science of youngevity

Disc 1 • Youngevity sells the best nutritional supplements on the planet.


what to take and why

Disc 2 • Take exactly what YOUR body needs to attempt a cure.


 What's in your medicine cabinet?

Disc 3 • Get rid of outdated and dangerous supplies.


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Brand new, high quality three disc DVD series from Dr. Glidden. He delves into the science behind Youngevity's nutritional supplements and why they are superior and have the best results. Then, what YOU need to take and why. And finally, what everyone should have and shouldn't have, in their medicine cabinets. Throw out the Tylenol and get on the healing train!

This DVD series will teach you what you need to do so you can optimize your health and take care of your body.

Health lectures include a three disc DVD set:

  • The Science of Youngevity
  • What to take and why
  • What's in your medicine cabinet?

~ Live long & prosper ~

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