the 90 essential nutrients

  • 60 Minerals

  • 16 Vitamins

  • 12 Amino Acids

  •  2 Fatty Acids

Your body needs the 90 Essential Nutrients in order to regulate and maintain its health. If they are present, then your health is optimized. If they are absent then your health is poor, and it is only a matter of time until something in your body breaks. A nutrient is termed "essential" if the body needs it but cannot make it. For instance, the body needs calcium, phosphorus, and zinc but it cannot make them. The body needs vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, but it cannot make them. There are 90 of these Essential Nutrients that the human body needs every moment of every day. As time goes by, we may discover more essential nutrients, but as of 2017 the number is 90. 


It is impossible to secure all 90 essential nutrients just from eating food. You cannot do it. At no time in recorded human history have all 90 essential nutrients been present in the food supply and modern agricultural farming methods are depleting these nutrients more and more from the food that we eat. One of the greatest misconceptions of 21stcentury popular culture is the belief that the 90 ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS are present in adequate amounts in our food and water. They are not. It is in fact impossibleto acquire the 90 ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS simply from eating and drinking. Why? Because 66% of the 90 Essential Nutrients are minerals.[1]Animals cannot make minerals. Plants cannot make minerals. Minerals are found in the earth (rocks and soil) and in the water.[2]Plants suck minerals out of the soil through their roots and then metabolize them into their cell structure. When we eat plants, we absorb the minerals they have absorbed. Regretfully however, minerals are not evenly spread out in the soil - they are distributed in veins, like the chocolate in chocolate ripple ice cream. There is no place on God’s green earth where all 60 minerals are found all together in the topsoil. So - if you are eating vegetables or fruit or nuts that are grown in soil that is devoid of zinc, then there is no zinc in your food. If a cow is eating grass that is grown in soil that has no calcium in it, then there is no calcium in that cow’s milk. This leads to the inevitable conclusion that, unless you are supplementing your diet with minerals, your body is minerally deficient. If your car is deficient in oil or gas or coolant or transmission fluid, then it is only a matter of time until something breaks. It is no different in your body. To insure the health of your body, you mustsupplement your diet with minerals. If you do not do this, then it is only a matter of time until something breaks. 

To add insult to injury, the remaining 30 of the 90 ENs (16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, 2 EFAs) are not necessarily present in the food that you are eating either. There are a few, but the chances that ALL of the remaining 30 ENs will be present in your food are slim-to-none. The hamburger that you ate for lunch yesterday may have had 7 or 8 vitamins in it, but you need 16. Unless you want to scientifically measure the Essential Nutrient levels of everything that you eat, then you have no idea at allof how many Essential Nutrients you just ate. This is why it is necessary that you supplement your diet EVERY DAY with all of the 90 Essential Nutrients. Rather than hoping or guessing how many of the 90 Essential Nutrients you are getting from your food it is much more practical to just supplement your diet with ALL OF THEM.                      

Supplementation with the 90 ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS is the greatest overlooked aspect of health education and health care in the modern age. It may interest you to know that your body has the capacity to live for 120 years. We rarely make it that far. The average age of death in the USA (as of 2017) is 78 years. If all you do is breathe, eat and drink, your body can limp along on the few essential nutrients that are present in the things that you consume, but its health will be poor, and the quality of your life will be horrible. Just look around – everybody is sick. In your youth, you suffer with ADD, ADHD, eczema, obesity and asthma. In your 20s you have irregular menses, infertility, PMS, migraine headaches and anxiety. After 30 you’ve got heartburn, insomnia, and depression and your hair starts to turn grey and fall out. In your 40s it’s arthritis, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction and type-2 diabetes. In your 50s, it’s more arthritis, irregular heartbeat, enlarged heart, congestive heart failure, insomnia, baldness or white hair. After 60 you start to lose your hearing, your vision, your knees, your hips, your height, your gallbladder and your kidneys. After 70 you start to lose your mind. 

Interestingly enough, all of this pain and suffering can be tracked back to one root cause: The monopolization of the medical arena by the MD profession and the pharmaceutical industry. That’s right – it’s your MD who is to blame for your poor health. After all, isn’t it their job to take care of your health? If your health is poor it means that they are falling down on the job, or that their skill-set is not up to the task at hand. This is the second most overlooked problem in modern medicine. The reason that we have such unbelievably poor health outcomes is because the philosophy of healing, and the medical treatments that MDs are trained in are onlysuited for trauma, surgery (when it is necessary), and a handful of infectious diseases. The 9 hundred trillion-pound gorilla in the middle of the room that nobody sees is the simple fact that MD directed drug and surgical treatments for chronic diseases DO NOT WORK.[3]

MDs have no training, no respect, no experience and no appreciation at all for medical nutrition. Because of this oversight it is impossiblefor your MD to deliver curative therapies. Why? - Because ALL chronic diseases are rooted in nutrient deficiencies, and you can’t fix nutrient deficiencies with drugs or surgery.

If your body is chronically low in one or more of the 90 ENs then it is only a matter of time until something in it breaks. This is not rocket science. It is common sense. If your car runs out of engine oil, the engine seizes. If it runs out of power steering fluid, you can’t turn the wheel. If the tires run out of air, they go flat. It is no different with your body. When your physical body runs out of Essential Nutrients, something breaks. You do not have arthritis or high blood pressure or depression because you have a bad gene. You have arthritis or high blood pressure or depression (or any other chronic disease) because you have a bad doctor. 

If you intervene by replacing the missing nutrients before your illness reaches the point of no return, then the Vital Force of your body rallies, your body fixes itself, and the illness disappears. In layman’s terms this process is called “A Cure.”


[1] 60/90 = 2/3 = 66%

[2] Minerals are washed into the water table from the soil by rain. 

[3] My first book Everybody Is Sick, And I Know Why… explained this in detail.


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