra. Dr G, I would like your opinion as to what would be the best for my husband, please. He is type 2 diabetic Vascular disease  High blood pressure  Trying to get him off statin drug  Weighs 225
He is an amputee, and has had swelling in good leg for several days. Also wanted to ask about my 32 year old daughter. She is tube fed, and been on Prevacid for about 15 years. Are the minerals recommended for someone tube feed. Thank you so much  Sandra



Hi Doc - I have two questions.. hope thats ok.... 1. Clarification on the 12 bad foods!!! Can we have GLUTEN free oatmeal and GMO FREE corn? Thoughts? 2. I have a patient that has high levels of calcium in the blood (based on her blood work) her doctor is and sending her to a endocronologist. I would like to get your opinion on what could be causing her high calcium and if there is a specific webinar you have done that I can point her towards . She IS on the osteo FX and the 90 essential. Thoughts on what causes high calcium in blood and what would you recommend for next steps. THANK . YOU!!!!



Hi Doc – Gena from Poughkeepsie here. Thanks so much for your webinar on detoxing safely. That was my main draw to your website. I wanted to clarify, though, how long I should be on the 90 Essential Nutrients before I attempt the 3-day fast in 7 days? I need to get toxins out of me as soon as possible, and also have colonics. Also, TerraFirma by Jordan Rubin, which is prescribed in the detox, is no longer available. It seems that Bentonite Clay is a viable substitute, unless you can recommend something better. Thanks again!



Hey Dr. G. I have a potential customer that was scheduled for a Lipotripsy this Friday. She has rescheduled it for September in hopes of getting on top of this herself. Can you direct me to the webinar where you specifically discuss the misconceptions made by MD's regarding the calcium levels in the blood due to calcium being depleted from the bone in order to send it to the heart? I am trying to hook her for YG. Is it the calcium webinar or is there another webinar dealing specifically with kidney stones?