Sept 23, 2019 Live Chat Q&A

My mom who is 66 is in the hospital for ruptured diverticulitis. She has to have a colostomy bag for 3 months and surgery to take out some of the infected intestines. I know she needs to avoid the bad foods and add the 90 essential nutrients but do you have any other suggestions for her to aid in recovery or reduce the chances of this from happening again? I have her reading your book in the hospital bed! Thank you.

Hey Dr. G. Do you mind explaining why cruciferous veggies are sometimes not good for people with Hashimoto and other thyroid issues. My boss has Hashimoto and she loves her brussel sprouts. She is experiencing extreme fatigue and hair loss.

How come the gluco-gel is not part of the 90? Also a week from now I'll be in Chicago participating in square1 finally!!!! Excited. I've been talking to Shawn Sherman a lot lately as well through text messaging. He's explained the system very clearly to me and even more information that I didn't even ask for. Very intelligent guy. I agree with him when he mentions that traditional stretching and physical therapy techniques are mostly crap. HAHA Also where are those isometric exercises on your website? How many of your patients have participated in the square1 system?

Betsy Toole asks: Which is the best? The convention workshops highlighted each of the brands. Projoba, Biometrics and i26 all had good reasons to use their products for the child on the Austic spectrum. Which would you pick?

9:20 I've a new customer who says he is very sensitive to citric acid. When he takes the Tangy powder is stomach reacts to it. What is the root cause of being unable to eat anything that contains citric acid? He wants to take Tangy as he beleives in it so what would you suggest he tries? What webinar should I suggest he watch that deals with this. I'm assuming maybe the one you do so well on Digestion? give me your thoughts. Looking forward to seeing you in Nov.

My son gets headaches sometimes. What could cause this and is abremedy? Also he usually gets up quickly up from sleeping and this seens to cause headaches. Your opinion is greatly appreciated. Also do tomatoes cause inflammation in women? I have heard that this and night shade vegetables causes inflammation. And does this apply to any vegetable that has seeds?

Hello Dr Glidden, I have a couple of customer queries.. Adem Has Seronegative Rheumatoid Arthritis – what would you recommend please?
Edgar His friend’s son has Ankolysing spondolytis – what would you recommend please?

Good evening, Dr. G! Kimberly in Keller. I'm wondering what your current favorite product is to strengthen the valves of the heart. I've watched all your videos and read your book about Congestive Heart Failure. I tried the Gluco-Gel liquid but got nervous with it due to my hypoglycemia and switched to the Gluco-Gel caps, but I can't tell if they are making any difference at all. I'm also taking 15 Projoba per day - and based on your book I added 6 Muscadine per day - is this duplication? Also in regards to CHF, in your book you say to take Selenium - but then switch to Imortalium, but I can't imagine you mean to stop taking Selenium?

My fiance received test results back today that indicated she has high levels of Mycophenolic Acid in her system. The Mycophenolic Acid is an immunosuppressant given to people that have had an organ transplant… which she’s never had. We're looking for insight into how this may have gotten into her body at such high levels. She works at a spa where hair/nails are done. Lifestyle is extremely clean. Any suggestions the doctor can provide tonight would be extremely useful.

I literally just received a phone call from Dave in the Thumb. I am currently on the phone with him. He has another gentleman on as well via a three way call. This gentleman's mother is currently in the intensive care unit and on a ventilator. She has been on the ventilator for about 6 days. I realize that it's typical for hospitals to not allow an outside source of quality supplementation such as Youngevity at this time, but for the sake of this gentleman's mother, what supplements would you recommend for this person who is hospitalized and who has COPD, double pneumonia, anemia, as well as stage 4 lung cancer which has spread to her lymph nodes. Apparently, she doesn't have diabetes but reportedly does have some blood sugar issues. I realize that cancer is tricky, but your feedback would be appreciated. By the way, she is about 5'2" and weighs about 180 pounds. She apparently still has her gallbladder. Thank you very much for your time. God bless.

Hey Doc, I went to see my PCP which is covered by my job for a physical. HBP, heart rate, breathing very good. He gave me a referral to go get an ultrasound for my stomach being that I am overweight in that area (been losing weight since dec 7th 2018 down 30 lbs), which didnt feel right to him. And Urine and blood work from a Quest Diagnostic lab. He also suggested a colonosopy. What do you think of the suggestions he gave me? Basically I have to visit them once a year or my healthcare account goes into limbo

Arsenic is in the plant derived minerals. But isn't it a dangerous metal? I also called your office about a private consultation about my depression as well. I also learned that the gluco-gel ingredients are present in both the tangie and osteo.