July 29, 2019 Live Chat Q&A

He had a fall & was concussed. He had a brain bleed which led to a stroke. There is quite a large amount of deep white matter Ischaemia in the frontal lobe. Apparently there are signs of small strokes in the brain also. He has Vascular Dementia, Osteoporosis, Hypertension, a Hiatus Hernia, and Glaucoma. He is on the following medications: Aspirin, Atorvastatin, Perindopril/Amlodipiine, Xalaprost, Esomeprazole, Caltrate + Di, Denosumab. Could you recommend a protocol for him please? His short term memory seems to be declining. Sam Has developed a lot more moles on his back lately and is wondering what causes this? He is 69, and was doing a lot of outside work wearing shirts that had about 37% UV protection. He stopped doing that work about 4 years ago. He takes a lot of Youngevity supplements, the 90 + extra antioxidants.

Hi there Dr. Glidden, how are you? I am in Holland. 11 months ago I was hospitalized because a gallstone blocked my pancreas.
Part of the pancreas died. I was bed ridden for 9 months. I am allergic to most penicillin and I react bad to morphine.
This is a out the only thing doctors will give here. I lost 30 kilo, gained back 4 kilo and getting better. Some teeth
are broken, other side effects mostly solved itself. Blood levels are ok now. I had flued, size of a football, drained and still
have 3 pigtails in my stomach. Should these be removed? I get contradictory advise.
What are the most essential vitamins/suppliments I need?

Jan Lakeland FL. I have thinning of the skin from just above my elbow, down to my wrist, where the sun always hit. I take collagen and use a skin cream that is supposed to help. Is there anything else I can do to help with this.

How much is too much sugar? also with carbs? also is collagen part of the 90? I get nose bleeds as well. really bad ones. Anything I'm doing wrong? I've fixed my high blood pressure as well. Thanks. I got an air popper as well. why is the plant derived minerals not included in the body pak?

I am new. Brenda is helping me get this to you. Thanks, Sara
My 78 year old husband’s carotid arteries were 70% clogged, and we were told they could not get better. A year and a half ago, we started on some Longevity products and have been quite faithful at avoiding the bad foods. Now his arteries are slowly clearing. The same doctor who told us the neck vessels would not get any better is very impressed and told my husband, ‘Whatever you are doing, keep doing it!” Recently my husband had intermittent afib . The doctor said that although the EKG was normal, high troponin showed up in his bloodwork, and that a heart attack is likely in his future. My husband was sent for an echocardiogram which showed he had not yet had a heart attack and his heart was pumping at 55%- 60%, but it also showed a severely dilated left atrium. He is now at a big risk for a stroke. The cardiologist also wants to do a nuclear stress test to look for blockages because of his carotid history. We would rather not have to deal with the dangers of metoprolol and blood thinners, and we prefer no more tests as they may lead to surgery (anesthesia really affected my husband’s short term memory seven years ago). Can this left atrium return to normal size? He has been a pastor for 46 years, he preaches 3 times on Sunday at our little church. He does have high blood pressure and is on Losartan. He also has been having some difficulty with his speech when he is tired. My husband weighs 225 and is 5’ 11’.

Hi Dr Glidden, I just have a question on the BTT. I have a lady who is on Chemotherapy and the tumor is shrinking. My question is, as the BTT is very high in antioxandants, I just wanted to make sure it didnt interfere with the chemo treatment and have the opposite affect. I know BTT is great for people with cancer but when on chemo can it have an opposite affect? She has bought the Healthy Brain and Heart Pack.

Good night. There are 3 lymph nodes along the inside of my son's right arm near the elbow and one under his armpit were very swollen recently while he was sick. He no longer feels sick but the lymph nodes are still a little swollen although they have gone down a bit. Can you explain this. Thanks Also my daughter got sick on a recent trip to Canada. We believe it is because of the change in the weather or the food that she ate. We returned home in Barbados last Friday however she still feels weak and nauseous. What do you reccommend? Many thanks. This is Chris

Hi Dr. Glidden! Last week you advised me to replace BTT with a methylated folate. That worked and I’m very grateful for the advice…so what should I do now for a comprehensive supplement? Please also help me with something to try for my clogged ear problem. Last January I got sick and my ears clogged so bad I couldn’t hear. No pain, just fluid movement. I used anti-bacterial ear drops. Couldn’t tell if it helped clear, or not. It keeps clearing up (as far as I can tell) and returning. The latest episode started a couple of weeks ago when our weather became hot and humid. Er...the issue you advised on last week was brain fog and fatigue.

Hey, my dad has disc protrusion and has a minor scoliosis. What do you recommend him doing ?

Hi Doc – Gena from Poughkeepsie here. Thanks so much for your webinar on detoxing safely. That was my main draw to your website. My question is how long I should be on the 90 Essential Nutrients before I attempt the 3-day fast in 7 days? I need to get toxins out of me as soon as possible, and also have colonics. Also, TerraFirma by Jordan Rubin, which you prescribed in the detox, is no longer available. It seems that Bentonite Clay is a viable substitute, unless you can recommend a better toxin binder. Thanks again!

Hey Dr. G. My new friend Ginny is in the house. She watched your 2013 kidney webinar. She is dealing with kidney stones. Can you give her an updated lineup on what she would need to get on top of this issue? The line up indicated in the 2013 webinar was 1 healthy start pack, cal toddy and super kb? weigh 100 lbs

Dr. G. My diet is 93 per meat. I am allergic to fruits. I also get a reaction from Psyllium husks powder. Is there something else I can take to help with bowel moments 160lbs 65 years old

What can I get in way of products for my sister that has no stomach? She’s malnourished and dehydrated. Worried about her.

Hi Dr. G. Linda Allen here. My husband, Don, has been on 90 essentials and off all bad foods for over 4 years. He takes 4 oz. Beyond Osteo Fx/day, and Gluco-Gel. He has done Gluco-Gel capsules and liquid. Also takes selenium, extra Vitamin D3, and enzymes. We just finished up 6 day detox cleanse, followed by probiotic restoration. Back and joint pain have been largely eliminated but he still suffers from tinnitus – likely from war artillery. He’s tried CM Cream in ears and essential oils. Is there anything more he can try to do to eliminate tinnitus or is it at the point of no return? (We did watch the webinar.) Will we see you in San Diego?

Good Evening Dr. G, Littleton Bob is on-board, Question 1 - Been putting 1 tb or 2 of cold pressed unrefined virgin coconut oil with my coffee, but with the warmer weather the coconut oil liquidizes, is this a problem ?

On Saturday I watch a nearly 2 hours documental in youtube of Dr. Bursinski in Texas and it was quite amazing to watch without feeling angry at the FDA!!! Should we call them the Fraud and Deception Administration!!!

best supplement for joints? It's crazy how little I eat now. My family is concerned that I"m not eating enough. I get full so quickly. flexi-care plus be healthful for this? I also cured my snapping scapula syndrome as well. Thanks. That was horrible for awhile. Couldn't even drive because of it. what causes chapped lips?  Also got rid of acid reflex as well.

What do you suggest for Plantarfasciitus, in the feet.