Aug 21, 2019 Live Chat Q&A


Hello Dr. Glidden,
My son started your protocol almost two weeks ago for his carpel tunnel syndrome. You may recall the surgery did not work, and his pain and numbness came back after the surgery. His A1C and thyroid tests were normal. I had mentioned to you that he also had hot feet. Since then we have discovered that his hot feet may be from something called erythromelalgia, a type of rheumatoid disease. He has to take his shoes off under his desk at work to cool his feet; he needs to be in a cool environment. Knowing more about the feet, would you add to or change the protocol you gave him two weeks ago for the carpal tunnel syndrome? The protocol was: 2 Plant derived minerals 1 Tangy Tangerine 2 Omega Projobas 1 Beyond Osteo FX liquid Good Herbs Antioxidant (but we couldn’t find it so he is taking 1 cell-shield instead) He is also taking the manganese you suggested but is unsure of the amount.
Thanks, Sara



Hi Dr Glidden! A friend is suffering with AFib episodes that appear to be caused by low potassium levels. He is taking a potassium supplement. The naturopath that he is seeing is suggesting that he see a nephrologist. Do you have any suggestions for helping him get his potassium levels regulated? Thank you very much! Celri



Oh, Dr. G, there is a wee bit o' trouble in Paradise. I tripped and fell up the stairs and I dislocated my right ringer and sprained the others and wrist including tendon and ligament damage when fingers tried going through the drywall in the garage. 5 months ago! Still in much pain. MD only ever offered me Aleve or Advil...not a solution so I stopped that long ago and just deal. Anyway, I'm in PT now but ring finger still really swollen and makes PT so painful I cry. MD said I have CRPS complex regional pain syndrome where nerve endings feel more pain than actually there? Anyway what would you recommend to reduce inflammation and get on with the healing and repair process? Thanks, Doc.!!!



Jan Lakeland Fl. Does eating late at night contribute to Diverticulitis?



(Gena from Poughkeepsie) Hi Doc - I went to the ER over a week ago with pain in my gallbladder area, as well as in the lower right and especially lower back and side of my abdomen. A CT scan revealed gallstones. (I saw your webinar – thank you!) I was referred to a surgeon for elective gallbladder surgery, which I’m not having. I saw my primary; she said no ducts are blocked and according to my symptoms and pain triggers, I may have a peptic ulcer, even though most of the pain is in my lower back and side. She referred me to see a GI doc for more definitive testing (ultrasound, etc.) and diagnosis. While I wait for my appointment, can you recommend anything for pain besides Percocet and avoiding pain triggers? I have a CBD oil patch, but it isn’t helping at all. Sometimes bending over triggers the pain, but it’s mostly food and drink. I’m also taking an Ox Bile supplement, but spicy and citrusy foods and drinks trigger the lower right front, back and side pain more than fatty foods trigger the gallbladder pain. Thanks so much! (By the way…LOVED the porcupine story!!)



Betsy Toole asks: A 63 year old woman has Bulimia since age eleven. She binges, then does her purges with a laxative between two and four times a week. Gradually the laxative dose increased to 12 to16 pills when the adult dose suggests only 2. She admits anxiety triggers her binge eating and laxatives. I want to suggest the 90EN with extra minerals and Sweet Eze, is this a good start?







Rita the meter maid here, I haven't had the biopsy on swollen lymph nodes yet, I requested a Pet scan first which oncologist said shows they have grown. He told me if i wasnt planning to have treatment (chemo of course) that there was no need for biopsy. He said the infection Ive had in sinuses since Jan would not cause them to be swollen but I know everything dropped down into lower abdomen about the time I started having pain in May. so I'm inclined to think that caused inflammation down there which in turn caused swollen lymph nodes. Pain is pretty much non-existent anymore and I'm feeling better than I have in years. I don't trust the md's anymore, do you think they are telling people they have cancer when they really don't? I know the word cancer spreads fear in people and the mds use this fear to their advantage, but thanks to you I have not experienced this fear. Thank you for all you do to help the masses!! BTW I am planning to have the biopsy just to see if it is cancer so we will know how to treat it naturally. I had a nurse tell me that comparing an MRI (which is what first showed the swollen nodes) to a PET scan was like comparing apples and oranges. Can cancer be determined through a blood test. I know there was a cancer marker that showed up in bloodwork before i had surgery in Feb. Sorry for the length of this, and hope its not too confusing



Celeste from Glendora - Howdy! When a person's lip swell, I'm assuming it's safe to say that person is having an allergic reaction. My question is would it be an indication of a contact allergic reaction, i.e. something that touched the lips? Or could it be a delayed allergic reaction? I'm trying to determine a window of time to look at to try and determine the cause of the allergic reaction. This is for my sister.



Hey Doc...Mike from Chicago on the train into the city, so my connection is a bit iffy. Been on 90 since beginning of year. Since starting, have had some eczema type rash that appears and slowly goes away, then comes back. Never had history of this. You advised bumping the Prohoba up to 4 in morning, 4 at night. Hasn’t resolved it after about 45 days. Also doing Argentines 23 topically. Stay the course?
As always, thanks for all you do!!!



Greetings Doc;
I hope you and all yours are doing well. For the edification of all, we heard something a couple of years ago from the Univ of Calif. at San Fran (MAR 2017?) that they "discovered" the fact that a great deal of our blood platelets are manufactured in our lungs. Well I ran across a document by a couple of Doctors in the 1930's who discovered it. It can be found at the Journal of Experimental Medicine at: (there is also a link to download the 28-page pdf file). - Paul –



Littleton Bob / Welcome Back Doc. Did you pass your class?



Is Douglas DiAngelis. So unfortunately me and my mother have really bad reactions to the liquid Beyond osteo-fx so instead we are just going to be using the powder instead. Is the powder just as effective as the liquid? Also since I have a mild blood sugar issue I've noticed every time I eat any kind of fruit my acne gets much worse so I am going to do my best to avoid fruit for a good couple months. Do you think this is a good short-term plan for now? And since I have a blood sugar issue I'd not I'm not going to take the glucogel plus but instead take the the liquid gluco gel. Also just tell me if I've got this right so the best way to help reroute to help repair bowling joints is more calcium and more glucogel?



In the Fall 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with aggressive lymphoma. The biopsies were confirmed at 2 additional hospitals. I was ready to get chemo (had the port put in) but the Lord had those lumps disappear before I could start the chemo. Docs still advised chemo but I refused. More lumps came the next Fall and the following Fall. I had them surgically removed. I said to docs, who ever heard of lymphoma that only appears in the Fall? I remembered I had been bit by a tick in the Fall before the lumps appeared. It turned out I had Lyme. Antibiotics were given to me, and no new lumps appeared last Fall. Docs still hold hope I have lymphoma. Haha. I have severe tendinitis in both Achilles tendons. It is difficult to walk. I have a torn meniscus in one knee, and sciatica. What do you suggest I take for these?



Kimberly in Keller... I'm following all your prior advice with Congestive Heart Failure and last talked to you after one week of using the Spray for Life B-complex when it appeared the edema was improving in my feet/lower legs, but it then reverted and I'm in this daily pattern of swelling/pain and then reducing overnight. It doesn't go down completely overnight. I even added the Great Lakes gelatin, but the swelling had already increased again and that hasn't helped either? Watched/listened to everything I could find on your site and I can't take the Heart Support due to my garlic allergy. I also heard you mention D-Stress, but I'm wondering if that's just adding on to what I'm already taking?! I also got an Extended Kidney Profile blood test: all normal... I'm at a loss! Thanks - as always!!


is fried bacon ok if its nitrate/nitrite free?