Health Q&A: October 11, 2017

01:50 Question : Hey Dr. G, good evening to you. My friend has a mother who is 91 years old. She is 5’2” or 5’3” and weighs125 pounds.  Since January…she has had intermittent episodes of nausea. It was around this time that she experienced an increase in memory loss which is still an issue. Near to this time she also fell and fractured her hip (which was surgically repaired). The memory loss although it has been around for a couple of years seemed to get worse after having anesthetics for her hip surgery. She is taking prevagen (a supplement for brain health) which doesn’t appear to be effective and takes medication for high blood pressure) Within the last couple of couple of weeks, she started having constant low back pain, and intermittent nausea. When she went to the doctor they thought that she may have had a bowel obstruction they mentioned a colonoscopy…however, the son doesn’t want this (which is understandable in light of her history). My friend notified me of this last Friday. She on this day began taking tangy tangerine and for the most part has taken about 1.5 scoops daily in divided doses (I instructed them to take 2 scoops daily…but that’s another story). She has been taking senna, and miralax for constipation and an antiemetic for nausea. Of course, I provided information on avoiding the 12 bad foods, eating food with fiber, probiotics, ginger/peppermint tea for nausea. Over the last few days, her low back has significantly decreased, her nausea is improved (even with less nausea medicine), and she has had improvements in her bowel habits because her back pain is better and she is having more frequent bowel movements (though only about 1 every other day or so) (baseline is about 1 bm per day). Do you have any recommendations? They want to avoid invasive procedures (including colonoscopy) if at all possible. Would you be able to also recommend what she could take if on 120 bucks per month budget (I realize that’s limited)? Thanks for your time and care, Dr. G!

Question : Aloha Dr. G. 2 questions today...I have a customer who says when she takes BTT or BTT tabs, she gets a burning when she urinates, but it is not frequent urination like a UTI. She thinks its the citric acid which she says she is very sensitive to. What alternatives for her to avoid citric acid? Second...your Good Herbs presentation at convention was great information...any chance that was taped to be able to put on the website? Mahalo for ALL you do!

08:30 Question : Help Dr. Glidden! My 12 year old son (turning 13 next month) is 4’5” y’all, & weighs 63lbs. He had open heart surgery when he was seven months old And his cardiologist suggested that he sees an endocrinologist because he’s on the low-end of the percentile. He’s always been. He thinks he needs synthetic growth hormones possibly. I will not do that! Is there anything you recommend to “ activate” his natural growth hormone?

11:25 Question : What is a good diet for someone with 2 auto immune diseases (Crohn's and Hidradenitis Suppurativa?) My daughter and I are changing our eating habits as well as trying essential oils. What could you suggest for someone with these conditions that is looking for a healthy alternative to medications? My daughter suffers daily from pain, nausea, fatigue, itchy skin, sinus tracts, stomach pain, and draining wounds from her HS. She recently had an invasive surgery under her left arm. She had damaged skin, scar tissue, hair follicles, and sweat glands removed from HS. Can you recommend how to get rid of deep abscesses without the need for surgery or harsh medications?

Question : Hello doc, good to see you again. Is this dangerous or in any way harmful to ingest oregano essential oil from youngevity? My wife caught me ingesting it , and missing the fact that I didn't read the label that says not for internal use. Secondly, are mineral caps good replacement of plant derived Minerals liquid? Will I be substantially missing something if I switch over from liquid to the capsules? How do I adjust the dosage from 2 oz of liquid to the capsules to be right on the spot? Thank

19:30 Question : Dr. G. What are the pro's and cons of a Ketogenic diet for a male, 5' 10inches, 170lbs, 63 yrs. to bring down his A1C who is a diabetic. 2nd question. You said I should elevation my mother hips so the bladder can drain. She has a prolapse and constantly is getting bladder infections. You mention that the bladder is up side down. This is why you need to elevate the hips. Can you explain what you mean by the bladder being upside down.

Question : Hey Dr. G., It’s me …… Imueller, but you need to call me either Lori or Degnan or anything but the old name now! So question please…I am so much more active than before but not as active as some. I went out with sister on Sunday and we were swinging on swings that had this bamboo backing then I leaned just right on these pillows and my heart went nuts like the old irregular HB. Today is Wednesday and it’s going irregular ever since at night or if I lean just right or rest back on pillows.

Question : Dr. G! It’s been a while. I recently learned that I tested positive for HPV 18 with a normap pap smear. The GYN wants to move forward with a Colposcopy…I know this Virus can be reversed by boosting my immune system. Here is what I’d like to take: Killer Biotic - 3 per day, 90 Essentials as a baseline, Super Olive Health (do I take 1/2 tsp 3 times per day? Does HPV 18 lead to cervical cancer and once it goes away will you always have it? And for anti-oxidants…do you still recommend Fucoidan? Also, what kind of needle breast biopsy do you recommend? The radiologist found a .8mm mass and would like to biopsy - sounds like they want to insert a titanium marker... What is your regiment and how many of the Grape Extract do you take as well as the Selenium from Vital Nutrients? Do you also recommend taking the BTT tablets as well?

I'm 150 pounds...

Question : Hello have a friend needing information for her. 1. 7 year old girl (Sami) tested positive for Celiacs disease, a blood clotting issue and not sure if she has Hashimoto's disease or Graves disease. Getting testing done again to confirm. She's already on allergy medicine (also allergic to peanuts). I forwarded the autoimmune and thyroid webinars to her. Mother doesn't want her to go on medicine. Friend #2 Paulette went to dermatologist because she has painful itchy blisters on her hands. Was told she had dyshidrotic eczema and they gave her a topical steroid. Calmed it but came back. Now they are telling her she palmoplantar eczema and want her to go for laser treatments. I sent her the video on skin. Actually, I sent both friends the webinars on the 12 bad food and healthy start pack. Paulette plans on logging in next week for $5.

Hi Dr. Glidden. I just wanted to inform you of a couple of Youngevity items. Ultimate Niacin Plus is not visible to people ordering from Canada. According to Daniel Andrade of Customer Service it is not a restricted item. The technical support team is working to rectify this.

2. Muscadine Grape Seed Extract was not available to Canadians for a few months. I know it is part of your recommendations. You can now order it. It however has to go on a separate order without any other products. How stupid is that. Health question: Lutein and Zeaxanthin are Carotenoids that seem to be critical for the Macula in the eyes. Why are they not being added to the 90 nutrients for life if they are in fact essential? Hair product: I gave Bob at your office my cell phone. Still hoping for the hair product.

Question : I am 54 and have above normal A1C blood sugar. I am taking Januvia and at night my hands go numb and my toes sometimes go numb. I also have suffered with joint problems for many years.

43:00 Question : I have a friend who is allergic to shellfish. He knows how to avoid it, but are there suggestions for nutrients or approaches to help the allergy to go away? Or is this allergy a symptom of a deficiency? Many thanks.

44:44 Question : Hey G. What does it mean when the veins in the hands are pronounced?

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, My wife took me out tonight to my birthday dinner but foods with pepper gave her heartburn, I gave her a few drops of peppermint in a couple of ounces of water and her heartburn went away within minutes! Does that mean that the peppermint oil is neutralizing her stomach acid? What causes rosacea?

48:15 Question : Doc... I need your help. Been on product since late August. Something in it is still upsetting my stomach. I'm ready to give up. Have anxiety over taking it. Supposed to be taking 2 months dose in one month. Can't stomach it; pun intended.

Question : Customer's son is 29 years old. weighs 250 down from 456. Had "mini gastric bypass" several years ago. His MD says he needs vitamins A & K and zinc...why? Anything else for him besides basics?