If you are having trouble accessing any of the the features on this website that are not related to your subscription, or you have a question regarding Appointments, Product Orders, Dr. Glidden Appearance Requests, etc. you can email us by clicking the link below. Or - you can do it the old fashioned way and call Dr. Glidden’s office - the number is: 855-347-3696.

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subscription holder Support  is the platform Glidden.Healthcare uses to manage membership Subscriptions and transactions. Below are some helpful links to the most commonly asked questions. You can also visit the help page Wiki for more information. If the solution to your Subscription question is not found in the links below, nor on the Wiki page, as a last resort, you can send the support team an email.

In your account, you control your Subscription. You can cancel, switch plans, and reactivate it at anytime.

Only one credit card may be actively used at a time. If you need to change your credit card click the button below to watch a short video of how to do this in your account.

All Subscribers have the perk of Sharing protected content like Health Webinars and Health Q&A’s and live events. The feature that allows this to happen is called “SharePass.” To learn how to use it, click the button below.

A few of the Subscription-Levels offered on Dr. Glidden’s website include a feature that allows subscribers to earn a commission from their referrals. This feature is called “Partnership.” Subscribers with access to this feature earn commissions a number of ways. Learn how to set up your Partner information in your account by clicking the button below.