[Printed Book] Attempt A Cure with Wholistic Medicine

[Printed Book] Attempt A Cure with Wholistic Medicine

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Dr. Glidden’s Naturopathic Treatment Notebook For The Enlightened. 

Including:  A Cautionary Tale Regarding the Machiavellian Monopolization of the Medical Marketplace by the MDs and Big-Pharma.


"I was able to enjoy about 4 hours or more of reading your new book on my flight back home and wanted to give a shout out to anybody who hasn't ordered his new book to get it in their hands and to start reading it...you may not be able to put it down. God bless Dr. G." - A. Mosora

"I read a little each day. If you did not get one yet make it a point to do so. Everybody should read this book." - E. Dorsey


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