Sept 16, 2019 Live Chat Q&A

Good evening Dr G, regarding Omega 6. Is all Omega 6 pro-inflammatory or is it only pro-inflammatory when the ratio of Omega 6 is consistently greater than Omega 3? Is Omega 6 for growing children and repairing muscle, is that true also?

Hello Dr. Glidden, Karla here from Texas. I'm sleeping much better now. Thank you. I want to know if cayanne pepper can replace my blood thinner, Eliquis? My cardiologist put me on it after my A-Fib kicked in.

Well done meat is of course on the 12 bad foods list but would that extend to charred anything? I cooked some cheese the other night and the edges were charred. I didn't eat it thinking that it can't be good. What about crisp bacon? Also, I saw a recipe for charred Brussel sprouts. Am I correct to presume that anything charred is a no no?

What would you suggest to cure scabies?

Hey Hey Doc, Silla from Iowa. In one of your past Q & A you mentioned that you were working on a formula for babies when transitioning from breast milk. Wondering if you still had that. My daughter-in-law is making that transition. It would be great to have an 'better than average' baby formula.

Dr. G, I’m new to your stream. I am 55 and in the throes of menopause. I have been on bio-identical hormones for years in the hopes of going through this transition smoothly. They have mostly worked. I have been on the 90 essentials plus selenium now for 4 weeks. My issue is I can’t stay asleep. I’ve been listening to your various podcasts and have started to eat protein before bed and take milk thistle for my liver. My integrated Dr. here thought maybe I might have parasites so now I’m on “Luvos Mineral Earth” to try and kill them. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Forgot to mention I am also taking the GH Adrenal support

Hey Doc! A month ago you suggested I take the tangy tangerine 2.0, Projoba efa, and liquid osteo Fox. I am wondering, because you suggested the Projoba efas, is it okay to take both the ultimate efa and the ultimate efa plus instead of the Projoba? Also, is the powder osteo fx the same as the liquid or do you recommend the liquid only? And lastly, the tangy tangerine capsules instead of the powder? My body doesn’t like the powder tangy even after a small sip. But I do fine with the tablets. One more thing, I caught a sinus infection I believe it to be viral, what do you recommend for that? And for my 3 year old if he catches it what should he take?

Looking forward to seeing you in Indiana. My freind Wendy has diverticulitis. She says the cruciferous veggies irritate her condition. Could you speak to this? What are the dangers if radio-frequency laser treatments for age spots & other minor skin conditions? Freinds daughter was diagnosed with Celiac and Type 1 diabetes when she was only 5 years old. She is now 11 and weighs 85 lbs. If she was to take Sweet-eze what would be her dosage? Freinds kids have very small bladders and are still wetting the bed at 9 years old.Do you know of a natural remedy for this? Would Good Herbs kidney/bladder support help for a Grade I (mild)prolapsed bladder.

Good night doc. Can the Youngevity product Good Herbs Antioxidant Response be used to rid the body of radiation caused by an xray similar to vitamin E? Also is Ezekiel bread a good alternative to the usual white or whole wheat bread?  Thanks alot.

What would you recommend for gallbladder polyps and sinusitis please? Mustafa He is asking do you have any testimonials of people recovering from Tinnitus with the bone and joint supplements?

Hi Doc., I am 6' tall 165pds and 78 years old, a few weeks ago I asked about Ground Glass and you recommend Argentyn 23 in a nebulizer; my question is what doses should I take and how long should I continue to take it. G. Clayton

Hey Dr. G. I'd love your thoughts on a heart rate issue. My resting heart rate is normal (60-65) However when I exert myself at all my heart rate shoots up. The other day I did a light jog for 30 secs and my heart rate was 210. Whenever I go from sitting/lying to standing my heart rate shoots up. My holistic doc says it may be something in the Purkinje (?) fibers. Thoughts?

Hi Dr G. Over the years, my wife has been diagnosed with undifferentiated connective tissue disease, reynauds and sjogrens disease. She also has a history of digestion problems and had her gallbladder removed 12 yrs ago. She maintains a gluten free, low carb diet which has been helpful. She has been on the healthy body start pack for a couple months but she found that BTT upsets her stomach so she has stopped that. There are a lot of supplement options and would appreciate some direction on how we can help her get better. Thanks. DJ

My daughter Natalia is 1 year old and weighs 17lbs. She has a constipation problem with everything she eats. She takes 1 tablet of fishoil 3 times a day. She also drinks goat milk. What could be the reason for her constipation? What can i do? we try to keep her hydrated giving her water to drink all day

Phil G from Wisconsin. My wife Sharon, 54 yrs old, has been diagnosed with breast cancer in her left breast. The disease has spread to her back in C1-C6, T1, and L2 and L5 in her spine . She is currently in hospice care with pain medications of fentanyl 37mg and oxycodone 10mg. She refuses to take any chemo therapy or radiation. What would you suggest naturally to combat the underlying disease at this time. We are new subscribers and she was diagnosed in July 2019. Thank you for your help.

Betsy Toole asks: I watched your excellent webinar on EFAs but still have a question: A 64 yr old woman wants to take the 90EN but is on Coumadin for thinning her blood and is concerned about taking any Omega 3 in case it interferes with her drug. I thought she had dirty blood, ate too much sugar, was too sedentary. While she is correcting her A-fib should she be concerned about taking too many EFA? She weighs almost 400 pounds.