Sept 25, 2019 Live Chat Q&A

Hey Dr. G. I have 2 friends with eczema who think their condition is hereditary and cannot be cured. They both love beer. I have suggested that they probably have an allergy to wheat. What are your thoughts?



Morning Doc...57 year old Mike from Chicago here. Following up from two weeks ago. I dropped the Tangy Tangerine because of allergy concerns - minor rashing subsiding. Waiting on the Tropical Plus to arrive as your suggested replacement. Only issue right now is itchy skin, mostly feet and shins in areas where there is nothing visible on the skin. No eczema as child.



Betsy Toole asks: What is the cause for edema in one leg only? A customer says his chiropractor can solve the problem. Thank you.



87-year old mom is onboard with the 90 for about 4 months now, but can't get her on anything except the on-the-go packs. Just started having issue with diarrhea, so backed her off the Tangy and seems to have helped. Any suggestions



Hi Dr. G, it's Rita meter maid, I am still suffering from sinus infection that I've had since January, ENT dr did a culture and bacteria is from the strep family, I took two wks of a 21 day regimen of Ceftin but started with symptoms of stevens-johnson syndrome so got off of it. Dr. wants to do sinus surgery but I"m not doing that. I have appt with a dr. I found in Dallas who does ozone and vitamin c ntraveinous treatments so I pray that will clear this @#$% up. Still haven't had biopsy to see if swollen lymph nodes are cancerous. My question is: I have never run fever with this infection, does that mean my immune system is not working at all?