August 5, 2019 Live Chat Q&A

Hello my daughter is 13 her school is asking to get the Tdap booster /Varicella vaccines on her
I, how can you help us to by pass these harmful Toxic vaccines!
... any tips/ideas guidance or anything to take internally to avoid the most damage in her body ???

My son does a lot of keyboard computer work at his job. He had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands about 3 months ago, but it has returned in both hands. A round of Prednisone helped only in a small way. He does not want to lose his job. He also has hot itchy feet relieved by taking his shoes off and cooling his feet. Maybe his feet and hand issues are connected? His a1c blood sugar is very good. He has asked his MD for a thyroid test which he should get shortly (he is not over weight). Should he ask for autoimmune testing? What beside the 90 essential nutrients and eating only the good foods should he take to combat this? He is here with me.
Thank you, Sara

Hello Dr G, I have a friend that has red dots on her body, any idea what that can be?

hi dr g. the dr told my wife that she has on her left leg thrombophlebitis and she has a lot of pain.. what are your recomendation to get to the other side thanks

Hey Dr. G. My sister has strep throat. What can she do to clear up the sores in the back of her throat?

Hi Dr G: What is the best way to prepare for surgery? I have a mass of the size of a grapefruit in my uterus. I do not know yet if it is cancer or not. Of course I have to have a hysterectomy. I am very disturbed about it since this is the first real issue I am facing without my husband who died last January. I have been taking the 90 for the last 8 or 9 months. Thank you for your support.

Jan Lakeland FL. Is it better to drink the Tangy Tangerine with water on an empty stomach, or can it just be put in a protein shake.

If I have a blood sugar issue is it okay to still consume sugar from fruit? Small amounts? Also what is the best remedy for rashes on skin. Dry and itchy skin. Also what is the best supplement for blood sugar issues? I also just for the first time discovered that depression is mainly a blood sugar imbalance. I did not know know this until recently after looking it through your book attempt a cure. I'm guessing my depression is most likely a blood sugar issue because I also have acne as well. Also can vitamins and minerals go bad

What is your opinion on hair analysis for mineral content? Also, what can I take to help my liver handle fasting? The pollen burst says that it’s for liver health but I don’t understand why. Rod Barkley North Fort Myers, FL

Ramona Y.
Houston, TX
I have aches in bones. I am 80 yrs. old. – No prescription drugs other than hormones (progesterone & estrogen).
Do floor exercises and stretches daily, walk about ½ mile 4-7 times a week. Basically very healthy, 5’6” - trim about 115 lbs. No Blood pressure or, heart issues or other problems. – Just had latest full blood work last week – all very good (need a bit more protein).
Have been on 90 Essentials, Osteo FX calcium, Gluco Gel, ReBound, Body Trim, and ZRadical for over 5 years (Raymond & Yolanda – in Houston)..
Now also trying: Youngevity Bone Building Formula. and Osteovation (by Albion Minerals è Vit D- 20mcg,/ Vit K – 200mcg/ Calcium (from Calcium Bisglycinate Chelate ) / Magnesium 250mg, /Zinc – 15mg / Copper 2mg, /Manganese 2mg) – Taking these now for about 4 or 5 months..
What can you recommend to correct my aching bones?? -- Muscles are OK..

Littleton Bob #1 - Resently watched a U-Tube Interview with Dr. Marcola and Dr. Stepanie Seeff on "Statins" this is a Excellent interview with some really great new info. Hi again Doc, Littleton Bob #2 - What is the min and max for daily water consumption?

Some who purchased the 90EN held off starting on them until they finished their old supplements. Maybe that's okay since YGY's products are balanced so no one nutrient blocks absorption of another. What are your thoughts on this?

Hi Dr G, my name is Samuel we are new here. My question for you is: Which products would be beneficial for PROTEIN IN URINE? This developed after using ASPRIN for pain in Wrist. I have a history of borderline diabetes and medically controlled HBP. Thank you!

Celeste here, from Glendora - my guest, Judy, has been following your advice on the Bones & Joint Health Webinar. Last week I mentioned to you that she noticed the whites of her eyes are more white instead of the yellowish they previously were. Something new she mentioned is that shortly after starting supplementing, she noticed a difference in her stool - soft, like yogurt (that's good), but it's different shades of green now. She is avoiding the 12 bad foods, and does eat veggies, but this is different. What could be causing the green stool?

Good evening Doc!! Edgar Garcia from Dallas here. First off, will you be at the youngevity convention this year? Now to my health question, I have a friend trying to cut about 40 lbs. He's 21 y/o, 220lbs, 5'7". Of course we have the healthy body weight loss pak but what's your opinion on it? Any add ons or other favorites for weight loss?

My brother constantly gets sick with colds and flu. What can be causing it? Chiro did x-ray and it showed that I have too much curve in my neck. Hypercurve. What can be done for this?

Hi doc, I was watching your webinar on the EFA’s and heard you talking about that, it’s all about the balance (omega 3 and 6). Since eggs have a lot of omega 6 in them, should I not be eating them ? If not then why does Wallach recommend them so much?

It is easy to see when someone has bone & joint issues by swollen joints, or digestive issues if they are using Tums after meals, but are there outward signs for blood sugar issues if their mood is okay? Thanks, Betsy from San Jose