Subscription Support Page

If you are having trouble accessing any of the the features on this website that are not related to your subscription, or you have a question regarding Appointments, Product Orders, Dr. Glidden Appearance Requests, etc. you can email us by clicking the link below. Or - you can do it the old fashioned way and call Dr. Glidden’s office - the number is: 855-347-3696.

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Subscription-Holder Support:

In your account, you control your Subscription. You can cancel, switch plans, and reactivate it at anytime.

Only one credit card may be actively used at a time. If you need to change your credit card click the button below to watch a short video of how to do this in your account.

All Subscribers have the perk of Sharing protected content like Health Webinars and Health Q&A’s and live events. The feature that allows this to happen is called “SharePass.” To learn how to use it, click the button below.

A few of the Subscription-Levels offered on Dr. Glidden’s website include a feature that allows subscribers to earn a commission from their referrals. This feature is called “Partnership.” Subscribers with access to this feature earn commissions a number of ways. Learn how to set up your Partner information in your account by clicking the button below.