Health Q&A: August 25, 2016

Question : Hey Dr. G. – the ecig company that I was using is having trouble keeping the low strength in stock so I had to try something else because the withdrawals were/are so intense – I was doing a lot of PDM but that made my blood sugar so low – any other ideas to help with the withdrawals.   Local ND prescribed a very high patch & after talking with the pharmacist the lowest dose is 7mg - I was puffing less than 7mg so I don’t feel comfortable ingesting more of the poison with a patch & I am afraid of the gum or lozenges since my teeth/gums are finally on the mend.  There is no easy way out on this one is there? Thanks for your continued support! 

Also Dr. G. - recent blood work ALT was 68 - scale less than 46 and ferritin up 50 points was 350 now back up to 400 - scale less than 307 – local ND told me to lose weight, exercise and add Milk Thistle – Do you think Milk Thistle 250 mg is good for me?  Directions on bottle made locally here in AZ say 3 per day?  ND suggested I get an ultra sound of liver – I said I will check with you.  Thank you.

Question : Dr.G, there is a gluten free bakery company called Katz and they use "non trans" margarine, is this safe to eat or no?  P.SThanks for the signed book!

Question : I couldn’t believe my ALT to be 30 when I’ve worked so hard especially since being on YGY since end of Feb & off the 12 bad foods.  A year ago (Aug ’15) my ALT was 26 (in Feb of 2014 it was 39).  What do you think might have caused this rise?  The only thing different I’ve done since Feb are coffee enemas + some colonics.  Could the coffee have caused it to go up?

Also, before I heard you say that it’s not necessary to do any chelation, I had one done 7/19.  Seeing that doc today, my lead is off the charts (as it has been).  I’m off the 12 bad foods and organic.    He has me taking oral chelation now like DMSA, Toxex & Renalex.  What are your thoughts about taking Bentonite Clay or Zeolite to detox on a regular basis….like  1- 2 t a week?

Question : Hi Dr. G, If urine appears clear a few times during the day, even though Youngevity supplements are being taken, is this a normal occurrence?  Also, if during the course of a day, a thorough bowel evacuation occurs immediately followed by involuntary vomiting, how soon do you recommend resuming supplementation usage? Thanks!

Hi doc, just today I got a friend who is struggling with vertigo, she is on HB& joint Pack for about 3 months now was improving but suddenly she seems to going backwards. complains of funny feeling in throat,diareah, poor sleep and dizzyness , what do you recommend.

Question : Hi Doc, the other day you said that you consider muscle test as bogus. But you have several times suggested to consult chiropracter who are trained in applied kinesiology. Is Kinesiology not some kind muscle test or at least is based on the presumption that certain muscles are directly connected to specific organs? What is the difference between that kind of musle test you oppose and Kinesiology?

Question : Do you have an opinion on ‘tubes’ that are placed by the ENT for chronic fluid in the ears.

Question : HI Dear Dr Glidden Would you shed some light on all the different water choices.  What is best to cook with drink ect…. distilled, tap, alkaline, purified? Also can you cook or bake with your vitamins, BTT, or Osteo without changing their properties?  Is it best to leave them alone in their pure form? Thanks God Bless you for giving up your Thurs night to teach us!

Question : Would like to stop taking my seizure medication,have been taking health body start pack     plus selenium for 4.5 months

Question : Hello, Dr. G!!! If you can, would you please give some more information on your plan to have a research endeavor. You mentioned something a few chats back. I am VERY interested to know more. Thank you so much! Also, has your views on the daily amount of ORAC "official" changed in terms of amount? Are you now advising much lower levels than a year or two ago?

Question : I am 24, 63kg. I constantly cough and my lungs are filled with mucous and have many other symptoms due to cystic fibrosis and recently testicular cancer.I quit my job 6 months ago due to side effects from chemo.Fatigue, bone pain, sinus pains(polyps), hot flushes on the cheek,heart burn, diaaheria, mood change and many more. im unable to gain weight. i recently started taking selenium 150MAX but no difference my current medication(s) are azithromycin, tobi POD haler, ferrograd iron tablets. also my hands are always cold and when I exercise I don't sweat. I overheat instead?

Question : Hi Dr G, last week we talked about my possible food allergies. I used the pulse test and found that eggs & dairy are the problem (the dairy makes sense since as a teenager I had multiple ear infections leading to an aticotomy operation). Since cutting these out I’ve had no sleepiness after eating, sex drive better (how would allergies affect sex drive?)! I did the flora FX, Maqui plus & Enzymes for 3 months last year. Should I do another round like that and what should my strategy be to deal this in future? Thanks again Doc… bit of a nightmare having to avoid not just the 12 bad foods but my allergic foods but the payoff means I’m feeling great for the first time in my life (I’m 45).

Question : hey Doc, what is your take on cellphone and wifi radiation and what would you recommend for protection if this is a concern? Are there any new supplements that you recommend for eye and lung health from when you last did those 2webinars?

