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Health Q&A: April 28, 2016

75 attendees

Question : 88 y/o female, 85 lbs, has developed 3 ulcers on her left foot (no diabetes) that has steadily gotten worse. Foot is reddish purple & swollen.  Lost her big toenail & given a walking boot. Doc say its a circulation issue & has P.A.D disease.  She is on the 90, Good Herbs circulation, Zradical daily, & Cypress EO on her foot.  What can be help foot/or pulmonary artery disease/circulation?Has high BP, A.fib,  CHF, Osteoporosis, triple bypass,hip replace,fused spine after fractures, on blood thinner

Question : I’m starting May 1 with a new goal to get back in shape and have better health. Here are my current issues though. Depression (been off med’s since last summer, but still get it seasonally), weight gain, currently 200lbs for my 5’3 size, Lymphedema, low energy and sluggish digestion. Please me get started on the right foot going forward! Thanks Dr. G! First time here tonight, a friend invited me!

Question : My 13-year old niece is having acne problems since last year. Went to dermatologist but the problem still persists. Please Advise. 2nd question: Did you get a chance to meet up with Naturopathic doctor who specialized in cancer last wednesday. Thanks doc, you're Awesome and Cool.

Question : Hey Doc, my husband is 69, 250, gallbladder & appendix removed 30 years ago, chiropractor says arthritis in spine with 2 bone spurs. He’s on HB&J pack since November. Sees some improvement.  Yay! The doctor said he has enlarged prostate, he’s on Finesteride but peeing is a problem when he tries to go off it. – thanks for all you do!

Question : Is imortalium and synaptiv safe for pregnancy?   Is is ok to put raw eggs into smoothies? Off 12 bad foods, on hsp 2.0, flora and enzymes, selenium, zradical, extra efas, sweeteze, BUT still acne. Bumps/cysts on neck.  Was allergic to dairy and eggs as child. Assume still an issue with them even though not been tested as adult. Past History of PCOS, endometriosis, hypoglycaemia, infertility so thinking still major hormone issue...Thoughts??

Question : Dr G,  What do you suggest to take before a big job interview to help eliminate nervousness and anxiety.   Also, any word on the major features of BTT 3.0?

Question : ultimate enzymes give me severe acid reflux? What to do? A friend moved from east to west coast and their COPD has gotten worse because of drier climate. hardens in lungs more. besides curing COPD what can help ease dry climate symptoms? Boiling water and eating horse-radish on boiled eggs helps to some degree, lol. They're on inhalers as needed, should they take everyday with youngevity? dulera n ventoilin. Burning pain in middle of chest.  Suffers from GERD too as said above.  Thank you Doc!

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, not sure if you got my question earlier so here I go again.  Want to do the 6 day detox.  Have everything except  the hepol and the terra firma and wonder if I should attempt without these.  Thanks doc, you are the best.

Question : Hi Dr. G. I would like to know what I can do to get rid of this rosey cheek thing I get in the afternoon. I used to have Rosacea and I guess it's sort of like that, but it's been back for a month and I don't like it.   Also Dr. G is it a good idea to drink the pollen burst with the rebound FX a few times per day?    Do they both contain caffeine?  Lastly now that we know the EFA plus contains soy are you still using them and do you recommend we use them?  The cardio tests should be coming soon. Thanks Dr. G

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, I am 45 years old and I weigh 165lbs. I am experiencing the following symptoms: bloating, fatigue, moody (emotions up and down). constipation (no gallbladder),  heavy flow-periods about every 3 weeks, I am constantly having migraines / headaches. I am currently taking: Natures life Apple Honey probiotic, hormonal support Xera F EM(youngevity) EFA plus and Dr Schulzes droppers called "Female". What would you recommend me doing and how should I move forward?

Question : can not catch up my breath when hiking up the hills,my heart feels like is gone jumped out,and my pulse is fast.what is my problem?

Question : Retinal Holes/Tears - at what point should I go to an eye doctor to repair the retinal holes with laser surgery vsJUST taking supplements to correct the problem - have lost vision again at this point in left eye.

