Aug 26, 2019 Live Chat Q&A


Hey Dr. Glidden, it's always a pleasure to be on here with you. Long time no see! By the way, Dave and Pam In The Thumb say “how you doin?” I’ve been listening to A LOT of your various webinars, q/a sessions, and Tactical Health Podcast episodes as I’ve been working on some various projects lately. Thank you so much for doing these. They are extremely informative, entertaining, and motivating. I really appreciate this work being done. I've heard you talk about plasma donation in the past. From the recording I watched, you were a proponent of this. With that being said, I and a number of family members have either started donating plasma or are considering plasma donation (technically, the plasma centers around here are paying people for their plasma...usually about 300 to 400 dollars per month). Anyway, from your point of view, as long as the person is supplementing with the 90 essential nutrients, is it okay for them to donate plasma freely...even if they donate twice per week each week (this is the maximum allowed at these clinics)? Your feedback would be appreciated. By the way, they do rather frequent basic bloodwork and check vital signs regularly. Keep up the good work, Dr. G! I look forward to seeing you in Indianapolis later this year! This is Anthony Mosora, by the way



This is from Harald  Hi Doc, thanks for the teachings we receive with great thankfulness because it allows us to let people know that there is a different and possibly way out of their misery. The daughter of a friend (age is 30+) recently fell and hurt her knee. The x-ray shows a very strange build-up at the fibula right below the knee. They consulted a “specialist' who excluded that it is tumorous. He also advised against surgery because it would effect too many nerves and suggested massage therapy which I believe is bad when somebody has pain. Any idea what could help? The X-Ray was taken after the fall and the knie was hurting.



Hi Doc. For unclogging blocked kidneys would Boluoke work just as well as nattokinase?



Jan Lakeland FL. My wife 68 began taking xerafem about 1 month ago, she is now having night sweats which she never had before. Should she stop taking the xerafem.



Does the oil that comes out of cheese cause free radical damage during cooking?
P.S What are your thoughts on animal based supplements that contain animal organs?



Hello Dr. G. I contacted you back in June about my friend Debbie – Symptoms (started in April):
“developed extreme fatigue, stomach ulcer and extreme dry mouth, all developed almost overnight. Fatique is in upper arms and upper legs. Doctors can't find the cause” She started on 90 for Life in June plus other supplements/herbs recommended Symptoms now: “Not getting any better. I am worse than I was back in June...have 2 more tests to do before the doctors will talk a plan. They believe everything is looking like Sjogren Syndrome. One of the doctors believe something attacked my spinal cord and the lining has been altered and that is why I am having a hard time walking...the message from brain to legs, etc is not working as it should. However, another doctor is not 100% sure of that since the MRIs images were not that good. Also I have developed a skin rash on back and front. Today there are bumps and it is red and itchy all over me...face, head, legs, ears. One of my doctors called in a prescription for dry mouth. The dry mouth has been causing my stomach to be sour and I am having a hard time eating” One thing she told me after I wrote in to the show in June was she traveled on an airplane and her ears never popped. She then spent three stressful days at an amusement park worried about losing her grandson in the crowd. She recently went on vacation and her dad went with them and she ended up using his wheelchair more than he did. This just breaks my heart to see her suffering like this. She is 53 and was perfectly healthy and fit before this happened. PS See you in Indianapolis in November??





From Sara: Just this past week my husband tested positive for the autoimmune disease myasthenia gravis. The main issue is his speech. It isn’t right when he is fatigued or stressed. It is more noticeable in the pulpit. He has already been on your protocol for almost a month for enlarged atrium, blood pressure, memory. and afib (which is gone now). He weights 223. We read where magnesium aggravates the symptoms of myasthenia gravis so should we stop the Beyond Osteo?. We read where lots of vitamin D helps myasthenia gravis. Should he take extra D3?
Would you change anything about his present protocol which is:

3 bottles minerals per month
1 BTT per month
1 Imortalium per month
3 Good Herbs Heart per month
3 Good Herbs Circulatory per month
1 Gluco Gel per month
1 Selenium per month ( I give him 3 per day of the Vital Nutrients brand)
3 Projoba Omegas a month
1 Beyond Osteo Liquid Fx per month

If this MG is connected with Lyme disease , can he take doxycycline with the protocol?
Is he supposed to reduce his Good Herbs products the second month?



Hi Dr. Glidden. Some of the products in your Lyme Protocol in your book are unavailable. Specifically, the Good Herbs products. What do you advise using instead?



Hi! Karla here from Texas. I'm new and want to know if when doing your A-Fib protocol on a limited budget and already taking the BTT 2.0, ProBoJa, Osteo-FX and Plant Derived Minerals

What Youngevity product should I add? Also I'm doing the ice 10 on 10 off for 2 hours each day. Thanks.

Also no sleeping. Go to be at 10 wake up at 3 after turning over on my back from my side. Need some sleep! Any suggestions?



