July 3, 2019 Live Chat Q&A


Hi Dr. Glidden – Kimberly in Keller again. First, I’m wondering about your opinion on the Tangy powder vs. Tangy tablets? Also, I’m the one with the crazy numbness and the good A1C results – in Texas, so no Naturopaths come up on a search, so you’re my guy! Leading up to the numbness, by decade, starting in my teens, here are the major issues/diagnoses: teens: garlic/onions allergy & heavy/bad menstrual cramping; 20’s: hypoglycemia & birth control prescribed in spite of tubal @ age 21; 30’s: shingles; 40’s: menopausal symptoms start; 50’s: numbness & about age 57 finally stopped birth control and menses finally stopped. Do you see the connection of all this?! Thanks so much - you ROCK!!!



Type 2 diabetic question. Already taking supplements.



Hello Dr Glidden! For about a year now I’ve been getting acne breakouts on my back around both shoulder blades and the center of my back. I used to suffer with acne on my face and that cleared out pretty well and now my back is the problem. Due to the pressure of laying down there’s a lot of scarring left. What’s the best thing to do and why is it on my back specifically? I’m 23 weight 150lbs, 5’9”.



3 nodules on thyroid, have been taking Healthy start pack 2 & throat pills but pushing on esophagus, is it too late to keep taking healthy start pack & HEARTburn, how long before this is gone with the start pack & enzymes # 3rd - is collagen necessary?



Greetings Doc; Happy 4th to you and yours! I am advising a gentleman on a way to get rid of athlete's foot fungus (the nails are involved)... Besides the normal nutritional regimen, I am recommending Argentyn 23 as both a distilled water dilution soak and a direct application, and eliminate sugar in the diet. Can you amplify on this (or correct me)? Paul from Alexandria


How do I get better from very severe aplastic anemia?



is collagen necessary for joints, or does the healthy start pack 2 have this in it?



Thank you Doc, this is Edgar Garcia from Dallas Tx by the way. I’ll make sure to add the plant derived Minerals and sweet eze to my program. As far as the scarring do you know anything topical I could use to get that to go away?