Question : I have a customer on dialysis.  ON HBSP, Ult Daily Classic and GH Heart Support, Naicin, & Selenium.  Creatine has dropped from 13.7 to 4.4 but BUN remains elevated at 68.  She is gluten free and off other bad foods.  She has been on this protocol since May and is feeling so much better.  I know that ":healing is a process, not an event" but is there anything else we could be doing for her?

Question : Hi Doc, I have hashimotos and Hypogonadism (low hormones), I am currently taking the health body aging pack, Hypothalamous support, selenium and the Tangy tangerine tablets every day. Due to my conditions I have severe hair loss, Alopecia balding on my head, I have lost 70%of my hair. Any suggestions on how to regain my hair? I guess this is due to the Hashimotos or hormone imbalance? Im on Levothyroxine (100mg) and Cytomel (T3), and also the wiley, any suggestions on regrowth? I also have excess stomach weight, I just dont know what to do to get rid of this. Docs have said i will never get rid of this due to my hashimotos and Hypogonadism, any suggestions?

Question : Howdy Dr.G! I have this headache in both my temples and in the middle of my forehead between the eyes. I thought is was a sinus issue and took Sudafed, that didn’t work and neither did Sinusali. We’ve had really bad fires her in the northwest so I’m inside with air purifiers on full blast. I have nausea also from the pain, what do think? THANK YOU! Oh yeah, CM cream has helped. I rub it on kinda thick in the areas of pain.

Question : hi de G q went to hosp MRI showedmild cerebellar tonsillar ectopia. what does that mean??? and that pins needle feeling in limbs on right side body related?? I was told to see a nuerologist why?

Question : Hey, Dr. G Diagnosed with Morton's Neuroma in both feet. Right foot is worst than the other. The nerve is so inflamed it is pushing one of the cuboid bones out on the outer edge of my foot. Extremely painful. Wanting to avoid surgery to remove the nerve. What should I be taking to heal. Currently on Osteo Flex FX, Tangy Tangerine, EFA's, Selenium,Gluco Gel. Help!

Question : My brother, Mike. Has been on the program since June. Using everything in his program. He has cut his number almost in 1/2. He's feeling much better. He is still under a heart specialist and a GP--he had a heart attack 5 yrs ago and stroke.  He has been on all kinds of meds for those issues. WE are trying to get him off them as safely as possible.   The heart Spec. wants to up the dosage of Lisinopril and Carvedilol.

Question : My new distributor has asked why we would need arsenic and why we have this in our products. Isn’t it unsafe? I mentioned that when bonded with carbon, the arsenic becomes an “organic” compound and is not toxic like arsenic that has not bonded with carbon. I can’t really expand on this, though.  Can you please give a better explanation to ease the minds of those concerned about arsenic?  Thank you!

Question : Hi Doctor G My wife had an allergy problem, you suggested thorough cleaning of the bedroom, IT WORKED, THANK YOU !!! We took off on our tandem bicycle and road pretty hard 3 times. now she has a Sciatic nerve pain. resting has it almost cured. Any suggestions on the sciatic nerve ?

Question : Hey doc how long should Daily tablets be used for as my husband has been on them for a few months. thanks p.s want to know something funny one of our friends is an MD and came to me for help with his blocked artery as he is due to have open heart surgery :)

Question : Hello Dr Glidden.  I'm 61 years old and I've been dealing with interstitial cystitis since my late 40s. I get up 5-10 times a night with urgency and frequency. No one seems to know what causes IC but I need to know what to do to either get rid of it and treat my symptoms nutritionally. I've read reports IC could possibly be connected to Lyme disease.  I don't know if the facts are in are that but I do have an ulcerated bladder and frequency. I just became a YGY member last month. 

Question : Hello Dr Glidden.  I'm 61 years old and I've been dealing with interstitial cystitis since my late 40s. I get up 5-10 times a night with urgency and frequency. No one seems to know what causes IC but I need to know what to do to either get rid of it and treat my symptoms nutritionally. I've read reports IC could possibly be connected to Lyme disease.  I don't know if the facts are in are that but I do have an ulcerated bladder and frequency. I just became a YGY member last month.

Question : Not sure if this was received, so again my question. A friend was just diagnosed with leukemia and leukemia induced arthritis. I read arsenic can be very beneficial?  This woman is around 40 years old with tow young children

Question : What to do to help with venus insufficiency extreme ankle redness and tenderness

Question : Greetings Dr. G, I know this is a Health Q&A but since becoming Nutrified, I have no problems w/ my health. It's amazing. I just wanted your take on the "Perspective" of what we have here in Youngevity. The mystery is gone. Much like when we learn to walk or learn to speak a language, we have the key to give our body exactly what it simply needs to maximize optimal health. All we have to do is follow a SIMPLE plan and we're good for life. How great is that?