Hey Doc, Just to let let you know I took the h pylori test and it came out negative.  I still get this pain on my side but not as much or as bad, what is your take now on this? Also what do you recommend for a cough that feels like it comes from the stomach?



Good night doc. My neck has been Itching recently. It is burning itchy sensation. Can you tell me why? Also I get a strange sensation in my chest when I am on high grounds. Almost like if my chest hurts. I even get that feeling when I am on a swing. Thanks as usual. I also get this feeling in my chest when I am on a roller coaster  Also what should be taken to get rid of radiation from an xray. I have heard about taking vitamin E and C. Thanks so much!



Hi Dr G - Kimberly in Keller. My daughter is dealing with strep/tonsilitis yet again, but this time, thanks to you! she tried Phytolaca for a day (which didn't work), but then switched to Mercurius Vivus - which worked within hours. That was 2 days ago and she is now pain-free, but her tonsils are still very swollen and have white patches on them. What is next? And what could she do to stop this happening over & over again? THANKS!


Good evening Doctor Glidden, Michael Celoni asks!Please ask Dr. Glidden the treatment for OTA (Ochratoxin) from Aspergillus (black mold) and Mycophenolic Acid (penicillium fungus). Do you recommend Ozone IVs for treatment? Now my question, last week I came down with 103 degree fever, cough and my lungs hurt, went to the local MD which I haven't visited in 8 years, she gave me antibiotics, could not find anything wrong with me other than the fever. I purchased a nebulizer, Argentyn 23 and within 2 days the fever was gone but I still have the pesky lingering cough, what homeopathic medicine would you recommend?



This is Ruth, typing a question in for Rachael because she doesn't have the blue button. Her question is : I am 23 and weigh 165lbs. I get severe heat flashes at night and painful period cramps. I also have extremely low energy. Wondering what supplements to take and what foods to avoid/eat other than the 12 bad



My livecast keeps freezing.I don't know if you answered this question. Updated Lyme Protocol? I am new, also  Specifically,Drainage for my Herx reaction. Using Silver Solution Gel on swollen ankle and 30 minutes later brushing with a soft boars brush. Causes deep sleep for 6 hours, then awake with dead skin on the sheets



I've been having leg cramps and I am thinking that it's low Mg. I take it orally but I've also been soaking my feet in Epsom salts (MgSo4). Good idea? They seem to be getting less.



Celeste from Glendora here - My friend Judy has been following your recommendations for bone and joint health. She is the one who after nutrifying for a few weeks, her stool became green and loose. You suggested that might be an indication that there was a gall bladder issue. It's now been over a month, stool was still green until last weekend when she went away and forgot her nutrients. Over that weekend her stool returned to a common color and firmed up.
Question #1: Would that indicate it wasn't a gall bladder issue?
Question #2: Would you say the loose stools are a result of the Tangy Tangerine dose? She weighs 180ish so her dose is double. She was also using fresh squeezed orange juice at night with her Osteo.
Question #3: Your protocol for Healthy Bone & Joints included use of Liquid Gluco Gel for several weeks. That product has been on backorder since she started the program. She has been getting the gluco capsules. What would be your recommended dosage of gluco capsules while she waits for the gluco liquid?
Question #4: Whenever she's been sitting for a long time, and especially first thing in the morning, she said when she attempts to stand it feels as though the bones in her feet are going to snap. She has to stand slowly and then shuffle for a bit before she can walk normally.


Hello, Doc are familiar with the medical term" Ground Glass" as it relates to the lungs and how to correct this condition. Also, I have tried every way possible since last year (5 e-mails and 1 phone call) to obtain a replace copy of your Book that I purchased a the convention years ago: would you please intervene .


Betsy Toole asks: A 67 yr old man is on the 90EN for 2 years now, plus extra glucogel, selenium, ZRadical, Muscadine. He thinks fast, can speak fluently, reads both printed and cursive, can type 70 words per minute but making his hand write and remember how to form each letter is difficult and after 10 minutes he can’t read his own handwriting! He says he is unable to remember how to form the letters on paper. Could he have had a stroke resulting in this isolated problem? Betsy Toole asks: If you could no longer get a formula of the Good Herbs which you formerly used successfully, but had an old brochure which listed the ingredients; would you suggest getting the ingredients separately and see which herb would work as the best substitute for the GH formula?


Hi Dr. Gliden, Brenda helped me order some products for my 84 years old mother in Europe. She has Type 2 diabetes, High blood sugar and she is on medications for that along with a blood thinner. On her first day on the products (Sweet EZE , Tangy Tangerine , Osteo FX, Omega, Plant Derived Minerals
around midnight she started experiencing a very bad head ache and her blood pressure went up to /200 .
Since she stopped using the products, she also stopped taking the blood thinner as well as her blood seams to be very thin when she is taking it to check her blood sugar level. How would you suggest her starting on the products again ? She was also recently released from the hospital because of low sodium, magnezium and calcium etc levels that were caused by another medication that she also stopped taking.