September 9, 2019 Live Chat Q&A

Is it true once you have hearing loss, you can't regain back your normal hearing?
If exercise stresses the body and organs, how could it be good for the body on a long term basis?

I am working with Brenda on a regimen that I can tolerate. I began Osteo fx and tangy Tangerine 2.0 in March this year. The Tangerine caused nervousness, anxiety and insomnia for me. At the time you though I was allergic to it so I tried ultimate classic. This caused severe itching which has been a reaction I’ve had to vitamins in the past. Since about 2001 I have taken a balanced powered supplement which has worked very well for me until the last few years when arthritis and some other issues creeped in. Because i know i can tolerate it, I have been taking this along with osteofx and plant derived minerals. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thank you Anne Falzone

Jan Lakeland FL. What is your opinion of Hydrogenated Water. Is it effective for anything.

Hello Dr G. For someone who is habitual drinker and when she tries to stop and feels the need to drink because its what she has been doing for so long, how do you get that person to change her habits and not make that a habit anymore? Is that a psychological problem or a chemical imbalance of some sorts? this is Raul, BTW

Hey Dr. G. My boss is finally on Youngevity for about 3 weeks now. She has Hashimoto. She is taking the basic 90 for her body weight. She is 41 years old, 120 lbs. She is experiencing extreme fatigue that is getting worse. She has been losing her hair. She drinks almond milk and coffee and eats hard boiled eggs on a daily basis. I told her to cut out cruciferous veggies. What can we do to get on top of her fatigue and hair loss? She is curious to know if you have heard of Isabella Wentz. She is a pharmacist who has Hashimoto and has written a couple of books on how to treat Hashimoto with diet and supplements. Any knowledge about her work?
Another question if time allows. Customer is age 72, 97 lbs, hypoglycemic, hypothyroid. Sensitivity to honey, cane sugar, artificial sweeteners, antibiotics, most grains, chocolate, mold, yeast, dust. 2016: Lyme disease. Controlled with Oil of Oregano & Colloidal Silver. 2011: Uterine cancer and complete hysterectomy. Vagina cut to remove uterus whole. Scar tissue complications (intestines adhered to vagina) resulting in thousands of staples placed to repair intestinal damage. 2000: surgery right knee. 1989: EBV 1980's: Surgery both breasts to remove benign tumors. The first time she drank the BTT 2.0, she felt lightheaded, brain fog, queasy stomach, itchy palette. She tried cutting back on the dose and still experienced burning and itching.

Hey Doctor G ~ Hope all is fabulous in your world ~ What is your experience with the I26 Hyperimmune egg product? I have been using it now for a couple months, followed by the Ultimate Nightly Essence, and I love them! I caught your interview with the PhD who's been researching and using it for 20 years ~ is there anyone, besides someone allergic to eggs, that this would not be helpful for?

I have two questions tonight: My brother has a kidney stone. He is not on the program and eats all twelve bad foods and then some. I sent him your video on kidney stones but I was wondering what he can do to help the disolution of the stone. I told him lots of fluids and to strain his urine. I was totally surprised that the ER did not send him home with a strainer. He's also on Oxycodone. Second question is do you have an opinion on NAC N-acytelcysteine? Will it help with a fatty liver? I've been doing a low carb, high fat diet and I am stalled in any progress. I know NAC helps the liver detoxify but I was hoping it might do something for the fat deposits.

Got recommendations from you two months ago for his liver sarcoidosis. He has been taking 2 x Healthy Body packs, 1 x Plant Derived Minerals for the past two months, and due to start on the Good Herbs Liver and Gallbladder Support plus Selenium in his third month.
His doctor requires him to stop the supplements immediately as he said they were doing more harm than good. He said there was way too much calcium and vitamin d in them and that this gave him really high readings and he said that people with sarcoid should not take them.
He has high readings of calcium in urine and high vitamin D in blood. Can you give your thoughts on this please Dr Glidden?
She has Crohn's Disease: 1. Gall Bladder removed 2. Illeostomy - no large intestine She is on pain killers for bone and joint pain. Can you make some recommendations for her please?
She filled out the Dr Wallach Health Evaluation form and scored high in all 4 categories. She has Celiac Disease, Fibromyalgia, Thyroid issues, hair loss, sensitive teeth, early menopause, bad memory, brain processing issues, possible Autism Spectrum Disorder as she’s very sensitive to sounds and noises, learning difficulties, thinks she may have amalgam poisoning, constantly fighting fevers and infections. She has no appendix and has had gallbladder and pancreas issues which are improving with better diet. Her two children may be in the Autism Spectrum. The 10 year old has the mental age of approx. 4 years, can’t process what’s going on in a movie or cross road safely so relies on mum heavily. Whole family has digestive disorders.Can you give some recommendations please?
My Question: What are your thoughts on Essential Oils as a complementary therapy to Nutrition? It appears that the oils could possibly help to release emotional blockages which could be slowing down a person’s progress back to full health. I would appreciate your thoughts on this?

Erin @ Dewitt Michigan. Hey Doc I've been enjoying your Patreon banter 😊. Also I am on a quest to listen to all the Q&A archives since there are pearls of wisdom in each! Thank you for all you do. Quick question. My Mom had a PE in 1971 after the birth of my sister. Luckily the Dr said it split apart just before it would have killed her. She has been on aspirin ever since. Whenever I discuss Y90 with her especially calcium EFA regimen she gets afraid it will Interact with aspirin. She is on BP meds. Is there any reasoning with this dear woman? If so you have the floor. 😊 Thanks.

Hi Doc, this is Mike Ganse from Santa Cruz. Since you were talking about ears, did you mention what can be done about ringing ?

Hi Dr. G - Kimberly in Keller. My Youngevity Distributor substituted - and shipped - Xera Fem for my order of Female Hormone Support. I am ordering the Women's Hormonal Balancer for myself (age 61) and I'm wondering if the Xera Fem should be returned or if it could work for my 18 year-old daughter with ovarian cysts and trying to get off birth control for the cysts as well as heavy bleeding & severe cramps/backache/etc. with her periods? Thanks!! Also! My congestive heart failure...after using the Spray For Life B complex and nothing improving at all, I pulled out your book again - wondering about changing to the Bio Alert? I'm trusting that B-1 is the "key" per Dr. Wallach that I need? I'm in the middle of the beet juice regimen, besides lots of other stuff...

It's Douglas DiAngelis. In a couple weeks I'm planning on going to Chicago to participate in new Square One for four sessions and I am also going to be in four sessions of corn hydrotherapy while I'm there as well. Colon hydrotherapy. Not corn. Haha!!! Oh and by the way two weeks ago I had my surgery for my slipping rib syndrome and it went well. Doctor was surprised during my follow-up on how well I'm moving around already. Also is four colon hydrotherapy sessions good if I do them every other day? Believe it or not I only have one colon hydrotherapy therapist in the entire state of Montana's and it's about a six-hour drive. It kind of sucks Also I've been talking to Shawn Sherman from the square one in Chicago and he says that my neck issue is probably causing a lot of the crawling zapping Sensations that are going around in my body. He also mentioned that issues with the neck and or spine can cause joint pain. Do you agree or disagree?

Hi my son is obese at 11. We don’t have a history on either sides of our family. I make dinner at home practically 7 days a week. My other 2 children are under weight. What would you suggest for him. He has been seeing a endocrine for the last few years to watch his numbers.

I'm an 81 year old male with myasthenia gravis. What's your recommendation for this disease? Also, have you had any first hand experience with treating this disease? Do you know anything about a product called "restore" sold by Dr. Zach Bush?