Sept 11, 2019 Live chat Q&A

Hey Doc, I ONLY have two questions, I know somebody who is having chronic dizziness, it happened after e, what can be done for that?

I notice when I where socks lately its been leaving a crease on my feet, what would be the cause and what can be done about that?


On Monday I asked your opinion on NAC N-acytelcysteine and whether or not it will help with a fatty liver? You were going to research your notes and you asked me to come back today. Were you able to find anything that will help to answer that question?



Looking forward to seeing you in Indianapolis. My freind Wendy, has diverticulitis. She says the cruciferous veggies irritate her condition. Could you speak to this? If time, could you explain what diverticulitis is and your recommendations to her. I'll send this when archived. Thanks for all you do and say Hi to Wendy if time permits.


Hi Dr G - Kimberly in Keller still trying to figure out the congestive heart failure. I've been using the Spray for Life for about 6 weeks now with no change. I'm forcing myself to eat the 50 protein and in these 6 weeks I've now gained 10 lbs on top of everything. Very frustrated. In your book you suggest Bio Alert and nothing about the Spray for Life. I'm trusting Dr. Wallach's assessment that it's a deficiency in B-1? Not sure what to do with my constant swelling and aching legs? Bio Alert says it's more B-1!?



Betsy Toole asks: Can you give some tips on reading body messages? For instance, what does it mean when there are ridges in the fingernails? Why would one eye constantly tear when the other does not? What does it mean when urine is cloudy, or there are bubbles in the toilet that don’t pop; or urine that is pale yellow, bright yellow, or a rusty yellow shade? Are these signs of anything? Are you Dr Glidden, able to read someone’s health by what you see, no questioning the patient?


When are you going to post those isometric exercises  Also I feel like that the Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 tablets is the best antioxidant product


I always have very dry skin and bad eczema year long and it doesn’t seem to get better. I just recently recovered from impetigo. In the winter I have cracked skin on my hands.



Remedy for back pain after rear end collision?



Hi Dr Glidden, I had my baby Liam's x ray results came back clear and all is good. Liam was 1 years in August and is doing very well. He is walking , running , saying lots of words and is very clever boy!

I would like to ask from what age can i use Argentyn23 internally and spray it up to nose. And if you have any recommendation for dealing with colds in baby's ( want to be ready for coming season )



Littleton Bob, Good Morning Doctor G. and you too Brenda / Have you heard "GOOGLE" has a new division to market supplements and it's being managed by a former big pharma executive. #2 Client with many brain tumors Recommendations welcome. Wifes question / will accupuncture help Varicose Vains /taking 90/gluco gel/selenium


Hey Dr. G. Linda Allen here. If you take the HGH Youth Complex to make up for amino acids not in BTT 2.0 tablets, do you still take as directed...6 at night?


I also feel like while you're on this menu nutritional program and elimination of toe Best Foods is basically almost impossible to get a cold or flu.



Hello Doc. Can I replace my Elaquis, blood thinner with cayenne pepper? Also, I'm sleeping better. Thanks for your tip to take protein before bedtime.



Sandi Wagner At 74, w/a chest x-ray, it came back w/this: calcification of the aortic arch. Wondering if I can improve this for myself. Also - What IS calcification of the aortic arch?



Rita meter maid here - I finally broke down and took a 4th round of antibiotics for the sinus infection ive had since Jan when a "smart dentist" left a hole into sinus from tooth extraction! I tried to clear it up first with argentyn 23, olive health, and killer biotic but it didn't phase it. this last antibiotic was cefuroxime and now I have symptoms of stevens-johnson syndrome which hopefully I caught before it got so bad. NO MORE DRUGS FOR ME


Also I haven't heard you talk very much about this certain subject but what what involves good teeth health