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden. what can we do for MRSA.  61 yr. old with reoccurring episodes under both arms?  It has occurred three times.

Question : Hey Doc, I've been focusing on my diet for over a year now and I've cut out so many different foods and now addition of your 12 bad foods. Having a hard time keeping wait on. What food Do you recommend to gainweightand muscleback.

Question : Hi Doc!  I'm a 31 year old female living in San Jose, Ca. I've always battled with high yeast and anxiety. But that was really  Jan of this year I began having constant nausea, abdominal pain, extreme constipation & couldn't keep food down. I remained this way until being diagnosed with idiopathic gastroparesis last month. I was also told that I had the MTHFR mutation, leaky gut, and candida. Is the MTHFR mutation a link to all of these issues, and how do I battle it all at once? 

Question : April 6, I started on 1M of Calcarea Carbonica 2 pellets every 3 days.Im  still craving soil &  sheetrock. Theonly way I can avoid eating it is if I eat/chew tissue (because it tastes like sheetrock).Calcarea didnt help at all.Im  putting tissue in my mouth about 10 times a day.I could never understand drug addiction but now I do.The  craving for me to eat soil/sheetrock/tissue is so powerful. I can't stop. Please help!

Question : My 14 year old Son was diagnosed ADHD and mild Tourette's.  Currently medicated with Ritalin LA and Catapres, apparently because that's all there is to treat him.  Heweighs about 120lbs and is about 5' 6”.

Question : Trying to help a person who says a dr. told hers he can't absorb Folic acid. Your comments, please.

Question : I have a lump underneath my collarbone that is about the size of three peas lined up. It moves if I touch it. Some days it hurts my entire shoulder.  I am taking a healthy start pack. Wondering if you know what it is and what I should do about it. I weigh 165 lbs.

Question : Dr. G. I know of 4 people with Charcot Marie Tooth, what is it and what can they do?

Question : iorderedeverything you suggested for mytinnea and arthritus   i am 200 lbs   so the costs were 391.$ i saved moneyby ordering liquid tangerinerather than freeze dried   imhoping it will worki would pay a million to reverse my condition

Question : hello doc i knew u told me beforewhat is the best birth control plan and explain it little bit for me.

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden! My skin is very dry, specially my legs. What am I lacking of?

Question : I have been diagnosed with clear fluid in my ears causing tinnitus. any ideas for relief? I have been on Youngevity for 2 years. Could it be dairy allergy? or seasoal allergies? thank you

Question: I am mid 30's 189 pounds and no health issues to speak of.  Taking the correct doses of beyond tangy 2.0, selenium and plant minerals.  I do spend a lot of time in the sun and over the years I feel I am getting a few fine lines and wrinkles perhaps more than others my age.  Any suggestions on what do to to help reduce them and or stop the damage in the future?

Question : Hi Dr. G, RE: my husband, 66 yr old, being treated at least 10 yrs for Afib, high blood pressure, BPH, arthritis, gout. Has been on HSP 2.0 for 1 month,  added selenium and gluco gel. He decided to stop taking Flomax, statin drug and allopurinol, (no active gout) cold turkey for 1 week. Still on blood pressure meds and blood thinner.

Question : our friend went off Liptor because we told her Statin drugs are no good. when she stopped her doctor kept calling her and telling her she could have a heart attack. so with the fear they put her now on Lipidil Fenofibrate

Question on Retinal Tears:  What amount of ORACs should I be taking in addition to HSP & Plant Derived Minerals & Selenium & Heart Pack to help heal my holy eyes?

Question: Hi doc, forgot a question. I have a soft lump in the neck/collar bone area. My MD said fatty tumor,any thoughts? He is just getting over a cold virus but now has several mouth ulcers. What can he do to help the mouth sores? he weighs 275. Also off 12 bad foods.

Question : beside learning a lot from you answering the questions, I really enjoy your comments towards the MDs since I agree 100%. We enjoy the fact that we in OH don't have to buy ObamaScare since we have the Health Care Freedom Amendment

Question : Can one take Ultimate D-Stress if on 5mg Paxil (paroxetine - generic)?