On March 1st I had a Thoracoscopy ( VATS ) with possible Thoracotomy a ct scan showed growth and suspicious of malignancy. I was told 1-2 days in hospital and if it was cancer it would be 3-4 day stay. I was doing the nutrients already prior to this, after the nodule growth added a few more mineral, vitamin. I was released on March 2nd the very next morning, My chest tube was pulled out while still in recovery room,( I was told it would be pulled out the next day).my oxygen levels 97% at this point. My nurse and every Medical staff kept telling me how Remarkable I was. I had to do another oxygen level and walk with my nurse before I was released, He walked me early in the morning I was at a 98% this time ! my nurse said to me you just had lung surgery a smoker and older than me and your levels are better than mine, I told him about the minerals/vitamins I said do you think it could have played a role in the recovery? He replied you have been Remarkable! and he even walked me down to my ride! 

Thanks Dr. Glidden