September 4, 2019 Live Chat Q&A


Hey Dr. G! This question is for Ginny's friend, Gayle. She seems to be having a reaction to the BTT 2.0. After only taking a small sip, she has been experiencing lightheadedness, brain fog, queasy stomach, and an itchy & burning palette. She is age 72, 97 lbs. She has hypoglycemia and hypothyroid. She has sensitivity to honey, cane sugar, artificial sweeteners, antibiotics, most grains, chocolate, mold, yeast, dust.





Hey Doc...Mike from Chicago here. Following up from two weeks ago regarding possible reaction to Tangy Tangerine. Been on 90 since beginning of year. Had some eczema type rash only on left side of body (weird, just left side?) and you advised could be problem with the TT and to stop it for two weeks. Also, confirmed NO eczema as child, but had appendix yanked out of me when a teenager. Otherwise, pretty normal 57 year old Male. After stopping TT, rash has subsided, almost gone. Feel good about that, but not about no TT. Path forward



Good morning Dr. G, My husband Dale watched your webinar on blood pressure and will be adding in the ultimate daily caps and niacin-he already takes the rest. He would like to know if you could recommend a brand or type of blood pressure machine.


Does taking argentyn 23, GH antimicrobrial or tea tree mess with the bacteria in the intestines?



Hey Dr. Glidden, I’m finding that I’m getting a bit of heartburn when I’m taking the capsules such as selenium etc. especially the fish oil. Is there anything I can do to lessen that?



Can you give info on where to get medical marijuana? I get a lot of emails on CBD oil but there are so many scams I don't know which ones to trust. Also, you said one time that you can find salad dressings without oil but so far I've had no luck.


You mentioned what happens after falling off the wagon, but it was fried foods. Don’t eat fries, but was down in LA to visit son. Had bag of fries, when one or two is all I dabble with. Wasn’t pretty! Stomach bad for a week. Will NOT do that again!



Hi Dr G! Kimberly in Keller. My Youngevity Distributor was showing Female Hormone Support online so I ordered some - for my menopause stuff and my daughter trying to get off the BC pill, as well as for cysts - they are recommending either Women's Hormonal Balancer OR XeraFem - what do you recommend?! Also...for my daughter's strep/tonsilitis I ordered the Anti-Microbial, which they have also discontinued - they are suggesting Killer Biotics, but I heard you suggest Super Olive Health instead - what do you think?



I am tormented by mosquitoes and other critters. I treat the bites with colloidal silver, but how can I keep them off of me? I hate bug spray and think it is bad stuff anyway!


Hi Dr. G. My uncle is 91 and has macular degeneration along with poor kidnet function. He weights about 240. I watched the webinar but wonder if there are other additions since we have new products. Thanks!