July 8, 2019 Live Chat Q&A

Dr G - jen salt here

Have u heard of Carotid Sinus Hypersensitivity? Causes Fainting due . Think this may be what happened to my hubby Mike when he lost consciousness while driving. ( all blood sugar tests- came back normal ) Mike has consistently charted his BP dropping up to 50 points when he tilts his head way back Any specific add ons you might recommend ? MIKE HAD 2 CERVICAL DISKS REPLACED AND A FUSION 18 YRS AGO
Any specific add ons you might recommend ?

Hi Dr Glidden I've been following your ringworm protocol for 6 days (minus the antimicrobial support due to pregnancy). The main part of my rash seems to be looking much better. Thank you! I have two further questions. One, how long do you recommend spraying the argentyn 23 on the rash? Two, I used all of the 2 oz bottle of argentyn 23 in 6 days. Is there any issue of spraying too much on my skin while pregnant? Is there an upper daily limit you recommend? There are a couple more patches of skin I may need to treat. Thanks!

Hello Dr G, Raul here
Quick question. A friend of mine drinks daily [3 gluten free vodkas a night] she is gluten free, no friend foods, no olive oil, all organic, but willing to do the 90 for life. But her liver enzymes are elevated, she is willing to omit alcohol till her blood work is normal. How long will it take to normalize her liver blood work? SGPT ALT: 32 SGOT AST:36  I put her on the Good Herbs Liver support, Polon Burts, extra Plant Minerals, extra Selenium, and the beet juice for 21 days. Did I leave something out?

Dr.G, bought an all natural produce wash that says it can remove chemicals from produce, is it possible to wash off glyphosate?
Do you have a recommendation for a good all-natural personal bug spray?  This is Vinny Carotenuto. I bought an all natural produce wash that says it can remove chemicals from produce, is it possible to wash off glyphosate? Do you have a recommendation for a good all-natural personal bug spray?

Hi Dr. G! I'm asking about my granddaughter who was born with an unbalanced translocation of her chromosomes. (Inherited from her mom who had a balanced translocation. She is 2 yrs old and about 20 lbs now and has multiple challenges. I had talked to Doc Wallach when she was 15 mons. old. He suggested Stawberry kiwi-mins, kids toddy, efa-plus and D-stress. We have been doing well with her on everything but the D-stress which she hasn't been getting because of my hesitation with the ingredient Valerian. I don't understand the reasoning for this supplement other than the added B vitamins. He said it was important for brain metabolism. She also recently has developed a slight lazy eye. We are trying to be proactive with the nutrients, since the effects of the partial trisomy are unknown. Any suggestions from you would be appreciated! thanks

Hi Doc. Does the good herbs liver and gallbladder support help to dissolve gallstones?

Dr. G. Thanks for your information. My question I am a 65yrs 160 lbs African American male. I scrape some skin off of my neck while shaving. If is taking a long time for the color to come back. Is there anything I can do to help the color to come back.

Hi Doc, 2 things today on my list. Before that, my wife and I appreciate your work above measures! We have experienced the deadly ignorance of the Mds in Germany, Austria and the US and we believe truth must be told. I came to the decision that if one won't start to change, it doesn't hurt enough yet.

1. Many thanks from my friend the Tenor, and he agreed to have him on the 90 for Life next week per your suggestion. He has performances 5 days a week and started rehearsal for a Christmas show. He needs really help with his vocal cords, because he doesn't trust the MDS and what they want to do I ordered the 1M strength cuprum metallica and he will start as soon as we get them. He want me to ask what your opinion on K17 is? It shall have some positive effects on some cancer issues?
2. Any idea to the cause of back-pain (lower L-vertebrae) only when I wake up. Not when walking all day stairs up and down and driving 2 to 3 hours every day? I'm on the 90EN (52 month plus and taking Projoint 3/day and Selenium 4/day).

Hi Dr. G. Linda Allen here from Carson City, NV. Can a person take too many EFAs? My husband feels like he needs 12/day to keep his lips from chapping. Another question from Linda in Nevada. We are on day 2 of the 6 day cleansing fast. My husband is feeling light-headed and has diarrhea. Is this common or should he be doing something different? I am encouraging lots of water and wondering if its a detox thing.

Hey Dr. G, I know you’re a fan of applied kinesiology. I’ve heard great things about it, but all the research I read about it seems to be pretty negative. Do you know where I can find any positive studies for it? Thanks My names Zack

I just wanted to make sure that cooking organic popcorn with butter is okay? Also what can cause tingling and crawling in arms and upper back? Since dealing with my slipping rib syndrome, I've been experiencing new and strange symptoms that would seem completely isolated from the rib problem. My chiro thinks the ribs cartilage issue is causing problems in the rest of my body. Do you think this is possible?
He also thinks my wrist pain is caused by issues in my cervical area as well. Do you think he's right? I've also been seriously struggling with depression as well. Any extra advice. It's really bad also with the tingling/crawling my hair tends to stand up. Very strang

2 years ago she had a heart and double lung transplant. She wants to be as healthy as she can but she is on immunity suppressing medication that she is told she has to take for the rest of her life. What can she do? Is it safe for her to be supplementing if so what should she be supplementing with?
You gave him a protocol a couple of weeks ago for his liver sarcoidosis (2 Healthy Body packs and 1 bottle of plant derived minerals per month for 2 months, then on month 3 add 2 of the Good Herbs Liver and Gallbladder health plus 1 bottle of Selenium). He is noticing when he takes his 2 EFA Plus with or without meals shortly afterwards he has stomach pains. Do you think he should cut back on the EFA dosage as his blood tests show his liver is under pressure?
Is it possible to eliminate colon polyps without having them surgically removed? If so, can you let her know the protocol please.
Tony’s mum
Has been a bad alcoholic, now wants to clean up. 120kgs weight, been on antidepressants, thyroid meds, blood pressure meds. She is off alcohol now and starting to taker the Healthy Body pack. Could you map out a protocol for her return to optimal health please?

Forgive me doc - the 4th was a disaster of my diet !!!Question ? Client with bio-duct cancer, recommendations welcome, Many THANKS -

Hi Dr.Glidden I love your content especially your videos! My question is about pregnancy hemorrhoids. I'm currently pregnant with my 4th child and due any day now...every 3rd trimester i get hemorrhoids that last after the baby is born. Last baby was very painful to the point I was up all night in pain!! By the way this birth will be natural. Thanks for any advice!!

Good evening Dr. Glidden, this is Santos Lugo! I am helping a lady in Jamaica with H pylori following your protocol in your book, the treatment says to take 2 teaspoons for and wait 10 minutes on different positions and so on. The concern is on how many teaspoons can she take in on day and for how long! She doesn't want to turn blue!

Dr. G. I am a diabetic insulin depended. my question what is what is your opinion on the Continuous Glucose Monitoring machine vs traditional pricking of the fingers

What to avoid to not consume to many omega 6

Do the Beyond Tangy Tangerine tablets contain any carbohydrates? Because they are tablets they do not list macronutrient information but the bottle does advertise itself as a whole food. Also, if the tablets are dissolved and blended is the absorption better if there is damage to the villi by gluten. I've been gluten free for about six months to a year.

I love my homemade orgabic apple and carrot juice which I drink in the morning only. I would like to be able to drink at lunch and dinner without heartburn or nausea. What could I do for that? Thanks. Mark