July 31, 2019 Live Chat Q&A

Good morning! Celeste from Glendora, here. Today I have an update on my 6-yr old son, and two other questions.
Update on my son – the bumps on his skin are much better; he still has some on the sides of his face. The loss of pigment patches from the vitiligo have increased. He has about 3-more – on foot, on knee, on neck. As of 7/17/19 he’s taking 90 Essentials (BTT2.0, OsteoFX), Plant Derived Min, EFA Plus (6/day), Projoba (6/day), HGH Youth Complex (1 cap/day), Meso Copper (1 tsp/2x day). I noticed the HGH says to take at night. I’ve been giving it to him in the morning. Is there a special reason why it says to give at night?
Question #1 – This question is on behalf of my guest, Judy, who’s watching. She experiences lots of pain in her back, shoulders, joints, is trying to manage her weight gain, had itchy skin. I showed her your webinar on Healthy Bone & Joints and she started the program about 1-1/2 weeks ago. She has been eliminating the 12 bad foods for about 1-month. So far, her itchy skin is gone, she feels no more bloat, she is sleeping more soundly, says she’s dreaming again, and has noticed that the whites of her eyes are more white (she said they were a yellowish color before). Would that be from just more sleep?
Question #2 Diverticulitis – What is it?


Greetings Doc; For your edification, and that of others, see Dr. John Bergman's video on vitiligo. praying this helps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XVfeP2Z4KE



Hey doc, why do you always recommend people to take projoba omega instead of EFA Plus? What’s the difference? Don’t you need the three essential fatty acids?



Hey Doc, I attempted to ask this question on Monday night but I can't find it in the archive so it must have not gotten to you which happens occasionally. Question: Whenever the body is exposed to substances such as alcohol, drugs, Insulin, etc. it builds a resistance to that substance. If I take my supplements by sipping throughout the day is there a possibility of the same phenomenon occurring? Also, would you think it advantageous to have a hair analysis done to check for minerals? Thanks. Rod Barkley WET North Fort Myers, FL (my property floods every year)



Hi Dr G: Moka from Blairsville: What is the best way to prepare for surgery besides taking the 90's? I have a mass in my uterus the size of a grapefruit. Unknown at this point if it is cancer or not. The CT scan results indicate that it is not fibroid. I am very concerned about this hysterectomy. This is by far the most serious issue I am facing since I lost my husband of 49 years this last January. I was just starting to get better and now my head is again pushed under water. Thank you Doctor Glidden!


Hello! I've been having terrible acne problems on my cheeks - small little bumps won't go away. Do you have any vitamin recommendations?


Regarding the good foods and eggs specifically, thoughts on free range, organic, etc. I typically get the organic, but not sure what the heck to believe on the package. What's your preference?

Thanks, Doc!


Hi Dr G – Kimberly in Keller. I’m the one with the weird numbness in extremities, hypoglycemia, arthritis, and congestive heart failure (CHF). I started the SprayForLife B-Complex last Wednesday and the swelling in my feet is already significantly better – about 50% reduced already, so I’ll keep it up – THANK YOU! Based on your book for CHF I stopped taking Imortalium which I had been taking, so here’s my daily stuff right now: 8 Tangy tabs, 6 HGH, 3 Selenium, 15 Projoba, 13 Glucogel tabs, 1 Enzyme, 4 oz Plant Derived, and 4 oz OsteoFx liquid. I don’t know if I’m duplicating anything – or? What all do you recommend? Also...my 18 year-old daughter has chronic tonsilitis - we've searched and listened/read everything - what should she take? Liquid Gluco Gel gave me hypoglycemia reaction



Question #3 My father has an abdominal hernia. It pops out quite a bit, is very visible through his clothing. He has had 2-different primary care physicians and one ER MD tell him, “If it doesn’t hurt, you can leave it alone.” 2-weeks ago he had an episode of severe gas, that caused him to break out into a massive sweat, and pass out. Is there a relation?