Live Health Chat: December 28, 2015

00:06 A friend was hit by the car while riding his bike. His head smashed the window and he'll be in the hospital for several weeks. Has bleeding in his brain (and pretty nasty head wound), broken leg which will go through surgery. Started him on Healthy Body Start Pak and 1 selenium. Weighs around 150 pounds. Is on a budget. What do you recommend for basic recovery support? 

00:09 What would you do for Sever Light Sensitivity and Eye Dryness? Working with a lady with RAYNAUDS, figure it would be a circulation protocol. How would you approach it? I have a man who is on a Macular Degeneration program for about 6 months and has been improving in health but not in the eyes and now is retaining water in the lower legs, what could be happening? Can Killer Biotics work on server nail fungus? I have a man who says his is to the point where it has an odor.

00:15 I just found you doc, makes me happy. I take chelation treatments. I just ordered the starter 2.0. My question is I have 3 grandchildren 4, 2.5 and 2 years old what vitamins do you suggest for them?

00:16 This is a total girl problem, but I've dyed and dyed and dyed again by hair and now it's totally complete damaged. I've just cut most of it off. What would you suggest for fast healthy hair growth. Thanks, bald and depressed! (just kidding) 

00:18 My wife is on healthy bone and joint pak, sel. and cal today for her knee. She was doing fine for 2 months. she drank milk with the cal tody and started to have upset stomach. we determined that now she seems to have a problem with milk and yogurt. She is scared to drink milk. Can she develop intolerance for milk? 

00:20 67 yr old woman with Adenocarcinoma in lymph behind heart and has been told it’s inoperable. She has chosen not to do Chemo and radiation, as she has only 15-20% chance of surviving. She is on small amount of SS and has a part time job, so her $$$ is very limited. What would you suggest if she could spend $100-125? Thanks! 

00:22 I'm 67 and have trouble with sleep. I'm taking Sleepeeze and 1-2 oz of osteo-fx but it's not doing the trick—suggestions?

00:25 Hi Doc! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! What would you recommend for a lady who has Ascites? 

00:27 Hi Dr.just became a member,do you have something for a Bakers Cyst,had it drained but its back within a month,a specialist told me to buy a stationary bike to strength in the upper quads and the fluid should go back into the knee, don't believe him,i want off these depression pills after 15 years too help me lol

00:31 Hi Dr G, I have an update on my husband who has been taking the Apis Mellifica 200c and the colloidal silver you suggested for the sting on his finger (he took his last dose last night). 

Symptoms are: Finger under hot or cold water makes no difference. When he bends his finger tightly there is a slight discomfort but not pain. No red or blue colouring or swelling or throbbing, (that was really bad initially but antibiotics he was on, brought that down). It's about 90% better. It's about 90% better. The 10% left is slight discomfort when he bends it tightly and if he bumps it. The nuckle is slightly enlarged on the side of his finger where he was stung.

00:33 What brand of coffee do you recommend? Is there any link between coffee and insulin resistance/mineral absorption?

00:38 I do not know how much you know about spelt flour and the bread products made from it, but I recently learned that even though spelt has gluten, they claim the gluten is water soluble and is high in manganese. They also mentioned this is not suitable for celiac disease, but what about us non-celiac folks? 

00:40 Hi Dr. G. – I have been taking 3 killer biotic since November 10th as a maintenance to prevent sickness and for my gums that are red.  I have a few more weeks until I see my periodontist, is it okay to take the killer biotic for 2-3 months at a time (does one build up an immunity to the killer biotic?)   If the periodontists say to take antibiotics – should I? Thanks.

00:42 Hi doc! You have wanted information about oil that does not oxidize. Producer of PanaSeeda oil claims that oxidizing occurs because of wrong production method, and claims that their Flax Seed Oil does not oxidize because they use a different (and secret?) production method. It is called Zero Press Technology (No chemicals, no heat, no extreme pressure). This oil does not need to be in the refrigerator. And there is zero additives. 

00:45 What do you recommend, as a boost for prevention, when feeling like a cold is coming on, and/or remedy if actually catches?... (tired, runny nose, sneezy, dry cough) I have bottle of Zinc tablets, and a bottle of "non-acidic" Vitamin C Powder in the house. (Bottle label reads 1 heaping teaspoon contains Vit C as Calcium Ascorbate 5000mg / Calcium as Calcium Ascorbate 610mg.)Would that be beneficial somehow? Thank you. 

00:48 Hi Dr. Glidden, Happy Holidays. I have left over vitamins from before finding you and YGY. They are NatureSunshine and Standard Enzyme Co. They cost plenty. Should I take them, are they reputable companies, in your opinion? Thank you

00:49 Hi Dr. Glidden - A high school teenager has been diagnosed with TPP. blood platelets are being destroyed inside her body. Platelet count dropped all the way to 3,000 but the doctors were able to raise the platelet count to 9,000. Doctors are giving her plasma every day to help the situation but they still aren't sure what is wrong with her. The teenager is 150 lbs, 17 years old. What Youngevity protocol would you recommend? Thank you

00:54 Hi Doc, wondering if GF beers (including rice beer) contain phytates that will wash away my minerals? Does drinking coffee wash away minerals if I drink it within an hour of taking my supplements? Thanks! 

00:56 What do you recommend for fluid filled bubble on the sclera of the eye. Not painful. Just appeared and hasn't gone away. Thank you. 

01:00 I have someone with colon polyps and I have another guy who has aortic valve stenos who is considering surgery? Happy New Year. :o)