August 7, 2019 Live Chat Q&A


What do you recommend for a stye on the inside of the eyelid? I went to an MD who gave me this antibiotic/steriod cream to put in my eye which I do not want to use. it seems to be getting much better on its own. Would it be fine to just do nothing and wait? Or, I also have argentyn 23 spray. Should I spray that in my eye instead? If so, how often?  Also, I no longer see good herbs female hormone support offered through youngevity. Is there another product you recommend for painful menstrual cramps/pms? Thanks!  Name: Lindsay



Hello Dr Glidden, You had said plaque is different than calcium build up in arteries. How are they different? Is the treatment different as well?  Also, my husband has Fuch’s disease of the cornea. I understand your protocol can help cataracts, but Fuch’s disease?  Thanks, Sara



Hey Dr. G. Have you tried the cardio beets supplement from YG and how do you think it compares to other like supplements?



why are peanuts on bad food list?  Also I got the exercises from chiro  is it best to take antioxidants with a meal? what are the best products from vital nutrients?



Hi Doc – Gena from Poughkeepsie here again. Thanks so much for your advice on detoxing. You said that 30 days was a good amount of time to be on the 90 before doing the 3-day fast in 7 days and having colonics (thanks). I’m wondering two things – 1) How do you feel about coffee enemas, and 2) should I wait until after 30 days on the 90 before attempting those, too?



I am 79 years old. – Never taken any regular prescriptions – Occasional antibodies in my past..
5’9” – 200 lb (average between 194 and 205) -- Still working as Financial Advisor – at computer 6 – 8 hrs / day.. No weakness, etc. – slight exercise. – still go up/down stairs etc. No back or joint problems – Can still lift and manipulate 75lb. water bottles, etc. – go shooting and hunting when I have opportunity.
Recent (late April) diagnosis of slight heart Afib showing on EKG. Did outpatient paddle shock in Methodist Hospital about 2 months ago – worked – but only temporary – Slight AFIB returned –
Slight possible right upper (?) heart valve leak – Also slightly high A1C on sugar/glucose – Daily morning finger prick reading between 110 and 140 (before eating or coffee, etc.)  Heart Doctor Prescribed: Eloquis 5mg 2/day; Metoprolol ER Succinate – 25mg 1/day; Flecainide 75mg 2/day (blood pressure - ?) – Taken now for about 3 months..  Previously relied on 3 – 4 EFA Plus and Selenium for clear arteries. Doctor suggested to stop EFA since he has prescribed blood thinner. – I am considering going back to EFAs (with or without blood thinner / Blood pressure meds)  Using Youngevity now for about 6 years – 90 FL (90 Essentials) , Osteo FX calcium, Gluco Gel, ZRadical, Selenium 4 – 7 per day/ Vitamin D3 – 1/day; Gluco Gel; SweetEze 2-4/day; Imortalium (sometimes); SYNAPTIV (SOMETIMES); Memory FX; SMART FX… --- back to EFAs?? My wife says that I also have a bit of a hearing problem… J  Would like to see you and your wife again.. Haven’t since Anaheim – Youngevity Annual 3 years ago.. J Doug Y



Hello Dr. G, my mom is 69 years of age, and recently diagnosed with Myelofibrosis, The count of the immature cells is relatively low for now, Hemoglobin level below the standard,.... no treatment has been started by her doctor. What would be your opinion and take about Myelofibrosis, please? Thanks in advance






Greetings Doc; Again, thank you for all your work! Because your on last session, the chat box became disabled at about 20 minutes before the hour, I submit this now: Just an anecdotal note: I found my digestion and bowel health vastly improved when I changed my habit of chewing my food from "normal" to what some call "excessive" (especially carbs) -- allows for better amylase & ptyalin mixture with the carbs, but I do not drink any beverages 1/2 hour before or ~1.5 hours afterward. For the edification of all... -Paul-



HI Dr. These items below are what you wanted my husband to take for enlarged atrium and memory. Can we add extra selenium for his Fuch's disease?
3 Plant Derived Minerals
1 Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 (BTT)
2 Beyond Osteo FX (BOFX)
3 Projoba Omegas (good for brain)
1 Imortalium (this has selenium in it)
3 Good Herbs Heart Support (has hawthorn in it) for 1 month, then 2
3 Good Herbs Circulatory Support (taken in morning and afternoon – not evening) (Good for brain) for 1 month, then 2
1 Gluco Gel Plus liquid



best antioxidant product?  also is a neck traction device okay to use? It's where you hang it on the door and strap your neck in and let it stretch your neck upward. My chiro said it would help as well.  sort of like spinal decompression. could a bad curve cause tingling/crawling sensations throughout body, or possibly other odd symptoms in body?


Husband's memory got bad after anesthesia



Rita meter maid here-I am scheduled for biopsy on lymph node Friday and was told to get off any blood thinners. I know to get off projoba omega (your instructions before surgery in Feb) but I am taking the 90 plus glucco gel, selenium, vital nutrients adrenal support, cell shield RTQ, pot citrate, magnesium citrate, good herbs heart support, circulatory support, olive health & adrenal support. Do I need to stop any of these? Oh and 3 TB argentyn 23 orally per day  Does rice have phytates?