Sharepass feature

Say you have a friend that is suffering with blood sugar issues. You just watched a health webinar on this very topic. As an active subscriber you can share that webinar by sending your friend a Sharepass link via Facebook, Twitter or email. They will get access to that protected webinar for 24 hours from when you send the Sharepass! There is no limit to how many people you can send a Sharepass. It just got easier to spread the word and help people. 


1. Share page

Go to a protected page that you want to share. Click on the 'Logged in' button on the bottom of the webpage.

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 11.50.35 AM.png

2. Facebook / Twitter

You have four options of how to share this page. Facebook, Twitter, Email or copying the unique share link. If you choose Facebook or Twitter, you will be redirected to those websites to then post.

Sharepass glidden healthcare.png

3. Email

If you select to email, you simply type in the name and email address you wish to send the Sharepass link to. Click Send and it's done.

4. Link

You can choose to copy the link and paste anywhere you like. All Sharepass links are valid for 24 hours from when the link is shared.